How I lost more than $50 Thousand DOLLARS! ?

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towards some of the money mistakes that I’ve made over the last 10 years of my
adult life and how personal finance can make you rich let me let everybody know
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rock and roll cameron Douglas hello man welcome to the chat welcome to the live
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become Bruce Rogan out here or something what’s up guys Tim G how’s it going man so how are you guys doing in the markets
today Reese Kwang AKA Batman yeah sometimes sometimes it’s up everyone how
you guys weekend doing so everyone requested me to do a livestream on
Saturday so here it is Saturday I think most of my viewers are from California
but let me guys let me know where you guys are from Los Angeles time right now
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out welcome Derek how’s it going money
matters what’s up man so the first thing I ever regretted so I have a crate is a
crazy story so I’m 30 years old so I’ve been you know making money
working for the last 10 years or so right out of college
and I moved to Cambodia and when I was in Cambodia you know made a lot of
friends and stuff and and the thing about making money is that it’s easy and
I was not easy to make money but when you do have money let’s say when you do
have money a lot of people are gonna come after you you know a lot of people
are gonna ask you to invest in their companies a lot of people is gonna have
these great business opportunities but that and that was one of my biggest
mistakes was investing with one of my friends and it’s just investing and
doing business with your friend rarely rarely works out and probably like 5% of
the time it’ll work out so long story short is don’t invest any money with
your friends if you guys are gonna do anything together start start small try
not to you know keep your overhead really low and oh man even thinking
about it now I lost a lot of money the second biggest money mistake ever
made was so the first one was making investments with your friends jumping
into those business opportunities don’t do it
the second is speculative investments and specifically I’m talking about
cryptocurrency I don’t know I think a lot of you guys know what I’m talking
about when it comes to cryptocurrency about 8080 you guys or of my subscribers
mostly know me from the time where I started investing in cryptocurrency
Bitcoin all coins all of that I think I invested upwards up to a $40,000 yeah
$40,000 and man Bitcoin right right now what is it worth I think it’s like
$4,000 per four thousand for one Bitcoin right now man but that investment you
know went up and went down a lot of people are still invested in all coins
and whatnot goddamn if if we were smart we would have got in sold at like
twelfth out sold out like ten 20,000 18,000 got out but not a lot of us did
that and I think a lot of us regret it so that’s why when it comes to stock
market investing using Robin Hood using m1 finance I’m only throwing in $100 a
week imagine if I threw in yeah now that I talk about it if I threw in forty
thousand three months ago I would have made a lot more money if you think
bitcoin is dead and I’m sorry if you think bitcoin is dead then short the S
out of it Bitcoin isn’t dead bitcoin is still worth four thousand dollars and it
might come around here it might come around again but who was
gonna invest in it after they lost all that money you know but yeah so first one was doing
investments with your friends the second tip I have for you is do not do any
expensive investments so right now a big thing is marijuana stock so I’m seeing
the same type of trend in marijuana stocks that I’m seeing in cryptocurrency
and if you guys are deeply invested in marijuana stocks whenever the price goes
up just start you know selling off a little bit that I’m collecting that
profit don’t don’t just keep reinvesting and reinvesting marijuana stock I don’t
know man is very speculative just like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so I’m pop this to chat out so I can
talk with you guys I’m like looking at myself man Internet it’s slow whenever I am
live-streaming you but yeah let me let me get you guys in
here I can’t see any of the comments right now
yeah m1 finance if you guys saw any of my last videos I you guys let me know
what type of content you guys want to see alright what type of content you
want to see I’m having a really hard time come on with content right now the
only thing I have going for me is the Robin Hood challenges and I think I can
only do one Robin Hood challenge per week oh man a lot of people are starting
to jump in this chat we got 29 people marijuana stock is
great right now yeah it is great right now try to you know try to collect your
profits that’s all I’m saying Omar is asking me if I chart any
technical analysis I am NOT one of those ta type of guys I learned the basics
maybe a few years ago I learned the basics when it came to cryptocurrency ta
and I could probably still do it but all I really do is just throw money into the
market especially in those index funds and you know just collect dividends
that’s my main thing right now collecting dividends and whenever the
market goes up I get that capital gain – what type of investments do you guys are
any of you guys invested in real estate let me know you got a Mar got in a
Bitcoin at 17 K I’m assuming not seventeen dollars and paid my college
and I got a bunch of real estate in all right uh inform informed trades
welcome to the chat man so what do you guys what you guys want to talk about I
can keep going about my mistakes I got a lot of them I got a lot of mistakes all
right I got another mistake so when it comes to real estate investing right
don’t rush in on any investments when it comes to real estate like real estate
was always be around especially if you have cash cash is king when it comes to
real estate investments and at the end of last year I tried to get in really
quickly on this one property in my area and there was a lot of competition
whenever I saw any good properties like within one or two days of me seeing this
property there would other investors will already put in an offer on it so I
got really impatient and when I saw a good property I just jumped in I threw
in my offer and it got accepted and I did not inspect the property at the time
that’s how crazy it is over here in my area so I want to take a look at it one
day after everything went through and this place was a shit show I’m telling
you there was like mold everywhere the second unit was completely destroyed
yeah they did like this owner disliked this owner was a slumlord and they had a
property manager and the property manager was was horrible oh my god like
just going in there cockroaches everywhere in the third unit and at the
end of the day I had to back out of it I had to pay pay up my lawyer I had to pay
up I lost a little bit of the deposit and I lost somewhere around 4 K in that
so when it comes to real estate investments make sure you have make sure
you do your inspections make sure you do your contingencies and and don’t rush in
don’t rush don’t rush in especially if you got if you got a lot of cash don’t
rush in you you can do a lot what are my
weaknesses I don’t have enough money I think that’s my main my biggest weakness
what do you what do you guys weakness is Dalton s I’m 17 years old where do I
start a great place to start is personal finance
reddit’s subreddit man what is it let me get the link for you guys if you guys
check in my description I have a lot of great books that I’ve read and I learned
a lot from but basically if you guys are really cheap and you guys don’t have any
money at all which I’m assuming a lot of you guys don’t have that much money
because if you guys are looking looking at me to may help you make money then um
I don’t know what to say so go check out that subreddit any honestly any
questions when it comes to finance you will find it there no matter what age if
you guys are seventeen if you guys are 65 you will find a lot of you find a lot
of information they even group it up to what age what age gap you’re in so if
you’re like in the early 20s mid 20s 30s and onwards and onwards no don’t start
with investing in a Roth IRA that’s a bad idea start with having an emergency
fund so first thing you got to do is track all your spending find out exactly
how much money you’re spending every month find out exactly how much money
you’re making every month and once you find out the difference that’s where you
want to start making your emergency fund so start with one month $1,000 and then
save up keep saving up I think at least save up a thousand dollars to suggest so
like if anything crazy happens like you have a medical bill car crash accident
you can pay for all that type of like an emergency fund will will keep a
lot of stress out of your life and that’s all I do right now what’s up guys
how’s it going Benjamin Benjamin Barker that’s how you
say it Bruce have you ever tried any turnkey rental properties where
everything is ready tenant and property management is that all is that good
turnkey rental properties my wife and her family they do
turn-key properties they don’t really like to buy fixer uppers as I like to
call them and it works but the the potential to make a lot of money is not
that like you’ll make a higher return from fixer-uppers than turn-key
properties so let’s say if you just want to be investing in real estate and you
don’t really want to do any work turn-key properties are the way to go
but if you want to make the most amount of money from real estate you want to
buy fixer uppers and you don’t want to buy like those crazy ones where you have
to fix up a gutted property you wanna you want one where you know you just
have to paint the walls fix the bathroom up a little bit maybe you know anything
cosmetic maybe a new roof you want to do something like that when you do a like a
complete gut of a property it takes a long time takes months probably
depending on how experienced you are like three to four months and especially
if you can do a lot of the stuff yourself that will save you a lot of
cash do I own a Rolex yacht-master I thought I saw one in your video I do
have a Rolex this is my Rolex if you guys can see let me see if you guys can
see that there you go this is the one with the rubber band I think it’s called
the oyster flex it has like those crazy wires in it so it stays in a shape
but yeah once you guys master the per your personal finance all this stuff
comes later man like the nice watches the nice cars the
fancy house that all comes at the end of your journey so there’s a lot of work to
do before you get to here you know I’m like I think a lot of you guys are a lot
younger than me in in your 20s early 20s so what when I’m thirty years old man it
takes years and years of work to get to where I am and like I’m still looking
I’m proud of what I’ve done so far but you know I’m still never satisfied I
still want I still want a little bit more just so I can retire just so I can
retire sooner and with one or two more properties under my belt I think I’ll be
there all right whoo damn as lost our questions coming in Bruce what real
estate do you currently own between you and your wife well my wife has one
property in New York in Brooklyn New York so New York City is a high cost of
living area so those properties man is so so expensive to do anything in New
York but but yeah like I I visited the property a few times it’s a condo and a
condo in New York can go up to millions of dollars even for a one-bedroom you
think about that but yeah if you guys are in New York and you guys want to do
any real estate in New York I I don’t know what to say you guys have to have
some serious cash to do anything any investments in New York but maybe you
guys can’t go away from the city a few hours and invest there there’s always
ways to do it man but what my bread and butter is a is duplexes like a two unit
rental property and I have one and I’m looking for another one right now and I
think after one or two more duplexes oh I’m all set man I can retire and my
return on my duplex makes Ally make a lot more from my
duplex 10 my wife’s returned on her property so just think about that I want
to retire in the next five years in the next five years I think I’m able to do
it what all I’ve been doing right now is trying to get my expenses down to as
much as possible and between me my wife and my family my daughter we only spend
about 40,000 50,000 a year so I think if I’m if I can make like a hundred
thousand a year that’s double of what I spend already and yeah if I don’t have
to work to make a hundred thousand a year
I’m all set man all right so um yeah that’s what I do what do you wonder what
you guys do single family Keith how is Eskimos
single family home family is a great way to start as well because depending on
where you’re from may be like the multi families in your area are really hard to
get so if you can start with a single family that’s great to Nasdaq yeah leave
Benjamin Lee on you are boring get out of here I don’t know I don’t know who
Leon is likes in New York San Fran expensive how about mistakes you’ve made
with long-distance investing in real estate so like I said the real estate
that I had was not my wrist my property buzz my wife’s property we have a
property manager and they do a lot of the work
the only mistakes there is like is that our property managers kind of sucks so I
could technically hire a newer a new one but you know that’s that’s all my wife
that’s all my wife man I can’t I can’t deal with with her with her property and
deal with my property at the same time so if she’s watching yeah a little a
little jab a little jab there my wife are you flipping or renting out my
properties at the moment I’m only doing rentals I don’t like to I’m not a
flipper and myself flipping takes a lot of takes a lot of
time yeah flipping takes a lot of time takes a lot of risk as well because
let’s say if you decided if you want to flip houses like you have to have a lot
of cash if you want to flip house and there’s a lot of there’s a risk involved
with that too but when it comes to the long term investing in real estate
that’s where I think that’s where the long term that’s where the most money is
long term investments but if you want to flip just to get you know just to get a
bigger cash you know just to make some profits and then start to your long term
investing that’s a really great way to start to a great resource for anything I
learned everything from bigger pockets calm so big shout outs to a bigger
pockets Brandon Turner Josh I forgot his name Joshua or something
those two are like the owners of that company and yeah check out bigger
pockets man that’s where I learned everything do i oh yeah I own my vehicle
if you can’t know don’t lease don’t lose your vehicle the biggest three expenses
there are in in anyone’s life first is gonna be your housing expense so if you
can cut down your housing expense that will help you out and your finances the
next is part of your vehicle expense yeah your vehicle expense so to have a
fancy car it’s not an ideal situation it’s you know yeah that’s probably one
of the biggest regrets that I have is buying a nice car too if you have a nice
car it costs a lot of money to maintain it it costs a lot of money to get that
shit insured like I’m paying almost $400 a month for car insurance $400 a month
in car insurance I need to call my insurance company and get that shit down
lower I think like I know some people they have like a few
cars like five cars and they pay less than what I pay in car insurance so yeah
try to cut down your housing expense try to cut down your vehicle expense try to
buy used car that will help a lot don’t buy anything brand new it doesn’t really
know there’s really no reason to buy brand new car unless you just want throw
money out the window what is a great stock this week a lot of people are
talking about that lyft IPO I don’t know if you saw it on Friday though I think
the starting price was like 882 and now is like 75 72 I don’t like that’s just
too much risk involved try not to try to wait for the big dip
and maybe maybe it’s a good time to get into lift after everyone sells off
because a lot of people gonna lose money right out the gate if everyone starts
selling off Mickey bang bang what’s up man we all make mistakes bro cars are a
waste of time a waste of time and a waste of money but it is nice to have
once in a while but make sure you get everything else
straight before you try to get a nice car try to get a nice house and stuff money matters no way Jose what’s up
split a welcome back lift is all hype yeah lift is all hype this is gonna be
all hype uber is gonna be all hype Pinterest I think that’s gonna be all
hype I don’t even know what type of market that is is that like a social
social media market is that like a Derick competitor to Instagram snapchat
Pinterest Instagram I think they’re grow all grouped in together right you guys
can try man uh if anybody who wants to invest in a stock market just get an
index fund Jesse an index fund man vo v TI vo oh look that up those
those who are just good enough and ride the wave right the wave like I’m only
investing in individual stocks just to learn like some some of the patterns
that they have like what happens when the ex-dividend date comes up
should I sell during that time you know if I could I would just trade all day
but I’m not a great trader there’s a lot of there’s a lot of learning there’s a
big learning curve when it comes to trading do not forget about me when you
grow bigger what honestly like I don’t know where I don’t know where this
YouTube things in a way is gonna go like right now what is it I’m I have like
14,000 subs I grew three thousand subs four thousand and in last like month a
month and a half that’s some crazy growth but you know
who knows I’m just uh I’m just a regular guy I don’t know why a lot of people
like to watch what I put out like I I think a lot of the things I talk about
is really basic but I think there’s a lot of new people coming in and a lot
new people don’t know how to invest so I think that’s why people like to watch
but I just try to come up as real as I can as professional as I can and try to
be as entertaining as they can so those are my three values and hopefully you
guys can see it do I still own Bitcoin I have one and a
half Bitcoin all my all coins and everything together I probably have like
three or four so no I don’t have that much Bitcoin left I carries I have
Bitcoin Walton chain I’m a big one chain believer I have stellar lumens and I
think those three those three are my biggest holdings neo I have neo – I have
like 50 Neos but I think cryptocurrency maybe in the next ten years it will come
back so what how many how many guys are in
here 51 people watching welcome if you guys just made it here if you guys are
brand new to channel don’t forget to give me a like on this video let me know
what you guys let me know what’s up a content you guys want to see I’m taking
notes man I’m taking a lot of notes here look I got a pen I got my note
notepad I’ll take your notes guys and I have an egg maybe a random egg I haven’t
had lunch yet so I’m like I’m still waiting – still
waiting to eat one of my plans for the bear market when the bear market comes I
I’m saving money already you know I’m saying I’m saving money every month when
the bear market comes and I see a big opportunity and some of the big stocks
that I like like maybe Apple Tesla I can’t I don’t even own any Tesla right
now but anything that any blue chip stocks that paying dividends I’ll be
I’ll be investing so this just turned into a mukbang I’m eating a hard-boiled
egg right now so if you guys aren’t interested in that maybe you guys should
come back and maybe 10 minutes while I finish eating this if the bear market
comes so what make make sure you’re making money and all the money that you
invest in the stock market is just it’s almost like it doesn’t matter you know
just don’t think about it invest and then 10 20 years down the line after
you’re investing like a consistent amount every month that’s when you take
it out and I think by the at the end of your investment journey when comes a
stock market you’ll have a lot it’s like saving its investing in the stock market
and index funds is a lot better than just keeping keeping cash in your bank
account because on average in the stock market when it comes to the sp500 I
think the average growth is like around 7% and if you’re having if you have cash
in a savings account that’s only like what like one per lesson 1% unless like
there’s some saving accounts that you can get like 2% I should wrap this egg
with a paper towel and then roll it on the table the shell will fall off well I
just I just peeled it off so how’s everyone’s weekend doing so far
what do you guys have planned are you guys one thing if you guys want to make
extra cash one thing to do on the weekends is to sell you stuff on eBay
like you don’t know how big the eBay market is it’s crazy people are willing
to buy your use goods a lot and a lot of the people that buy your use goods
they’re just resellers you know they’re looking for good deals and then they
they just resell it to another person so if you’re looking to make some quick
cash like let’s say if I want to sell these headphones I can probably get like
50 bucks for these headphones and you know with 50 bucks what can you do a few
bucks like invest it in the stock market I’m pretty sure everybody has a lot of
stuff like that’s one of my money mistakes too I have a lot of stuff
laying around the office and I just haven’t even got time to UM to list it
on eBay like I probably have a thousand dollars worth of stuff for reselling
right here a lot of them are is from my crypto currency days where you know like
I bought the motherboard and I bought like a a PSU I still need to sell all
that what age did I get married I got married
I got married in New York City and um in the in that marriage place I forgot
what’s called I didn’t get married in like uh yeah I got married when I was
like 28 so I was like what three almost three years ago damn that’s crazy how
time flies if you got marriage could be a big mistake especially if you picked
the wrong person to marry make sure if you’re gonna marry somebody make sure
their finances are good because if you marry someone that doesn’t know I take
care of their finance you’re gonna have a tough time especially if especially if
they love spending money online shopping if they have like a shoe addiction if
they love to buy purses expensive name-brand purses if you got um yeah
that’s all I gotta say about that so don’t don’t get married until uh and if
you want if you if you want a significant other that has all those
issues I don’t know I don’t know what to say but respect women yeah that’s what
pewdiepie always says respect women so I have to buy a lot of purses I think I
have to buy like one per year one or two per year but that’s you know when you’re
married you have to do stuff like that it’s called sacrifice unless you were
really lucky and um you get to marry someone rich if you get to marry someone
rich then you know all the best that’s like winning the lottery sounds like my wife has spending issues
uh no I don’t have spending issues my wife is really good with her finances
she’s uh yeah she’s really good what do I think about the the us depth levels
now sustainability perhaps a massive inflation one thing about you know the
US economy world economy you can’t control it you know this all this stuff
is uncontrolled like you can’t you can’t do it control what you can do yourself
you know like you can wake up early wake up early you can make more money
yourself you can you know it’s like you can’t pick who’s president like yeah
technically you can but it’s about all the people together and especially when
it comes to the US economy you can’t control the US economy it’s too big would your wife get on camera with you
yeah she’s uh my wife’s a public person I always ask her to start a YouTube
channel but she don’t want to start a YouTube channel she I don’t know I
always try to convince her to do stuff like social media wise but you know she
just does her own thing women don’t need that many purses you know I think 95% of
you guys here are all men and I have like 5% viewership of women so I’m
trying to get my viewers ship of women up higher guys so help me out here
you guys we gotta respect women all right respect women women can do
anything guys can do guys guys buy purses too right so everybody wants
passive income right passive income how do you make passive
income I think my rental properties is a great way for passive income but you
have to do some work in the in the beginning everything I I don’t believe
in of income honestly like I per month I
probably put in on this YouTube channel I put in about five six six maybe eight
hours of work a week on YouTube probably more part ten I’ll say ten on
average so ten hours a week that’s 40 hours forty hours a month I think I make
about like a thousand something fifteen hundred dollars from YouTube just from
everything put together 1500 so I think that’s a pretty good return it’s not too
bad and especially if my YouTube channel can grow a little bit more I think I can
make maybe up to two thousand two thousand five hundred if you guys want
to make some extra cash make a YouTube channel like I feel like it’s easy to
make a youtube channel but I’ve been doing it for like two two years already yeah I think it’s I think it’s really
easy to make a youtube channel honestly like you can just use your phone to make
all your videos I don’t know if you heard this guy called mr. beast but
Casey nice that just did a video with mr. beast and he’s been doing YouTube
since he was like 12 13 years old and right now I think he’s like 20 and for
the first like 6 years up until like he’s 18 he had like he made no he had
like no subscribers but once he started once he started getting subscribers he
gave and he started making money on YouTube he he reinvested every single
time he got a check and when he became bigger he started making these crazy
content where he’s giving like $20,000 away to like waitresses ten thousand
dollars away to like a homeless person on the street begging for money and that
is so inspiring to see someone that young give away that much money like
that makes me want to do a lot more charitable work he makes something he’d
make some crazy content you guys wanna check him out he makes them pretty
entertaining videos but I know a lot of you guys how old is
like the majority of you guys when I look at my analytics I think a lot of
you guys are like between 25 and 35 so so what does that mean that means like
you guys are most likely all working have a day job or something like that a
lot of you guys probably have a lot of credit card debt if you guys have some
credit card debt let me let me see some thumbs up here if you have a credit card
debt make sure you um alright here’s one big money mistake if
you guys are have credit card debt do not invest in the stock market if you
have credit card debt make sure you start paying that shit off make sure you
start paying that off because what is the interest rates on credit credit
cards right now like twenty four twenty two percent like on average so that’s
considered bad debt when you pay that off that’s guaranteed returns right and
if you’re only making like what seven percent from the stock market it doesn’t
make sense to invest in the stock market before you’ve already paid off all your
credit card debt so it might take you guys a year it might take you guys a few
months but pay off that credit card debt and you’ll feel like a big weight has
lifted off your shoulder I just paid mine never ever had any debt that’s
great man don’t if you don’t have the money to spend like for myself I like I
have a lot of credit cards like I have like maybe five six credit cards and I
use credit cards to pay for everything but before the end of the month before
that I have to pay I pay off everything I pay off everything off like that’s how
you’re supposed that’s how you to use your credit card properly it’s because
he has so much money to give away from sponsors now yeah I think he said that
he gave away all like almost two million dollars or not or like almost at that
limit like just under two million dollars I can’t even comprehend
giving away that much money like it’s insane so um what type of credit cards should
our good I think the if you guys love buying
stuff on Amazon like I have an addiction to Amazon so that’s probably one big
money for sake that I have to is all night shopping on Amazon but like I buy
my diapers on Amazon so stuff like that like stuff that I always have to
consumables I think that’s what it’s called get one of those um Amazon cards
that give you I can show you guys here but I need to make sure I block off yeah
get get one of these if you guys can see that it’s the Amazon Prime card and you
get a lot of cash back rewards and after you spend after like a year you can part
of have like hundreds of dollars in rewards and yeah that’s my may that’s my
main card the Amazon card it’s a S with Chase Chase Bank all right let me get back into the
comments right now actually if you let Dante so wavy what’s up man five percent
of your card roll over and get the interest the company will be more
willing to increase your limits I think my limit on that card is like fifteen
thousand something like that I don’t I don’t need an increase it’s good to have
like imagine if like I had like a twenty thousand dollar credit card limit on
that I’ll be that would be crazy but uh yeah like fifteen thousand I’m not gonna
be spending fifteen thousand in a month are you crazy
but I know a lot of people that they do real estate and they just charge
everything to your card because they can turn around that property fast enough
that that they can just pay it off and then they collect all those points and
when you start collecting a lot of points like you can spend it on airfare
you can spending it on you can spend it on anything man there’s a lot of ways to
game the credit card system but I think the majority of people they they buy
they they buy a lot of stuff they max out their cards and then they only paid
them the minimum and that’s how you you know you’re like you’ll be a slave to
the banks if you do that don’t do that guys a Bitcoin debit card me too man
have you ever have you guys ever seen a Bitcoin debit card this is what it looks
like but it’s called a shift card and this was connected with a coin base but
now this is like garbage now so I got throw this away they just close it down what do you think about the monk or
other youtubers all youtubers are I think you don’t even have to be that
creative to be on YouTube man like I don’t think I’m creative at all but I
can’t knock anybody’s hustle man if you if you’re on YouTube and you’re you know
you’re killing it all all respect man everyone has to live their life you
can’t tell anybody how to live your life like it’s insane like how some I know
some like some parents are saying like if their kids want to be a youtuber and
they’re like saying telling them they can’t well you got a crush two kids
dream man being a youtuber I think being a youtuber is the dream you meant like
just making money making content online like who wouldn’t want to do that that’s
why I think that everybody should at least try try to do it because you never
know what could happen I think making it bigger big on YouTube
is a lot easier ten like to win the lottery I don’t know if they’re I don’t
know if there’s a statistics on that but I’m pretty sure it’s it’s uh making it
big on YouTube is love there’s a lot easier inform trace hey man I I always
see you in the comments section welcome welcome to the chat I don’t know if
you’ve been here for a while but welcome almost 100 subs bro following your tips
I don’t have a lot of good tips when it comes to making it big on YouTube but I
have some tips if you’re brand new I think it’ll help you but if you’re a lot
older and been in the YouTube game for a while maybe my tips not gonna help you
but it’s great that my video like it’s great it makes me feel so good
if if my videos help you guys at all in any way like as long as I can help one
person I’ll keep a part I keep making YouTube videos ryan higa ryan higa he
he’s the man he’s a he’s a G when it comes to this YouTube game he’s been on
since like what 2000 2010 he just started a podcast and there’s a big
trend where a lot of youtubers are starting podcast now and I think that’s
why I got this podcasting mic just in case I want to start one too but I think
just doing live streams and talking to you guys is a lot easier than I’m doing
pod can doing a podcast because doing a podcast takes a lot of time and I don’t
have I don’t have a lot of friends like you guys are my friends
and I think all my friends they they would not want to be on on on screen in
front of a camera I don’t they didn’t handle it so I think I need to make some
youtube friends if you guys if you guys know anybody podcast like Demi
DeLaGhetto yeah I don’t know if you guys want to see a podcast let me know in the
comments so uh I’ve been on this podcast I’ve been on this livestream for 46
minutes that I’ll stick around for another 15 15 minutes or so make this an
hour because this there’s a lot of people there’s a lot of you guys in here
but not that many comments I see the watch time going up but I don’t see any
comments I don’t know if you guys just lurking in the background or whatnot but
if you guys are just lurking there you know stick around you can say hi or
whatnot what’s my biggest money mistakes uh all right I can wrap it up I can
summarize it up again so my biggest money mistakes is when you do have cash
and you have a lot you’ll have a lot of people that will you know want that are
looking for handouts that are gonna come to you with really big big business
opportunities that can help you make a lot of money so just be aware that um
just don’t do any business with friends unless like you’re really experienced if
you are just starting out when it comes to investing yeah
just make sure you keep your keep your money safe it’s know when you have a lot
of cash people are not gonna good opportunities you’re gonna have to look
out for yourself no big opportunities are gonna just like
come to you with open arms asking you you know hey this is a big opportunity
jump in like just give me your cash they just it’s just a cash grab if anything
that’s the biggest mistake that was number one number two don’t do any
speculative training especially if you’re not aware like my biggest
mistakes was a second biggest one was cryptocurrency
I just threw in a lot of cash just because I thought the money was gonna
come like I thought Bitcoin was gonna be the next big thing obviously I did make
a little bit of money Bitcoin but right now bitcoin is worth
like what 4,000 when it used to be 18,000 20,000 so that’s why when it
comes to the stock market I’m only investing just a little bit
consistently consistently over a long term that is that’s the way to go when
it comes to investing don’t don’t throw everything in all at one time dollar
cost average I don’t know if you guys know what that means but that just means
consistently buying and consistently investing third one was tracking your
finances or was it getting married I think third one was getting married
right make sure what like for me I got married but I’m loving it I’m happily
married but yeah I just don’t just don’t marry someone wrong especially if they
have a shopping problem how many times a week will I be doing live streams since
a lot of you guys are asking me to do live streams on Saturday most likely
I’ll keep this going on Saturdays I just don’t know the best times so I’ll be
playing around with the times so right now it’s um 4 to 5 maybe next week I’ll
do it like a little bit earlier I’ll be testing it out so um yeah I’ll just be
testing it out seeing which time it’s the best but everyone is usually free on
the weekends and if you guys are not watching my live stream you guys should
try to be making a side hustle you know selling all your used goods that you
don’t need anymore you know make sure you make sure you after this live stream
make sure you’re going out make sure you’re hustling guys I want to see
everybody retire early just I want to see everybody retiring early if you know
what I mean yeah fire fire is uh what does this stand for again financial
independence retire early that’s a really catchy way that’s the
new movement guys fire is the new movement they should add shopping
problems to the checklist on the dating apps they should especially like what’s
the new dating app tinder I haven’t even used I never even used to inner man that
was up before my time actually started my own YouTube channel
if anybody is kind of nerve-racking and wanted to delete it right away if you
guys want to see something that’s really awkward and embarrassing you guys go
check my earlier videos like I have like full like probably five to ten videos
from when I first started YouTube and going back on it sometimes it’s fun to
watch it but it was it’s pretty fun to watch it sometimes – it was really
embarrassing just keep keep it up man nothing nothing is going to come easy
especially if you want something that’s worth a lot of money and making money it
takes a lot of time like it takes a lot of effort Hart was it that saying hard
works beats talents guys hard works beats talents every single time I’m not
a Moute I didn’t know if I was any motivational but hopefully you guys find
some motivation like I’m just a normal guy like I’m assuming a lot of the a lot
of you guys so if I can do it you guys can do it – that is I think that’s why
I’m gonna cut the livestream so let me know what you guys think if you guys
have been enjoying it don’t forget to leave me a like down
below and make sure you leave comments on what type of content you want to see
because I’m struggling with these content ideas I want to make a lot more
videos I want I want to bump it up to four five videos a week but if if I
don’t have any good content ideas I could stick to three so thank you guys
for being in this live stream it was really fun talking to you guys and I’ll
catch you guys in the next live stream next week hopefully and I’ll catch you
guys in the in the Robin Hood challenge and the m1 finance challenge and any in
the real estate challenges I’ll catch you guys on all that so stay tuned for
more content and thank you guys for watching bye bye

20 thoughts on “How I lost more than $50 Thousand DOLLARS! ?”

  1. My Biggest Money Mistakes/Lessons
    1. Don't Invest in your friends business
    2. Don't chase Speculative ventures(AKA Cryptocurrency)
    3. Don't Get married to the wrong person ?

    M1 Finance:

  2. I'm gathering all the pot stocks I can grab and see what they do on 420 and the week of……what do you think of my strategics

  3. @Bruce Wannng I have two rental units. Both are duplexes and I only look for duplexes. Do you look for single family, if so why? I would like to hear your thoughts on how you want to build your portfolio in real estate. I just found you over the last few weeks and I enjoy watching!

  4. yeap. My friend lost alot of money in bitcoin., he admitted it. He said he was greedy. Thanks for your advise.. for the investing, read read read.. very important..

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