20 thoughts on “How I Use Inside Information for My Trading”

  1. Great analogy as always Clay! Here's my Friday hilarious inverse narrative. I like Angelina Jolie but I have no history with her. Billy Bob Thornton has a history with Angelina Jolie so much that they have tattoos of each other. Who is more likely to meet up with her for a lunch date? As much as I like Angelina, I will likely never meet her because we have no history. Now if Brad Pitt was my friend…

  2. Thanks! Bounced on my boy's D to this video! Luckily I knew exactly how to bounce on his D due to our past history, talk about an advantage!

  3. It's great knowing everything our brain does is from past information and experiences it's up to us to teach our minds to recognize trends id beg to differ you could teach your mind to be a complete calculator but it would be extremely hard for us to learn unless we were babys because our brains can't filter out all the old or unneeded information our past because we are used to being taught on everything we do. Love Neural Networks we think we know stuff because we are taught to think that, we are stupid as hell ?

  4. Hello Clay, about your 7.7% gain for the month, how much drawdown did you have to go trough fot that month? thanks and keep on the good work!

  5. There are still military tactics that were developed early on in our country's history of war time, that are currently still used today. This example of our past, still has importance for the military of today. That can apply to any and all things. No one should never think that the past is irrelevant, esp in trading. I think the past are the clues of today and tomorrow.
    Nov, 16!!!

  6. Information can be effective but does not give you an complete edge, unprecedented events can knock you out. There's also a lot of luck involved, I have seen fools make money, while the smart ones struggle.

  7. It’s the disbelief of technical analysis by Harvard professors that makes technical analysis work…. it’s a true oxymoron

  8. 7.7% is good the dow jones does 7% anually so u do roughly 105% anually, Warren Buffet usually beat the market by 20 percent each year

  9. Trading

    Charts only tell past
    What matters is the future market
    ■Charts can give patterns■
    aka inside infom or past data

    If u know past u can predict future

    #'s dont lie

    Use technical anaylsis possible to do 29 good 1 bad a month ex

  10. He is giving wrong information. Technical analysis is not inside information and it doesn't give you an edge over anyone else because it's available to everyone. He probably is gonna sell some so called stock course at the end

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