How High Will Bitcoin Go? [VLOG#82]

Cryptoslo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys ooh man btc nice nice little pop eighty six eighty eight
hundred not much resistance up to the 10k it really this is kind of what you
know how the candle closes out for the weekly is really important we shall see
tonight if it holds and we don’t get that Bart Simpson the wiping people on
their necks so yeah looking good looking good
hold on to those coins tight my friends and keep collecting the satoshis because
we are in for a wild ride and you know it’s nice to see that little jump on
Tron – it’s holding up pretty well you know because obviously when PTC goes up
the trading pair that’s a price pressure initially on the halts to go down I try
to shore up my iOS T a little bit and look at my whole point bags and just
make sure that I’m ready ready for this take off so that’s it stay – lots of
good videos coming up this week I’m going to be doing a security series
probably talking about the new daily some of the specifics how to play and
such and it’s gonna be really exciting This is cryptoslo, if your not talking gains then were not talkin.

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