How I Made $1,000 Trading Crypto Overnight | Bitcoin (BTC) & MFT

hey guys wanted to go over a quick recap on how I made a thousand dollars trading one cryptocurrency overnight I hope you guys enjoy it's gonna go over my whole entire thought process stay tuned hey guys what is going on VIN Freddie here hope you guys are all having an incredible day I wanted to dig into a trade recap on MFT and also a leveraged trade on Bitcoin and just kind of go through a whole thought process a lot of people have been asking me to do more thought process videos and recap my trades and and talk about some other trades that I find pretty profitable so we're gonna dig into MFT talk about how I made a thousand dollars just overnight right this was very very simple I actually didn't even risk too much into this trade it was overall 15% gain for me hit tops of 20% wasn't able to maximize the profits and I'll talk about my whole thought process throughout it but overall you know a great great trade I wanted to recap it and cover it and then also talk about my leverage this was something super simple I wasn't over complicated with it I didn't add a bunch of these indicators I had three simple trend lines that were across like this and I barely used any indicators and that's what I really want to talk about so overall it's just jump into my screen and share my screen I'm just gonna share it and we're just gonna cover exactly how I saw MFT as a profitable trade and then also three trades I made on this one was good I think it was about a 8% gain one was a 2% loss and then one was a 15% gain three trades just in the matter of I think started on the 23rd all the way to the 27th so about four days so we're gonna dig into this I did cover you know my first trade on MFT which was this trade I'm gonna show you guys it was one I bought at 180 and I sold at 196 this was one of the trades I think I might have covered already but we're gonna dig into that thought process because overall it did lead to why I bought again and ended up getting that 15% gainer so looking at it we're gonna talk about it was almost on this side so it's just this side of screen we're gonna be looking at and it wasn't even using the RSI or any indicators it was literally just using one simple trendline so identified a simple support right it obviously balanced at the one set eighty area this was on the one-hour chart I actually identified it it bounced at the 180 area and I knew that if it came back down it was gonna bounce at the 180 again now does that mean it's gonna happen a hundred percent no right but based on the indicators and seeing that it bounced before the margin of risk was really low right we did we didn't anticipate it but we waited for the confirmation of the balance I waited for it to bounce off the support and actually show that I was showing sounds of support even if it broke through I entered my position at 180 I could have entered right at the support at 179 I entered it because I wanted to enter off the bounce although it did go up to 188 pulled back it still shot up to 205 so our first take profit at the moment was 196 the reason why I said 196 was because I saw it on the 4:00 hour it was just a simple support and resistance as you guys can see see right here right it was just a resistance from this past like dip and then it started to go back up and then got rejected so I just saw that 196 would have been in good area does that mean that it was gonna be exactly where the price bounced actually no it didn't even bounce at that area it bounced at 205 and then it started to go back down but seeing where it was I thought this was gonna keep going down keep going up but it had this huge pump so I wanted a lock in profits I locked in at 196 and you guys can see it actually just dipped right down and it did also get halted at this 179 I wanted to re-enter but looking at it in the time that it was it was about I was about to go to bed and I didn't want to re-enter trade overnight especially catching a falling knife just because it was these two huge one hour candles I didn't want to enter that just because of the risk but overall I mean it did show that support again but that was just my first trade I mean we did already cover that trade it was just a simple support bounced up the support again took profit ended up running my gun my second take profit area was at 205 ended up hitting it exactly but unfortunately I took profits a little bit earlier just because we saw this huge pump the next trade that I made was off the one hour but it was actually at the 4-hour chart obviously I saw that there was a resistance on this 179 but I ended up entering on the 1-hour and I should have waited for the four-hour this is my mistake and I'd like to share my mistake so you guys can understand you know this kids an idiot no I'm just kidding see you guys can kind of understand that you know I do make mistakes too I make bad trades as well and it's nothing to get upset about you know I just know that I jumped the gun on this one I should have waited for a confirmation on the 4:00 hour which means just the close of this candle above this resistance and I didn't end up doing that I took I took my trade for granted and I ended up entering a little bit earlier because I was super pumped about how I made a great trade on it before ended up closing above entered my trade end up closing it out at 178 so nothing too bad like I said was a big no-no for me I should just waited for this confirmation I think it was literally one more hour left until it confirmed and I jumped the gun because I didn't want to miss out on profits and overall that was kind of a FOMO trait on me but I was able to get it back I did the exact same pattern the reason why I wanted to cover the past trade was because you guys can identify that I saw a bottom right I saw a bounce up and then a bounce boom right now I was looking to take profit around 207 205 ended up taking profit at 196 I did the exact same strategy on this second bounce right it came down and balanced boom had this resistance which we knew was ever gonna be resistance because it was a support before I ended up coming back down and this is where overall set my buy so I'm gonna share my buy for that at 166 and this is where I bought MFT at 166 because I saw that it had a very profitable bounce this was gonna be something that I found value in and you don't have to find value in it but I did too and what I usually did was a strategy that I do for my overnight trades because I was going to bed because it was almost 12 o'clock my time when I did enter I still saw there was a very very profitable trade that I wanted to take initiative of and if you guys haven't already seen that video I think I made a specific video just for it it talks about what to do when you're trading crypto overnight because it is a big problem that a lot of people don't know how to handle and this was actually a great trade and I use that whole thought process throughout this whole entire trade what I do when it is approaching a goodbye point and I'm going to bed is that just make a plan right and what I do because you cannot set a take profit which means like your sell point and your stop loss at the same time I always set my stop loss so my stop loss was set around this 162 area I had my buy at 166 which I did and the buying and I knew that I wanted to take profit up at this 179 now although it did hit 179 in this for our candle at about 4 a.m. my time it did hit my take profit I still wasn't able to take my profit because I was asleep yes I risk the fact of it coming down you know having a profitable trade go wrong because I'm asleep having it come back down to him I stopped off but that's what your risk is like every trade you're going to have a risk and I think you guys have to understand that that no matter what there's going to be a risk within a trade so seeing that MFT just had a good resistance okay it hit my resistance ended up coming back down right you can see right here the resistance came back down and I entered my trade I knew that I was looking for a margin of profit of at least seven point eight percent right while I was asleep we were hoping that it was gonna be there good often than not right this doesn't happen all the time I woke up at 8 a.m. and it was above my price okay I was actually at 190 I think it was 190 or 188 and it was actually I think we can look at the one hour and see exactly what time it was when it wouldn't reached that price yet so it's just about was at 11:00 a.m. I think would have been an 11 no it was 8:00 a.m. yeah ended up coming back down 8:00 a.m. popped back up so what I was looking for on this trade was I was looking to get out as soon as I could when I woke up I was just trying to re-evaluate the position ended up placing a cell for 189 just because that's where you know the price was when we saw that pump right it pumped up ended up closing and then came back down that was where I wanted to take profits so although it did kind of snap back it confirmed that this 79 was the support I could have entered another position didn't end up entering just because I exited okay it was an awesome trade I think I mean the margin of profit that I pulled in was about 14 percent off a 1 Bitcoin I think my profit total was 0.14 so I tossed him one Bitcoin point one four at the price that Bitcoin was at at the moment I think was 8200 I pulled in about one thousand one hundred and forty dollars just overnight right and that was something so so simple and I think people think you need you know these Fibonacci's and and you know you need this and you need like your you're gone fan or whatever this stuff is and I don't think you do right I just think you need simple support and resistance and that's all you really need to be a profitable trader in this crypto markets obviously you're not gonna get a 15% gainer every single time it's just not gonna happen right that just doesn't happen in this world but it was a good trade that I found a lot of value and was able to profit a lot on and you know just to a simple support and resistance although I did go I did haven't lost once which I explained my mistake on that I didn't wait for confirmation I came back strong and overall I got a great trade so the margin of profit was just awesome I was seven eight three – around 2% 2.4 percent which showed around a three point two five profit – loss ratio that means that for every 3.25% you're only risking 1% which is awesome right anything over a two to one right if they you see potential profit of two percent of our potential loss of 1% that's always a good trade anything below that I don't really like to trade that's just my personal preference and you know if the trade like me so that was my trade on MFT really really simple one of the trade change or give you guys my thought process throughout it because I know a lot of people are asking me you know what is your thought process so here was another one this was my Bitcoin trade I'm actually gonna pull up my telegram and show you guys my profits on that Bitcoin trade real quick so here's my X bTW this is thirty point six four percent which I locked in and this was an awesome trade right the reason why I entered on this we had a support down here we actually were able to get a small short I think I walked in five to ten percent on my short but it ended up hitting down or got close to our box this was just a consolidation area for Bitcoin we did talk about how these Fibonacci's were actually a really good support and resistance taking it from swing high to swing low and I don't use Fibonacci's too much but it was something that brought up to my mind and it obviously was a trend so you have to take it into effect we saw it was a resistance at 6800 a consolidation at 7400 a resistance at 8400 so I expected for it to pull back to seven thousand nine hundred I didn't end up entering my position there I wanted to wait for the confirmation I wanted to wait for the bounce ended up breaking above broke above 8,000 enter my position at eight thousand twenty dollars and then I ended up taking in a nice profit from a 25 X leverage that was just simple right it bounced off the Fibonacci's which we called waited for it to break above swung this didn't really get too ahead of my game once it passed ten percent I set my stop-loss right on my entry I knew that if it goes back at least no matter what I'm risking nothing anymore the rest of its just profit so overall you know I wasn't really scared once I get up 10% on a leveraged trade I always always always set my stop-loss right where my entry is so no matter what I'm not risking anything ended up reaching tops of 8300 locked in most of my trade around 8250 so it was an overall great trade that was a 30% leverage and to be honest guys I mean I actually made a lot more on my own coin trade than I did on my leveraged trading the reason why was because I risked a full Bitcoin on the O'Quinn trade because it just moves a lot less compared to the leverage trade but only risked about point one point two in the middle there I brought home about 0.05 on that leverage trade and then on my all coin trade I was able to bring home point one five so the big difference between that is because I can risk a lot more of my alt coins and being able to just identify a simple support and simple resistance I made two profitable trades in one small loss I think it's another thing to know where to buy and where to sub one of the biggest things to know is where to place your stop-loss I see a lot of people down 10 20 30 % because they hold these coins and don't know when to sell if you can just know where to place your stop loss and you can manage your risk you're gonna be on the good side of trades all the time right if you can manage your risk and risk only 2% towards that profit of 4 6 8 % profit that's gonna be awesome that's over a 2 to 1 ratio which is something we go after so I hope you guys enjoyed this recap of my trade I love to share my recaps just to show you guys what I'm thinking not really many coins I'm looking at for the next couple of days tomorrow on Sundays I usually do that and really focus on what I'm looking at for the week I think if you guys do want to take a look at a da in store I'm not gonna do it on the live stream but I think both of those coins are approaching a nice support but other than that I thought you guys I hope you guys found value in this video if you did it would really appreciate it if you gave me a thumbs up you don't have to you know want to and also subscribe to this channel internal post notifications if you do want to follow along my journey and help keep your crypto currency trading and take it to the next level so remember guys make your dreams become your reality look through the Stars and I'll meet you guys all on the moon take care team see you next time

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