[Music] hello good morning I’m in Bucharest this is a video to show you how expensive the city is the capital of Romania I’ll be going around Bucharest showing you the prices of different restaurants and some shots and a few other places and also of you doing a run-through of my daily expenses to show you how you can travel really cheaply in Bucharest on a budget I’ll just roughly show you how much the pound kind of converts into Romanian Lake so one pound is equal to 5.0 manian leg 5 pound that’s 26.0 for Romanian lay 10 pounds 50 2.08 Romanian lay 50 pound 260 point for one Romanian lay and 100 pounds 520 point 8 – so this is my hostel room little Bucharest hostel right in the center of the old town like I mentioned in previous videos there is we have 2 4 6 8 10 beds in this room and this is my bed down here plug next to it only problem is Wi-Fi doesn’t reach it but I have three Jesus not problem 42.5 Romanian labor night and of course incredible location you can see the view of the center so for breakfast this morning I went to the supermarket which is a really good way to save money on spending particularly if you’re traveling in Europe I had a hummus sandwich which cost nine point four nine leg and then I also had a banana which was one lay twenty and also a big bottle of two liter water which is two point two nine lay so in total that comes to twelve point nine eight lay for breakfast so for today’s attraction or activity I’m going to be heading to the north of Bucharest to visit the village Museum and her straw park so in order to get there I need to take the metro [Music] so one return ticket from central stations where northern station in Bucharest by plane so now in Harris trout park in the north of Bucharest and according to Trip Advisor this part is the number one thing to see will do in Bucharest which is quite amazing considering it’s just a park so being a park Harris trowel is completely free you can walk around and explore for absolutely nothing [Music] as you can see this park is huge and I came here the other day with a Romanian girl he was showing me around and she said that even though she lives in Bucharest every time she comes here she still gets lost so make sure you have Google Maps handy if you come here so right now I’m inside musial Saturn GUI which is the village Museum it’s a museum showing over 300 buildings of Romania’s rural architecture from the past to get inside it costs just 10 lei so that’s my attraction for today and not expenses at all I’m going to have a little look around and we’ll see how interesting it [Music] [Music] some sat down now in the restaurant inside the village medium so this might be a little bit more expensive than normal for Romania but I’ll do a quick run-through at the prices on the menu suits 10 lay 12 lay 15 lay sandwiches 10 lay omelet 12 on the 12 fried eggs 9 some more of the main dishes approaching 20 lay some of the side dishes chips 8 lay potato 10 lay some rice vegetables 10 lay and salads really cheap 8 lay 10a pickles 10 a so for lunch I had the vegetable soup which was just 10 lay in Romania you can eat soup or salads as a really good small meal for lunch and things like that to really save money if you’re trying to travel on a budget making my way back to the metro station now and heading back to the old town and just to show you there isn’t just an art de Triomphe in Paris but there’s also one in Bucharest as well [Music] right so now in a romanian supermarket bottled water extremely cheap 2:29 for the one i have this morning which is 2 liters most milk is extremely cheap as you can see under thighs made chicken and turkey breast doesn’t really go above 21 leg which is pretty reasonable all kinds of fresh foods crisps all under five lei which is beneath one pound their cans extremely cheap probably about 60 70 people can cereals if you want to make your own breakfast pretty cheap loaf of bread for 289 this one is brown 129 sandwiches for 7a strudels and pastries all for to 250 so just boil it up the stream and also bottle of water particularly which is slightly little just going to lighten pro-job evening time now and I’m looking for somewhere to eat dinner hopefully I’ll be finding somewhere with Romanian food Peter nearly all beneath 25 lei and the same with pasta [Music] this is a restaurant I came to a couple of days ago and I had the polenta which is a very authentic Romanian dish quite cheap just under five pounds side dishes here Grell and other good quality love remains only 24 named Samantha me real sausages with legislators remain on character so I’m back in my hostel now it was a really hearty filling meal that’s what I like to try when I go to different countries I don’t think it’s particularly healthy meal but it’s one off so it’s good to try it and then show you how much the local food actually is and including this bottle of water that I’ve just bought to keep me going for the rest evening and overnight I now have daily total so like I said the hostel was 42.5 leh for the night my breakfast was $12.99 train was five village museum entrance 10-5 water in a pastry 24 for dinner and 229 for bottle of water so in total that comes to a hundred and one lay 78 which is equal to 19 pounds 54 that includes my accommodation I went to an attraction public transportation breakfast lunch and dinner a good restaurant and a filling meal and a snack during the day I think it’s pretty good deal considering all those factors hope that gave you a good idea for how expensive things are here in Romania I’m going to Bulgaria tomorrow thank you very much for watching this video and if you want to see more future vlogs then check out the next video all right thanks for watching see on the next one [Music]


  1. A nice video, Thank you.
    I am English and I love Bucharest.
    The point I would like to make here is that nearly everybody under 30 years of age can speak excellent English. Also, the older people can also at least understand what your English means. My limba Romana is fairly basic and I always have a language dictionary with me. I am improving! 🙂
    The Romanian people are very appreciative of tourists and usually are exceedingly helpful if you have a problem. I have many examples of help, assistance and friendship happily given to me.
    The only people who may try to con you are the taxi drivers, often from Poland or other Eastern European countries. NEVER take a taxi from the airport. The bus service is quick, fairly frequent and cheap. The inexpensive buses and metro are good, but they do not go everywhere. Also, the buses are not like in most western countries. They seem to change their routes for no apparent reason. 🙁 I may one day understand why… but I will not hold my breath waiting for the answer…. 🙂
    There are many, many more parks and sights to see and things to do than in most other capital cities. My favourite park is Gradina Cismigiu. In comparison to Herastrau, it is tiny. However, being small, compact and beautiful, I could easily spend a whole day walking around it and it is so quiet there. Plus, it is close to Piata Unirii, which is usually judged to be the centre of town because it is closest to the old town and is easy to find.
    Thanks again for your video. Living in Bucharest as a tourist is not expensive.

  2. My buddy 💪💪💪🍻🍺🍻😎 you my friend from now. Am Romanian I live in London from 8 years and I was surprised to see one English say something nice about Romanians. My name is Cristian All the best from UK London and I am really happy to see this amazing experience from other people about my country. 👍😉😎😎😎 all the best my friend

  3. I'm a Romanian living in the UK.
    In fact, the prices in Romania are not really cheaper than what you get in the UK. Prices are pretty similar… based on this video – and this guy, as far as I can see, compared the cheapest places in Romania with some middle-range prices in UK when he's saying that the prices are cheaper in Romania.
    He's not comparing likes for likes.

    If you compare likes for likes, prices are almost the same.

    And, obviously, the income difference between the two countries is huge, although I underatnd that this video is a guide for tourists, not a cost of living comparison.

  4. The city is really cheap compared with other Europian cities, I plan to visit Romania in the near future what is the suitable time?

  5. Hey I'm from India planning for holdiay in buchrest plz suggest me places and restraunts n local cheap markets for shopping there

  6. be careful in Romania, you could get out of Romania without money and married for the woman to have European citizenship

    In Romania they do not have a civic sense, because it is a people that for a thousand years has been wandering in all the cities of Europe, and outside the European nations, The father of your future bride will do everything to make you marry her daughter, or her 18-year-old niece "maybe" or the wife

    they can threaten you until you fall into their scam

    Please read carefully what can happen in Romania

    Many European tourists like Italians, French, English, Germans, Americans etc ..

    A dear English friend of mine and his friend have been in a small town called Comanesti ', after a second day in a B&B they made friends with two very beautiful girls, unfortunately they fell into the sexual trap, two days before leaving my friend with his friend had a bad awakening, with the Father and the brothers of the Romanian women, Mold Arold and Patrik in the grip of the serpent, The father of the Romanian woman told them that the girl remained pregnant, and could not go from Romania until they had to pay 5,000 pounds that in Romania they are 56,300 Leu 'Romanian coin,

    there was a lot of money in euro, the choice was either the money with a female pig or marrying the two girls, none of them had that amount, Finally they got 10,000 pounds sent to pay the doctor for an abortion, but actually none of the two girls were pregnant, They are not the only tourists looking for sex in Romania who fall into the grip of Romanian, European newspapers have also given a name to this scam

  7. Why do these ugly comic-figures have to travel at all ? They know nothing, they represent nothing, they do not understand anything they see or experience and they do not bring the visited places any profit, because they have no Money to spend on good Hotels, Restaurants and the like.And when I visit nice places, these weird creatures molest me with their dumb giggling and stupid clothes.

  8. I think Budapest it’s better than Bucharest on all capitols.

    If the City Hall of Bucharest will actually care and start to reconstruct Bucharest (renovate and paint all buildings, improve roads, make more bikes roads, plant more trees, start making parking lots underground, implement a modern public transportation system, make Dambovita River navigable for tourists by finishing Ceausescu project unifying Danube with Dambovita and make 2 ports in Bucharest etc.) then Bucharest will be indeed really beautiful.

    Right now it’s concrete jungle, full of taxi scammers, dirty as hell, (Dambovita river looks like 200 years old abandoned river from scary movies) old town it’s a black hole with expensive restaurants, loud music and full sex shops, and i can continue on and on here.

    The only good points of Bucharest it’s his parks (specially Herastrau and Cismigiu parks) but even this parks they now start to crumbling down after 30 years of 0 improvements and ignorance from the City Hall.

    Bucharest was very nice once (Little Paris) before the Second World War and communism. However no one did as much harm of this city as the last 30 years of so called “democracy” period of Romania.

    The last 30 years has been worse than communist period (which it’s pretty hard since Ceausescu in his stupidity destroyed half of Bucharest and the old beautiful buildings.)

    That’s why when tourists usually end up here they are leaving pretty fast and never come back again.

    By the way I am from Bucharest, Romania I was raised and born here, but last couple years I don’t live there anymore even if once in a year I come to visit my friends there.

    And with every year that it’s passing the city it’s becoming worse and worse (lately it looks like a big parking lot, there are cars literally everywhere, on pedestrian road, and parks etc.) and with every year the city is losing more and more the green side in favor of concrete.

    Trees are cut down and replaced with concrete or cars. It is pretty sad but this is what it happens when you have ignorant people in power which are put there by an ignorant population…

  9. The Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth: Oymyakon, – a temperature of −67.7°C (−90°F) recorded at the weather station. Maybe best not to visit mid-Winter where it averages -50°C (unless you are a polar bear)…

  10. Beautiful gypsy city!i recommend to everyone to visit for at least 3weeks to live there, then you will understand how beautiful,clean is your hometown 🙂

  11. My parents used to live there and now they moved to Canada and this is where I live now and also my grandparents still live there it's very beautiful and I've been only once sadly!😀😢 but at least I speak English, Romanian and French

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