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what's going on guys Tony I'm not here with another video lesson and today I'm going to talk about the one trait I placed on any te which made me around 270 dollars in around five minutes I I didn't play this in premarket and unfortunately I wasn't up early enough and I didn't have this news in my head so I didn't trade anywhere down here I did call the breakout right here over over this the $12 ish area in my chat room in premarket but I didn't take a position unfortunately I know I don't know why I didn't I just didn't want to have to deal with the pre-market fees which you know in hindsight the fees shouldn't have mattered because I could have almost doubled my money on this but it seemed like it was very overextended already I didn't realize the fact that it had such a small float and it looked a lot like lf-i n which ran to a hundred I just had the same type of blockchain base news that I've been talking about over and over and over again they announced the launch of a blockchain business they didn't acquire anything they just said okay we're gonna start doing blockchain and their stock more than doubled because of that so this is a clear sign of a bubble I'm not saying that the cryptocurrency market in general is a bubble but the effect it's having right now on the stock market is definitely a bubble and the SEC is taking notice let's just look at lfi in real fast and see how that's doing it's still holding the 70s somehow I really don't understand how it's still trading at these levels it started out down in the sixes and eights and on on Friday it just started to explode and it reached a high of $142 so all because they had blockchain based news let's look at elephant's news actually they bought a blockchain company that's all they have to do all that has to happen right now is that the company becomes associated with blockchain with cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin any of that and the stock will likely see a huge drive in momentum into it so taking note into this I'm definitely gonna make sure that I set my alarm early enough and wake up during pre market because if there is any type of blockchain news on a stock that has a low float like this stock right here has a 1.2 1 million share flow they had blockchain base news immediately it spikes up huge and it just keeps on going on very low volume so I'm gonna be watching tomorrow morning pre market and I'm gonna be looking to see if there's any blockchain base news if there is I'll likely buy some of that stock and try to hold it as long as I can because what we also start to see with this is multi day runs you can see this stock in after-hours it's squeezing up pretty high it's in the 22s it's reaching the high of day at 25 ish sorry about my trend lines I was just drawing some scaffolding I always recommend that look at stopping out right there on that gradual trend line I always recommend while you're trading you have to be drawing your trend lines all the time because that's the only really true way that you can watch the price action and not just be blinded by all the large fluctuations of the price this the price has to move around but it has to hold a general trend you can see here all day it was holding a general trend of higher lows and lower highs making the classic wedge pattern it's actually a flag because we had a huge spike first and then it's making a wedge so we we could see this breakout even further tomorrow I know that goes against what I usually say when the stock is so overextended don't trade it but this is a special case where we're in just a crypto bubble where if there's anything that's has blotching news Bitcoin news anything like that it's gonna keep going pretty pretty high so just keep that in mind so the area that I traded it was right out the gates I really wish I got the morning dip down to 16 s but I wasn't confident enough you know to buy that just because it was up so much but the point that I bought working on some projects for the upcoming live stream the the point that I bought was the breakout of over to America heights like I've been buying over and over again so the breakout over pre Muraki highs and go to the one-minute the breakout of overpromise was in a 21 area I got executed at 2120 and I got in right before this halt so once I saw that halt I expected it to go a lot higher than this to be honest and so is everyone else on stock twits I recommend that you get on stock twits make sure you follow me on to talk twits as well I have all my social media down below make sure you follow me on stuck to it but whenever you're playing any sort of move especially morning spikes look look on stock twits and see what everyone else is saying when I looked at stock to it everyone was saying how this was the next lf-i n and you know after the whole it's going to the moon and I know this seems like backwards thinking but when everyone especially on social media is touting how this is the next blah blah blah it's gonna go to hundreds it usually doesn't it usually gets stuffed pretty hard so I took that into notice right away and we had this huge crack right after the halt all the way down to the 17th now that reached past my risk I'll be honest I did not plan on risking 15% but just with my experience trading these types of Holtz I knew that how he was playing out that it was gonna have a quick bounce and then just have a slow fade it's not any sort of pattern that happens it's kind of luck it's kind of chance but I've seen that happen on a bunch of these stocks that have a gap down after their halt they catch support and the main thing to the watch is that we made a slightly higher low off of the morning dip so the fact that we held that dip obviously made it bounce stronger but um just keep that in mind I I didn't really use my wrist properly in this trade but that's mainly because I knew not to sell down here because there was gonna be a large influx of dip buyers who are trying to have that next leg up into the next halt who are gonna buy down here and tried to go into a higher move so I sold into this spike in right at 24 I set a limit order on 24 and they got hit perfectly so I made around $270 let me get my profit screenshot actually just to show you guys here it is I used 100 shares nothing big made just over like 10% on that trade very very very solid trade on my small account I'm nearing $10,000 now on my small account and every single day I'm only trading with 1,000 to 2,000 dollars per trade so it's perfect watching me it it's perfect having having a small account if you're trying to grow your small account you want to learn from someone who's growing it like how you're gonna be growing it you don't wanna learn from someone who's using 20,000 50,000 buying power and trading 510 times a day you can't do that when you have a small account so it's no use whatsoever if you're growing a small account learn from someone else who is also doing it and is doing it right so with that being said I am offering holiday plans on the mentorship program right now you can get in lifetime access to my course one hundred twenty three dollars per month for three months that gives you lifetime access into the course you can ask me any questions what what so ever you can have lifetime access into my chat room and you're gonna have one year access into my live stream webinars that I'm gonna be doing every single day from pre market around two hours until I stop trading and that's gonna start at the end of this year at the start of the new year once I have that life from trading it the the price of the course is gonna go up mainly because it's going to have that live stream trading in it so it's gonna be a higher value if you buy the course right now you will still get access into that so just keep that in mind but just this crypto bubble has been crazy let's see what else ran let me bring up my equity feed scanner real fast I know this afternoon was pretty wild I actually did a small buy on I have TFT which I don't think is crypto related I think it is actually hmm excuse me FTF t they had news yesterday and I know that I know they had earnings or something like that I did a dip by on ft ft where I added around that's $60 on to the day don't a picture of it right now because I forgot to take a picture but I used about $1,000 worth I think nine hundred dollars worth actually and I dip bought down here in this area right here and I sold it into this spike and into the five 20s was a very nice 10% move so uh I just did that and the main reason why I did that is because I want to start practicing my afternoon dip eyes because especially in this market right now we're seeing them go very very very far and I usually break the high of day I didn't have a dip I down here unfortunately because I was next to my screens so I didn't see it but I did see it up in here and I took the dip I and the reason why I didn't dip I offer that level is because those previous high up day previous resistance becomes support I teach all about that in my course all these trend lines how to draw them and so forth are all in my course so if you want to check it out I highly recommend you do so but that's really it so just recap right now the crypto bubble is still going strong NE te looks promising for tomorrow may have a big squeeze so just watch this one tomorrow and just watch any stock that is Bitcoin related and watch for news in the pre-market we might not see that much follow-through because right now the coin isn't looking too strong the pickle in cash it kind of messed things up how it was released on coin base and bitcoin is not doing so strong anymore it's down and right around 17,000 I'm gonna have that when our Turkish it's kind of hard to read so you can see Bitcoin is taking a pretty pretty hefty fall I actually made its first double top right here which does not look good at all cuz it's never made it's never made a double top before in its history so people are pretty scared about that people were moving their money into Bitcoin cash but you can see that's also now taking a fall and litecoin is theory and they're hanging in there kind of but they have a lot less liquidity so mainly right now people are trading the alt coins on Finance if you wanna learn how to trade crypto watch yesterday's video lesson watch yesterday's video lesson I go over step by step how to make your accounts on coinbase G Dax and Finance where you can trade your alt coins so check that out so yeah just I'm gonna wake up tomorrow with a similar tune same routine every single day where I wake up I look at my scans and I look for what's hot what has news and what has technical breakouts and that's where that trade every single day so you just have to find one pattern one strategy that will make you a consistently profitable day trader try that like a business trader every single day and you will become a profitable traders so with that I'll talk to you guys tomorrow

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  1. i have also been noticing perfect down trend line breakouts on the tick 100 tick on 5 days candlesticks chart it is cleaner than and faster than 1 minute charts i was able to buy faster with a tick based chart of 5 ticks next to a 10 tick chart next to a 100 tick chart next to a 1 miniut chart next to a 5 minute chart next to a 30 min chart on my multiple screens thats the only way i can trade these super fast stocks with the help of tick charts the time based charts are just to slow

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