9 thoughts on “HOW I INVEST $1000 – Robinhood Investing Challenge”

  1. I got you a free stock for holidays on Robinhood. It could be Apple, Ford, or Sprint! Make sure you join using my link.
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  2. You lost money on penny stocks and jump into crypto which has the same risk. I guess you haven't lost enough money yet. Good luck…..LOL

  3. Heya, yeh dont let it get you down, I too after this market correction/drama am about 400$ down with about 1300 in the market atm with robinhood/ my secondary account. Funny how that math works-wonder if those similar numbers are showing a correlation with how the market is down as a whole-math a wonderful thing :). Anyway the way things are looking the market is looking to drop further, and if we hit a recession(maybe maybe not) things could get alot ugly-er. Word of advice though, you haven't lost anything until you sell and i cant say this over and over enough to people: what goes up must come down AND what goes down must come UP! -cheers and good luck

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