28 thoughts on “HOW I MADE $10,000 IN 5 DAYS WITH CRYPTO! (17 Year Old Millionaire)”

  1. Hi Dusty…Am 55,I live in Ontario Canada. Dec 15th I bought some Davorcoin and my mind is blowing up with this crypto. It's all new and Im trying hard to learn as much as possible, even the words used are a different Laungeuge lol some one should do a segment for old birds like me,( crypto for dummy's )

  2. Wow, thanks for showing us the stats and info. I will be trying to do the same this week. I think hashflare has some pretty good deals.

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  3. hope to finally win 🙂 LTC: LeNPBrWavEapSukbnem29csFMm87omeYjh and XRP: rDsbeomae4FXwgQTJp9Rs64Qg9vDiTCdBv (destination tag: 67093189)

  4. Hey Dusty happy new year dude 2018 is going to be a great year for the crypto community 😉

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  5. I have changed emphasis to alt coins rather than any lending platform, do you agree? LITECOIN LKRZzwedUNLrW4hyjwu8SJvMZMHeX5c9px

  6. I heard from a lot of people that their pays are much lower now

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  7. Please I would like Some coins because I want to start invest in cryptocurrency but i can’t invest my money because my dad says I can’t and I want to show that it really works!

  8. thanks..love your videos…I've been in Davor for a few weeks now…so far its been great.. Would love to see more videos from you on them and other Crypto subjects. 16io88EUWkuRbmhLCM4Ru1N3Vqu6bMyaxa The days to break even on Hashflare isnt bad now because the Botcoin Price is up recently…thats why I think buying more will be a great investment…I'm going to get more soon too..looking at other companies but nothing as good as Hashflare still

  9. DONT invest into hasflare, its contracts are only for ONE year! I prefer minergate, it has less fees and is cheaper then genesis mining + it has open end contracts ^^


  10. I like bitcoin cause it was the pioneer.
    "live to die another day"
    -someone 🙂

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  11. Just joined Davor..only but looking forward maybe 1200 in a few dayS!!!!

  12. Hey dusty great video I have been in crypto now for about 3 months I have made money and I have loss money I have been looking devor coin but for me I can see it making it like bit connect they are just following there model which is great but you think the same thing that happened to hexacoin will also happen to devor
    Hope I win.
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  13. A day without a video from you is a sad day. Better than a good video, eh?

  14. So many lending platforms I wanted to enter like bitconnect, usi-tech, davor, etc. It's just that they are too risky for me especially because I don't earn $$$. So I am only in alts. I do want to diversify my portfolio, but I'm still searching for a way how but starting at a low investment then grow slowly. Perhaps, mining as you say. With hashflare, perhaps you should calculate if you earn more BTC at the end of the contract. Compare with and without reinvesting. Just my suggestion.

  15. Hey Dusty forget about the FUDsters Bitconnect and USI Tech are still great companies. The government of the state of Texas is just trying to get their cut of the Gainz.


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