26 thoughts on “HOW LOW WILL BITCOIN GO?? ?”

  1. TA is pseudoscience. It's not like meteorology. It's like astrology. TA is attractive because of our innate (human) cognitive biases and our compulsive observation of patterns in random data and our related inability to avoid conflating correlation and causation. Hey kids: always remember that TA is entertainment, not investment expertise. If you disagree with my comments please feel free to search for any empirical evidence that TA has predictive value. If you try, you'll quickly notice the lack of any real scientific evidence that it is of any value. And no, TA does not produce "self fulfilling prophecies". I hear this excuse a lot, but the fact is that there is no evidence of such a phenomenon. It sounds plausible, but it doesn't happen.

  2. Should check out OPEN Platform. Cross-platform API platform for payment and real-world application interactions with multiple cryptos.
    They are gonna have a 3x token swap your current holding if you register by Thursday.

  3. @suppoman

    Did you heard about Peculium (PCL) already? I see an amazing potential for growth here. It merges traditional savings economy with the cryptocurrency markets via the power of Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The two main features that are of interest for me are the predictions and performance of market movements in the crypto sector. Product is already in BETA and gives you a forecast in real time for the immediate future. It shows you how the currency is going to perform at a confidence level. Seems like a hidden GEM to me. Check it out!

  4. I'm so glad you came up with Bitquence (Ethos).. Still it went from 0,80$ tot 14$ and back to the price I've bought it ;).

    Also you're doing great on those technical markers, perhaps worth an Udemy Course?

  5. Well this Crypto Ponzi scheme seems to be eroding pretty fast, now I've heard other "experts" claim, "well this has happened before and nothing to be worried about" or my favorite, "buy the deep" WTF is wrong with these fools! I can tell many of these idiots don't know much about the nefarious nature of crooks! Don't know much about common street hustles or been alive long enough to have seen "scheme's" like this before.

    I constantly hear that the market will bounce back and that the new wave of corporate investors will drop massive amounts of cash into the system? Well that's nice for them, crash the system to allow them to get in for the, low, low. For those who think 2018 Crypto is the same as 2014 Crypto, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! You barely heard about it back then unless you where on the inside, there was no endless TV exposure, not tons of Entertainers and the like pushing this back then.

    You didn't have government (AMERICAN AND CHINESE) (WHO ARE REALLY SATOSHI) deep into the Crypto holders business back then. In my opinion this Crypto experiment was to introduce BLOCKCHAIN TECH to the masses and a future one world currency to the sheeple are here.

    And What about the average, Joe and Jane, WHO DON'T HOLD MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF CRYPTO? The ones who don't even hold one bitcoin, (myself included) who don't hold 5,6,7 figure amounts of any Crypto?

    I'll tell you, we are Fcked!

    Even if you do hodl down to the lowest amount you still will be pretty much on the bottom end of growth, while Corporate and their friends will hold the lion's share of what will be profitable quickly. I'm glad I started with little start up and my loses aint sht, but to those who have used school checks, house loans and what ever else type of currency to invest back starting from last winter to now who have Fcked up your life behind this, My God have mercy on your soul!

  6. This acceleration down to a big triple-bottom, so late into an established trend is a sign that it is time to start looking for buys, especially below prior candles. Next BTC target 6046USD. IMO… This huge pull-back, allows speculators to see that BTC isn't invincible and maybe BCH and any other well designed and executed coin really might have a legitimate path to inherit the BITCOIN vision.

  7. tyler jenks (hyperwave) and tone vays both say 4960 the likeliest level, week 2 july. They also both say that IF that plays out they'll then be analysing the potential of a drop to the 3k level, with a POSSIBLE floor as low as 1300 IF the 3k gets hit..

  8. Enigma is holding up real well through all of this. Since they just partnered with Intel, and their Secret Contract testnet release is about to happen, they are making waves!

  9. HAHAHA I can’t believe you’re charging $10 for a Udemy course on crypto wallets. Lol you’re all about snaking the noobs, huh?

  10. Why would I pay you to hear what crypto you’re buying? All of the real youtubers in the crypto space openly talk about their portfolios for free. If I’m going to spend money why wouldn’t I just subscribe to Ronnie Moas’ newsletter and get a list of recommendations from an actual professional?

  11. There will be no come backs. There will always be a new, sexier cryptos. To me, that's what the problem is. There need to be fewer, and evolving projects, but we get new crypto after new crypto. This is a very dangerous precedent when nobody knows where to put their money, so it goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

  12. Nice Crypto-Haircut… in tandem with the market.
    Will you cut more and more as the market may go down?

  13. I frikin LOVE bitcoin going bear. Opportunity: more for less. When bitcoin replaces sovereign currencies, I'll be sitting pretty. Celebrate!

  14. Apparently,1600 people (whales) own about 30% of all bitcoin. And with new lows they are probably buying as much as possible…don't sell ppl! Hold on if you can.

  15. market manipulation can only catalyze n capitalize wad is going to happen. can't blame others for being more resourceful.

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