100 thoughts on “How hackers take over your accounts using social engineering (Marketplace)”

  1. Wow! And now when anyone can be any gender, imagine how much easier this would be. A man could call even though the acct has Female and a female name.. That is terrifying how easy! Though the victim in this case had her info stolen by text message.

    I’m also glad I don’t have a SIM card in my phone.. I didn’t realize that someone could actually get everything from a SIM card w/o actually ever having that card!!

    If you work w/ acts. Please watch & share w/ your co-workers..

  2. My passwords are flipping logic riddles and there's me thinking it might not be ultimately safe!

  3. Should ask dead great grand mother's name usually even spouses don't know. not mother's name. (Easy to find )

  4. The officers said nothing they can do, due to their jurishdiction budget…..they only going to get board and create a new route

  5. The next time you talk to a call center and they can't verify you, remember this before you get mad at them.

  6. Companies should be held FULLY responsible for poor implementation of authenticating their customers BUT part of the problem are the CUSTOMERS themselves too!! I work in a call center and every other call I get is from a pissed off customer who wants to get everything done in matter of minutes. They do not want to go through tougher authenticators and are always complaining about why are they asked questions to access their own account.

  7. Very interesting. Might want to throw in love and God of the basic passwords.
    I never use those common passwords on the mini documentary.

  8. "I checked my (financial) account from my favorite cafe," — and your a crypto executive – really? And you wonder why you get hacked…

  9. Keep everything you own in your knickers or under your pillow it’s really safe there so use your knickers no one gets into them.

  10. Social Engineering:
    the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.
    2. (in the context of information security) the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

    1. Deception deliberately practiced with a view to gaining an unlawful or unfair advantage; artifice by which the right or interest of another is injured; injurious stratagem; deceit; trick.

    The second definition for Social Engineering sure looks like the first definition of Fraud , perhaps this is an example of Social Engineering , trying to confuse the definition of Social Engineering because it is dangerous for THEM .

  11. When I worked for Apple itunes chat support. We couldn't provide any information and only confirm information that you gave us. Account owners would constantly get mad or frustrated with us if they couldn't provide all the information, but they could never understand it was for their own good!

  12. This makes no sense. When I call a call center and I am asked for my PIN and more questions, failing that, the operator should be typing my responses into the screen, and only then should my account come up. They should NOT be verifying what they see on screen with my answer. So 101!!!

  13. Rogers just a quick question to you guys just imagin a bunch of hackers take full control of your company,let's say example like Russian hackers or Isrealy cyber Security takes full control of your company and you guys fall to one simple selfish act by not being loyal to a customer and in a blink of an eye you lose everything how would you feel??????????,so as a stranger typing this message on YouTube my advice to you Rogers pay the lady her money back it would be the most best loyal and generous thing to do thanks ??

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  15. Gosh! just a few mins in the video and I can say no one should give their info like that on chat. why not do what my bank does? Loss info, no problem block and destroy my card whereby the only way for me to withdraw money is to go to the bank with my Id physicals while they send my new info by mail. Password and user id in different mails.

  16. Yea this isn't just Canada, it's worldwide! I tell, say, "ebuy" (not real name,) that they shouldn't use an email as first LOGIN, and they laugh, and ask, what should we us? SO I say user made up 12 (and UP,) character username, Mixed Upper, and lower letters, few numbers, and at least 2 special characters. They say why? I say because anyone you've sold to, or bought from has your username as your first login box fill. They say… everyone does it that way. I say no… only the ignorant companies do that. They hang up! NO change.
    AND some BIGGY Pay company, USED to use "public domain" info for user's secret QnA. 45 minute argument phone call, and head of security said that is just what they use. I say you can get that info to change account settings ALL OVER THE NET. Next day, signed into Biggy Pay Co. and looked at "secret QnA, and WOW, see that user can choose ANY answer to the questions. Like what . . . what's ma's maiden name? User answer . . . fido1*1
    SO… the worst saying in anti-security is…
    "but everyone does it that way!"
    And I say… "everyone includes the hackers."

    NOW back to the "email username" login box …. ignor-ants.
    And I can hit one, without throwing anything! SO rather than just 2FA logins, if WE used, made UP, usernames it would be… POOF 2FA login…..
    WOW! What a concept, if everyone did that?

  17. Well i always thougt i was hacked, because everytime i opened my bank account i had 0 money…but in the end i realized i can't save money whatsoever

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  19. That first call rep that turned the ethical hacker down should be rewarded by Rogers and made part of those training the other reps how to avoid such calls.

    The responses from both reps in this video should be used as a "teachable moment" too for other reps to learn from.

    For this reporter to be able to replicate, on camera, within such a short time what happened to the lady who had her crypto currencies stolen means Rogers needs to do much more to cyber educate their staffs.

  20. I contacted this Russia dude on Instagram with the name Hacklegitlly and he was able to grant me access to my spouse account in just few hours.

  21. Im good with my prepaid chatr plan,with no accurate information what so ever about my real life! Thank u! Not today!

  22. I dont understand why she's pissed at that guy. Come on. HUMAN ERROR! What else do you want the guy to say?


  24. People have to beware of these support agents that companies use. They have to realize that these agents are not well trained and over 90% of them are clueless and inexperienced to see they are being manipulated. All because the companies have failed to ensure proper policies are in place that support agents are to follow without exception.
    Also too, these companies, like Rogers, do not have their own support agents (employees), they contract a call center to do be their support agents.

    In my business, I have dealt with hundreds of support agents representing a lot of different businesses online and found the percentage of agents, across the board, that are really incompetent is over 90%.

    Where does security of your information lie? – With you and that is where you will gain 100% control. You have to learn what to do to protect yourself and what you can do, even "administratively" to ensure you provide as little information about yourself to any online account and what you can do to protect your financial accounts.

    Remember, online there is no such thing as 100% secure!

  25. I’m out of the whole, “Canadian issues loop” since I live in the u.s. but I’m like, “damn, Rogers still exists?”

  26. Try to hack me here's a hint
    My password is over 200 letters and it has all my family names with the network password and over 50 numbers and also over 10 #$%&.>,
    lol good luck

  27. Gotta love when they use stock pics of the top command on a Linux distro to scare people ?
    Social engineering is not relying on charm… you simply input info gathered and then make an educated guess. It’s effective but it’s a last resort

    Once, Rogers let my roommate reactivate my internet account over the phone and didn’t notify me, then billed me even though I disconnected it myself for a different provider

  28. Keep your money away from banks IF you want to keep it away from hackers.
    Second, smart phones are for morons, they aren't a bright idea at all.
    I don't have a smart phone and I can still get on the net with the old phone I have, even watch YT. Sure the quality sux but noone wants to steal it LOL, rugged and cheap to replace.

  29. I use to work in various call centers, this here is why I took suck pleasure in being a hard man to deal with on verifications. If I heard whispering I would flag the account even, I never made it easy unless the person had enough info that I couldn't deny them over.

  30. I watched this video.. the thing is they need to pay their employees better to do a better job. why is the employ going to care about someone else's information when they only pay u to bailey have a house or a car, not both and have the crap food to eat cause it the only food they can afford? plus working them long hours, and to be very tired and just want to get out of work to there crapy house apt. car to eat crap food.!!!!!!!!!!! and bare have anything left to save.. and I'm not including the people that have kids..

  31. C’mon Guys and Girls download “Mydate.”? and spread the word to your friends and family and colleagues so we can get more users for everyone to enjoy !

  32. The problem is this… They say that they are educating the service reps so they can prevent hackers from stealing accounts but then they show us how to steal accounts by making this video.

  33. People need to GET OFF FACEBOOK NOW! That is one of the biggest Government platforms out there.
    Don’t believe me? I dare you to just try to delete your account

  34. I work as customer service representative I have had lots of cases where customers got so angry due to a large security process they have to go through just for changing one piece of information, even though one explains them what if someone would calls to the company pretending to be them but customers don't understand

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