How FUSION (FSN) is Taking Over the 300 Trillion Dollar Financial Industry

Fusion (FSN) is a crypto finance platform with the goal of leading us into a new era of the internet of value. Here’s how If this is your first time here and you want to learn all about cryptocurrencies start now by subscribing and clicking on the bell So you don’t miss anything. The rise of the Internet has brought great changes to people’s daily lives and caused fundamental transformations to many industries before blockchain digital was not synonymous with scarcity Anything digital could be copied with the click of a button a quick look at the music industry and album sales tells the story convincingly but blockchain created something new it created uncopyable digital code So for the first time since bits and bytes were invented There was a way to own something digital that couldn’t be copied this gave digital code value with this in mind How could blockchain technology change finance? This question has been asked by every central bank, financial institution and government committee around the world. Blockchain technology may have an impact across numerous industries but it is poised to change the way we think about finance in the most profound way. The incumbent capital finance system is structured around large institutions and regulatory bodies that serve as the trust layer to ensure the security and fluidity of financial systems But this is set to change with blockchain technology achieving inherent trust where previously a rent-seeking intermediary was an essential and unavoidable cog in the system. The opportunities that emerged from the digital economy are significant and Fusion is going to be at the center of this transformation. The fusion protocol provides the infrastructure for the financial applications of the future that many businesses and institutions are looking to build Fusion was founded by DJ Qian. Before Fusion DJ was responsible for the incubation of VeChain and QTUM. Might be very familiar with the two projects we have created before One is QTUM. The other one is VeChain while we were creating the two projects we had been keeping thinking that the most important application of blockchain is definitely finance. That’s why we created Fusion we’re targeting to create an inclusive crypto finance platform for the era of internet values. Fusion has three key features that elevate it above other smart contract platforms targeting blockchain finance. A feature-rich ecosystem for modeling time-based transactions relevant to many industries starting with debt instruments, entertainment licensing, asset rentals and more. A fully realized Interoperability and distributive custody solution that connects different on-chain and off-chain ecosystems and serves as the foundation for decentralized exchanges. A team with deep traditional finance and Technology Experience focused on solving real-world use cases in a flexible and adaptive way. This revolutionary new feature redefines how we address and characterize a store of value Fusion recognized that just about all financial Transactions contain a time-based element the time component is often set out in the terms of a paper Contract and involves middlemen that benefit from a symmetries of information. Time-based transactions are everywhere They’re not restricted to the world of finance we can see time is a factor in renting a house buying a license for software or even taking out a car loan the Possibilities are endless. The combination of fusions time lock and quantum swap features and its view on time-based Transactions allows institutions to recreate many complex and industry relevant transactions on the fusion platform interoperability between different Cryptocurrencies for cross-chain and off-chain transactions could solve the scalability problem for blockchain in finance and economics. A cross chain and off chain crypto financial platform are essential to facilitate the mass market adoption of blockchain Technology for the internet of value to build on this model for easily expressing time-based transactions on the blockchain Fusion has developed an industry changing Interoperability and the centralized custodian solution that enables the seamless Interaction of on chain and off chain data. Fusion platform has been developed to work with both centralized and decentralized organizations to adapt to the authentication and privacy requirements across Organizations in the private as well as the public sector. The technology is called distributed control rights management and uses a combination of a CDSA encryption key sharding technology and parallel computing to realize complete decentralized Interoperability. Fusion is working on validating and authenticating DCRM technology with leading cryptographic Researchers all over the world including some of the crypto industry’s most famous and respected researchers. This is a major industry breakthrough that brings new realities of connectivity to the blockchain ecosystem in addition cross chain transactions will increase liquidity Spread out crypto assets and save cryptocurrency exchanges from being singular targets of hacks frauds and cyberattacks. In Fusions wallet application a user can create new assets and set customisable parameters for the new asset in the asset creation Library without needing any smart contracts the process takes only a few seconds The framework has been enhanced to provide users with the flexibility to create assets with a fixed or changeable supply Supporting business logic that requires changes to the total quantity of the asset base also Assets created on fusion can be extended to include Customizable attributes in support of non fungible assets like artwork and other items of value to enable metadata driven business logic Fusions revolutionary quantum swap feature enables any asset locked in on the fusion protocol to be seamlessly Exchanged with any other trading pair on the network. The exchange is completely feeless unrestricted and all the parameters of the swap are entirely controlled by the user This is a much more user-friendly and reliable process compared with atomic swaps with atomic swaps a channel must be open between the counterparties participating in the exchange and the exchange must be approved and Executed within a limited time window any error by either caner party can result in delays unresolved exchanges and even locked funds inevitably the completion of an atomic swap requires numerous steps and is prone to error failing to compete with the Efficiency and seamlessness of a centralized exchange by comparison fusions quantum swap gives the user the seamless Experience of a centralized exchange but without any fees and restrictions and in a totally distributed way Fusions technology is industry agnostic and can add value across different business environments automobile financing music licensing debt Instruments financial derivatives are where fusions current partners are currently focused on but that’s just scratching the surface The first partner announced by fusion AXP are bringing transparency data accuracy and new financing opportunities to the 2.8 billion dollar worth pre-owned auto Industry the first step in the engagement is to digitize a AXP’s existing customer base of 10 million used vehicles onto the fusions protocol similar to the pre 2008 mortgage industry the used auto industry is dealing with high levels of financial fraud like income inflation and inaccuracies in vehicle information these incorrect data points negatively impact the industry all the way down the value chain the fusion AXP solution helps remove fraud by Increasing the transparency of data and leveraging multiple industry participants to cross validate that data Fusion will also play a significant role in supporting axp to increase financing opportunities in the industry by Facilitating the digitization of assets and loans on its platform The first financing options on the platform will be simple debt Instruments fusion and AXP have already released the first look proof of concept where they have demonstrated the capacity To bring identity a vehicle and loan assets onto the fusion blockchain to compliment AXP’s requirements Fusion has built out an asset enhancement Framework or non fungible assets to capture all the relevant details for unique assets like vehicle identification numbers the fusion and axp Partnership is just one example of the real business solutions that can be developed on the fusion protocol the market Capitalization of the traditional financial markets in the world is more than 300 trillion US dollars Fusion can fulfil almost all of the functionality of traditional finance in a more distributed efficient and cheaper manner if you made it to the end of this video Let me know in the comments if you’re bullish or bearish on fusion in 2019 also, make sure you subscribe and like this video. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you later!

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  1. Well done, one of the sexiest videos describing Fusion I've seen. 🙂

    I'm obviously biased but I think we have an unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor on something game changing with fusion.
    In recent months there has been immense strides made on both their technology in form of their payable staged network or PSN which is the testnet and also in the flurry of strategic partnership announcements which are lining them up to take full advantage of this groundbreaking tech.

  2. All that 300 trillion dollar financial industry needs right now is XRP, not FSN. According to CoinMarketCap, XRP is #3 and FSN is #177, so I'm not the only one who thinks like that. Yes, Fusion will probably get it's tiny market share and will be used by many corporations to achieve their specific goals, but not as globally as XRP.

  3. Fusion is going to be huge IMO. Real world use cases is better than only speculation. Super bullish

  4. Doesnt mean shit. Being a prpgrammer I can copy the code and launch my own fusion.
    Only thing matters is partnerships and connection whether you creating google,fb or xrp
    Coder can get his soul sucked by staring at screen writing complex mathematical codes 12 hours a day for a mere 150k. Seen thousands of examples in the valley

  5. Inflationary coin, limited supply with excellent use cases. Thanks for spending the time putting this video together!

  6. This is the 1st time I've heard of FSN,,,sounds really good but I'm surprised it's not listed on Binance. Thanks!

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