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hey everybody it is Maddie here with altcoin buzz with you on this Friday hope you're having a very nice tail and of your week despite this market retracement that we're seeing now at the time of this recording and as per coin the total cryptocurrency market cap is at 264 billion down a 4.5 percent over the last 24 hours and you have projects down 3% 4% 5% Bitcoin down 3.1 percent as these words are coming out of my mouth right now so you can see that there was effectively a rush on $9,000 there was an attempt at $9,000 for Bitcoin we bounced back off of that it proved to be pretty strong resistance and now everything is retracing but hey the silver lining is that we're still up across the board over 7 days with the exception of tether of course but things are still looking relatively strong and we'll see what happens with the next rally whether or not we have enough energy to muster a second attempt here but today we're going to look at some analyses of what just happened including here on altcoin buzz at dot IO this article by Robert Bitcoin bounces hard off of 9k what happens next it looks like Bitcoin is in a critical zone which means a major correction should happen pretty soon most likely between 8450 to $11,000 so Bitcoin went a little bit over $9,000 and then retraced to the 8200 dollar range in this article we will be discussing what could possibly happen next Robert points to the previous major bull run where Bitcoin touched 7.9 K and a correction of around 47 percent followed so this is not necessarily gonna happen the same way with this run but a similar major correction will most certainly happen at some point so if we look at the monthly chart it is possible that Bitcoin will close with a bull EMA cross and if we look at the RSI indicator there is enough room for it to happen there was an EMA bull cross on the weekly chart as well in the middle of April and since then BTC has almost doubled its price looking at the daily chart now the situation is not great the RSI indicator tried to stay in the oversold area and is currently getting rejected by it there is still room to go further in the oversold area but this depends on a pattern in the four-hour time frame now this is not financial advice Robert is not a financial expert nor am i but his opinion and that's all it is is that we should now expect around a 6500 to $6,200 if we are hitting the major correction right now so Robert is bearish he has been bearish for a while now however if we close inside the wedge there is a good chance for higher highs again guys this is not financial advice it's just one person's opinion in other news here on for the second day in a row a little bit of positivity now to round things out how billionaires are buying up a Bitcoin article from yesterday the 30th of May far from the murky impersonal world of online Bitcoin and crypto currency exchanges billionaires who want to buy Bitcoin do it through an office in West London upmarket Mayfair and the relatively new service is becoming increasingly popular amongst the super-rich with an interest in crypto the daddy Annie syndicate as it calls itself which styles itself as an investment quote platform for maximizing your digital holdings and matches big Bitcoin buyers and sellers in a way similar to buyers and sellers of fine art claims to have helped clients who want to acquire up to 25 percent of the Bitcoin market a quarter of the market the Daddy Ani syndicate was set up by art dealer ELISA daddy Ani who first began using Bitcoin and crypto currencies a few years ago in response to investor demand and is operated out of the same office as Daddy Annie fine art last year Daddy Annie fine art in partnership with blockchain platform may seem as a fine art made headlines after putting 49% of Andy Warhol's 1980 work quote 14 small electric chairs up for sale for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via the ethereum blockchain you guys may remember we actually covered that auction when it was put up personally I don't know why billionaires of London would have to go to an art dealer to acquire cryptocurrency there are plenty of other ways but maybe this is being advertised as a way you know that but it offers exclusivity and perhaps a pinch or two of prestige at the same let us know your thoughts about that but those are mine here on coin Telegraph com cryptocurrency broker client reportedly aims to acquire 25% of all Bitcoin supply digital currency investment firm daddy I need syndicate which we just talked about has reportedly been approached by a wealthy client to buy as close to 25 percent of the Bitcoin supply as possible this goes back to the Forbes article that we just read but here's a new quote for us by ELISA daddy Ani quote one of our clients approached us and said they were interested in acquiring 25% of all Bitcoin currently available there are a number of entities who want to dominate the market she also said the following quote yet even a greater number of coins are currently being held by holders who will not be willing to part with them for any price realistically speaking there are probably less than five million coins actually circulating at the moment I would tend to agree with that assessment so for another take on the daddy Ani a syndicate check out this coin Telegraph article which of course we're gonna link to in the description below here on aetherium world crypto exchange queen base enables cos ahead of June a first event so for those of you that perhaps have not been paying attention there's a big upcoming event on June 1st for us and according to an announcement published by coin base the OS is now also supported on the American exchanges consumer platform users of the applications whose count is in the millions can now purchase the popular crypto asset currently the fifth largest in circulation along with sell convert send receive and store iOS here is the tweet itself from coinbase iOS is launching at coinbase comm and in the iOS and Android apps within the next 15 minutes you may need to update your app to properly buy sell convert send receive or store iOS we will update when US is a fully live great news there for us holders and according to the coin base blog post iOS will be available for customers in most jurisdictions say for residents of the UK and the state of New York the latter of which has always been somewhat stringent towards digital assets of all sorts us of course has been very nice run recently it has been affected of course by this latest retracement as has everything else but keep your eyes peeled for June first if you're unfamiliar with what is happening there a theorem world news is also covering it it is purportedly a massive day for Bloch dot one for those unaware blocked out one the firm behind the EOS protocol has been hinting that it will be making a large announcement on June first two days away at the time of this writing that's a perfect segue into this altcoin buzz dot IO article block dot one the company behind us bought 25 million dollars worth of RAM this article also by Robert considering the amount of RAM blocked out one has purchased something big is coming it's unknown whether or not it will be announced on the 1st of June so on the 28th of May specifically block dot one the company behind us is unstick 3.3 million iOS which is worth 25 million dollars in order to buy more RAM for unknown purposes first things first what's the RAM used for on the EOS blockchain well the RAM is used by the developers to store data used in launching and production of DAPs decentralized applications Ram can also be used for the creation of new accounts so for example the users have to buy a minimum of four kilobytes worth of RAM in order to open an account on a OS it's good to know that the Ram price is not fixed there is some speculation that suggests the purchase was made because of a partnership with a big gaming studio although that is unconfirmed us already has X teams of big gaming companies like Activision that are developing on their blockchain so this would kind of make sense other people say that eos needs more ram to build a second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin while others think us is working on a social media platform either way I agree with Robert who strongly believes that the first of June is going to be huge for e OS let us know your theories below guys if we've missed something or if you have an alternative idea let us know what you think is coming on the 1st of June either way they're stocking up they're bracing themselves for something so shout out to all the EOS holders out there I'm one of you guys believe me and now with a couple of quick updates here beginning on coin gabe bye upgrades user interface ahead of margin trading launch the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted volume has launched a beta version of its new user interface the new user interface was announced on by Nance Twitter's page on Thursday the 30th of May a major change on the page is a new options button that if clicked displays a number of options including exchange Academy VCF or research and more for easier navigation to check out the rest of the changes that are going to be introduced very soon you guys can read the rest of this article which will link to below and finally today on a CCN comm crypto giant queen base hints at first-ever u.s. Bitcoin margin trading so for years the global Bitcoin margin trading market has been dominated by bit mechs which at one point reached a daily volume of 10 billion dollars on may 12th a new record high for the company but now coin base and by Nance are looking to enter the market speaking on the block's podcast the scoop coinbase vice-president of business data and international Emily Choi has said the company is considering the addition of a margin trading feature on the platform as emphasized by choi coinbase would need a sufficient regulatory clarity from u.s. authorities before enabling margin trading for clients bit max has not allowed us Bitcoin traders from trading on its platform and it remains unclear whether by Nance would serve us users once it opens its highly anticipated margin trading platform in the near future a bi Nance representative told TechCrunch that the exchange is looking to launch its margin trading option in the near term so let's put a pin in this for now I think it's safe to say that the intentions of coinbase and bi Nance are clear but as choi outlines here quote we still need to figure out that because there's not a lot of regulatory clarity there right now in the US and so that is being discussed let us know members of the altcoin buzz army in the comments below if you would avail yourselves of a margin trading a feature I'm not so sure I would to be honest but hey it's available it's something there if the consumers wanted they're requesting it even if they're only a few that are then that's that's a good thing that's a good thing for the service and for the product ultimately with that everybody I think we're just about done with the news do be sure you're following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back in to our website altcoin buzz dot IO for all the latest and greatest go ahead like subscribe share and hit the bell to receive at notifications if you enjoyed this video but go out there have a great Friday everybody enjoy your day your evening the beginning of your weekend and we do hope to see you again soon in our next video coming up on Saturday take care everybody

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  2. The so called "billionaires" is just bitfinex-tether's printing and buying millions in $$$ of bitcoin, this is why the massive pump. They have started to sell at $9000, everyone else Is going to get rekt for falling in their trap

  3. What about the environmental consequences of BTC? How is the BTC lightening network actually going to be resolved without centralization and or security issues, and when? And, what about the major mining pools being located in China whose great leader just decided to make himself leader for life? What happens to blockchain dlt's themselves when next gen tech DAG dlt's develop? Seriously, $100K BTC may have an allure, but I question if that allure is much more than fast buck get rich quick Lambo dreams, and it's overall good for the world just an afterthought…… My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Edwin’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on Email @ [email protected] or Telegram @castroedwin1. WhatsApp +18454007574 . Fiat sucks to be sure, but I think we are going to need much better than BTC itself.

  4. Uhh ohhh every fish is biting on the billionaire hype lure….if he wanted 25% he would have bought it without announcing it.

  5. Absolutely on the money with regards to BTC the correction must simply have to go lower to attract those in the know. Hope people have been listening to me!

  6. No way on margin. Just gonna keep dollar cost averaging in and HODL. Not worth risking my stack.

  7. Спaсибo за видео!! Очeнь интepecнo было cмoтрeть..

  8. "The price of Bitcoin reached the historical maximum of this year (YTD), reaching $ 9000, but the growth of BTC was unstable, because the rate almost immediately fell to $ 8600. This caused the elimination of millions of long and short positions, the complexity of mining BTC also reached a historical maximum of 7.46T " – I read this today on . I think that below the BTC will not fall.

  9. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin Block reward halving getting closer…….and asic resistant friendly fork BTGold and BCH, BSV, BCD and so on…..?..?‍♂️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

  10. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin Block reward halving getting closer…….and asic resistant friendly fork BTGold and BCH, BSV, BCD and so on…..?..?‍♂️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’

  11. Why would anyone with a few Billion dollars brag that they are wanting to buy 25% of all BTC and why would the owner of the art gallery brag also…wouldn’t a smart investor accumulate under the radar ? Or is this a tactic to FOMO in the naive ppl ?

  12. Mark Yusko is the billionaire investor and Founder of Morgan Creek Capital. His prediction for Bitcoin is that it’ll be worth over $400,000 in the long term, a statement that made headlines because for its grandiose scale.
    “It’s just math. It is gold equivalent…there are about 20 million Bitcoin available today. Gold today is about $8 trillion. That gives you $400,000. And that doesn’t include use cases that relate to currency,” Yusko said.
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  13. Eos is up to something…they bought their own coins, because they know its gonna rise so their net worth wil get even bigger.

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