How Everyone and Their Grandma Will Use XRP + SBI VC New Trade Service!

and your what is up guys thank you so much for joining the channel sorry I wasn't able to do information earlier than I usually do um but I'm going to make some couple of videos today so there is some good information that's being going on around and yeah so we have some pretty cool things covered I appreciate you guys watching the channel alright guys so let's get into the news all right guys here we have bread going how garlic house my bad go give him will follow he definitely deserves it 100% he made this cool picture of how everyone will be using the XRP ledger he titled it how how everyone in there grandma will use XRP so I just had to name the title I'm like that so that's why the titles in him like that so he made this cool picture I'm showing the XRP ledger showing people connecting uh showing a connecting to you know ex-raf it to MoneyGram so as you guys here we have x RP ledger going to the quarter extra pieces are going to the sauce GPI going to tear one bank he made this really cool picture and 100% i think it's something to look out and it definitely makes a lot sense a lot of people will be using XRP especially when you can get cost efficiency down i mean it cost efficiency it is if if you can get some if you can get a price down so low where it's just fractions of a penny moving moving at hey swear it's unlikely that people think that would ever happened but it's true it is happening and it should be happening i mean a lot of people say oh our money moves fast that actually doesn't our money doesn't move that fast so that's why the XR p ledger is there and that's why it's here to help so I think that this cool picture definitely there's this definitely deserves a look out so I had to name the title like that sell medical picture hundred percent makes any scent makes sense so here's a blue lines mean settlement and then the red lines mean payment and get you could tell which ones the settlements which one is the payments so a hundred percent go give bread garlic house hey you follow but yeah so his tweet was saying feeling a little bit unsure about XRP adoption fun getting to you wearing a swift community UPI is it director Pete Dobson just look at this next time you feel just look at this next time you feel that way you're welcome 100% yeah great picture by him so here we have SBI going live it's apparently it's having um a new implementation like this new thing in happening in their system a new feature and SBI did say they were going to go live on a on in July so it might be time for SBI going live so hopefully could get some good things out of that but some quick notes um SBI vcx wrap and enable partner SBI VC opening their order books come August 2019 mics are pieces gpy pair you should talking to town loves XRP you should talk in Qatar about repoing art 3 together so just some quick notes on SBI so yeah it looks like a spam might be going live who knows who knows effects are P my beginning arise but with ripple reducing OTC cells which is a good thing with them reducing over the counter cells that only makes sense that they would be buying that some of those institutions or whatever might be buying from the retail market so we might see a sudden increase in price and that's why I also put that sort of in the title you know with them reducing OTC cells can definitely help out the price but them buying in the retail market which is the market tower and I can't see any other way of how they would do that but with them reducing OTC cells as of now I think that is going to be something definitely to look out for so yeah next thing that we have is and before I forget guys for people that might not have that might not have seen it or um that you know just don't think it's like true that they're going down and they're adding a new implementation of the system this is from SBI VC trade official them basically talking about unnoticeable potat of notice of implementation of system maintenance in preparation for starting a new service provision July 31st Wednesday six you know just talking about the schedule was gonna be planted but who knows so we will see what happens and also might get a sunrise but yes 100% I do think that reducing um over the council's could possibly help out the price um and what those institutions buying in the retail market it's a very good thing to look out for and I think it's something to at least consider checking out and not only that talking about you know helping up the price my man uh Michael if you guys don't know this is Michael is this check you guys can go give him a follow on YouTube he is a pretty cool dude um actually I'm not subscribed to him how come I'm not so scared to my shirt be already subscribed to him but yeah he definitely deserves um so follows um he is a sort of a German you know English lost youtuber I mean he does some videos in German and also um as in he does videos in English but yeah he has different definitely some good insights so yeah I could go and follow but he reposted it on this old as old thing from from Joel Katz from September 5th 2017 talking about a price for excerpt a higher price for XRP would have a triple second ripple would help burp on several weights and let's just read it and just give a brief overview of what's happening here so he says the most obvious benefits a ripple of an ex of an increased price rax RP is that increases the value of ripples x RP this means that ripple has a greater ability to incentivize a sense of eyes partners and liquidity it also means that ripple can raise more revenue by selling x RP and directly more valuable almost always means more liquidity and trade volume x RP already has each of the other characteristics need needed to be a good intermediary asset but it will be initially limited by add available liquidity greater liquidity will give ripple more flexibility to target large corridors also to some extent ripple successes my people's perception of ripples success everything ripples payment technology is going to be the next big thing you'll be you'll you will be willing to invest the money and resources needed to implement and deploy it if you think ripple is a scam you're not going to increase it or perhaps even look at it whether it takes sense or whether or whether it makes sense or not except each price is seen as a measure of ripple success or likelihood of future success so talking about some things you know how you know the price of XRP you know could help I've worked on several ways and definitely um how whether it makes sense or not you know extra piece price is seen as a measure of you know ripple success which definitely you know makes sense in a way and its future success of course he also says it is also important that it is not terribly expensive Tolec sarpy a higher price will mean that a similarly sized cell will produce less volatility so a higher price can mean a lower cost the whole XRP so long as x RP s– general price direction is up if volatility can be hedged without much difficulty when bitcoin sold for a dollar you could really you couldn't really use them to buy or sell a house you can now bigger transactions require bigger value the higher the price of x RP the larger the payments ripple can target basically anything if you are in the space and you have seen and you just know work on x RP one of the biggest things you can tell you know the higher the price of x RP the larger payments ripple can target so let's say it's a $50 our people they can target they can target higher transactions because the the XR piece $50 so in a way it doesn't make sense that x RP would have to increase in value at some time and some time you would have to increase it and some time it would have to increase in value of course I says whether expecting an exponential growth even a small increase and your starting point can buy huge fightings down the line so great thing from Joel Katz from September 5 2017 maybe you guys don't think it's him it actually is him this is him 131,000 point 2 K followers I'm following him everybody's mostly following him if you Europe 1xrp so it is him 100% so that is pretty much it for the video just some quick two pieces of information Africa Z paced partner with free of money transfer to reach 150 million mobile money wallets in 20 African countries if you guys don't know Rhea is a partner of ripple net and ZP is a partner of his name winning grant partner so pretty cool thing I'm them collaborating he posted this cuz you know this may have been missed but some very interesting stuff there you guys go ripple partners free Winchesters the power in seqable payments and then video showing Z paid us three minutes to mobile wallets utilizing money ground pretty cool fine by King Solomon Gogan will follow and cool video from Zinta about rock paying business banking paid and get paid faster money transfer ripple pretty cool video I'm just showing you know how we're people's paid and how it's you know how its money transfer and how it's easier and it's faster you know just the basic simple things so go get one will follow as well pretty cool stuff but that's pretty much it guys thank you so much for joining his channel um I really do appreciate it again guys I personal support I will see you guys in the next one hopefully you guys have an amazing day peace peace

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