11 thoughts on “How I lost it all in Crypto and Began to Climb Back! True Story To Inspire Those Without Hope”

  1. Imagine , what would happen if auto bitcome came back, and they didnt exit, Omg they would be so big. To bad thats a 0 percent chance lol

  2. Hi Oracle. What happened? Did you clean-up your discord group? After I was curious in another group I’m banned from your group. Any relation in that?

  3. Thanks for your brutal honesty mate . My hat is off to you . I only found your channel a few weeks back , you tell it like it is , no BS . Very informative ?

  4. Thanks Oracle! Feels great to know that I am not alone. I am in the process of trying to rebuild, hoping for the best!

  5. FYI. Thinking about that life change…sweating know all about that…full of hope… appreciate all..have a great weekend

  6. Good video…I remember last year..that’s when I got in?…always understood..No matter what happens…never Hopeless ….staying with you Mr. O… thanks much!

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