21 thoughts on “How EOS and its blockchain technology is going to fundamentally change the world”

  1. In your hospital example, you are assuming that whoever created the dapp that makes this possible is not taking a cut, which seem improbable. What am I missing?

  2. Mate I love your videos but I want you to answer me one question. How confident are you that EOS will reach $1000 consider the uncertainty of crypto currencies. I know it’s like answering how long a piece of string but I honestly feel anything is possible with cryptos

  3. Hi,

    you still need a middleman or the hospital will have to open an insurance derpartment lol

    you have to deal with fraud claims, also you mention there will be a huge pool of money in the blockchain policy from all the policy holders to fund your treatment when a claim is made but will there?

    Whats to stop people only taking out a policy at the moment they need treatment? if everyone does that there will not be any "pool" of money in the blockchain to fund the treatments

  4. If we are always knocking out the middle man who provides so many jobs how do we pay for our insurance? All of those jobs become redundant at once and we will have a world crisis on our hands. I am sure we will find away as long as we can still give a human a fair amount of credit/money to buy food pay rent and live their life it will be fine, but as the rich have shown we are a very selfish race in a lot of regards. I am heavily invested in EOS and many others but I do wonder what happens if it really does come to full blown acceptance

  5. please give me a little EOS (EOS) I have no money to buy this can change my life one day 0x8a4e6d3a9515bcd20e98cf63285f94696d7c9b5f

  6. I think your approach is overly simplistic. Yes blockchain will reduce back office costs of all companies including insurance sector but EOS replacing insurance industry is far stretched. Insurance companies serve a number of functions such as risk pooling, adverse selection, tackling moral hazard, detecting fraud and mitigating catasthrophic events through reinsurance. Labelling EOS as the panacea for all of this is rather naive and as some other commentators mentioned, that's not just EOS but a range of blockchain platforms can service the needs of insurance industry.

  7. I have never invested in the markets before but this is going to be huge, life changing, can’t wait for 2018.

  8. fuck the middle man ,in all walks of life , useless non creative boring authoritative self justifying elevating twats,who gets between you and every act (LIFE CHOICE) you wish to engage in ,, to take energy (currency) from you for doing it justified by their CONstruct made up idea (law) (like fiat currency) ,,heres to their death and down fall FUCK EM

  9. im so sad that i sold my eos temporarily for another investment 🙁
    I got 3x ROI at least so i cant complain.. but i really miss my EOS lol. EOS and IOTA are the two i REALLY believe in. They will moon next year.

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