20 thoughts on “How Does Blockchain Work”

  1. I never saw that before in python to have a ":" after an argument and pass a property of a class, I didn't found yet a page to describe that syntax, could you explain ?

  2. there is Etherum and Hyperledger which is the best choice for me to start developement of a blockchain ?

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  4. Thanks brother, You are genius. How could I run the code on the Github to learn from it ? I am sorry for my question but I am a new beginner to the world of the blockchain

  5. Want to go from wanting to know how blockchain works to making your own? http://hyperledgertalk.com has everything you need to know. We are a community of likeminded developers who want to take our career to the 6 figure mark, you can join us!

  6. easy.
    1.go back 3 years and buy all 2.bitcoins you can afford.
    3.come back.
    4.sell them
    5.buy 501 super computers.
    6.enjoy YOUR blockchain

  7. I do know Siraj will never see my comment. Since I feel it is my responsibility to write it down, I am going to do my duty. I shall say, Siraj, I respect you and your work, hands down man. I have watched so many of your videos. I wish I could have helped you in your journey, in any way.

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