How do I Make a Deposit

So you’ve opened an account and want to play at Bovada? Excellent! First, you’ll need some money to get the action started. To do that, click the profile icon at the top of any page, then click ‘Deposit’. For this example, we’ll use the card option. Please note you can make a deposit with any of the credit or debit cards listed. To begin, select ‘Card’ from the list of deposit options. If you don’t have one of the credit or debit cards we accept, you can always use a MasterCard or Visa gift card. Bovada is an international company so the gift card you choose must be eligible for online international purchases. Cards stating domestic-use only won’t work. Ensure your gift card amount is enough to cover our minimum deposit of $20 plus any activation fees charged by the card itself. To be safe, we recommend no less than $25. If this is the first time you’re using a card on our site, enter the card number, expiry date and security code and the fields provided. The card number and expiry date can be safely stored in our system for future deposits and can be chosen again by clicking the ‘List Cards’ button. You’ll just need to enter the security code for additional deposits. Enter the amount you wish to deposit or use one of our ‘Quick Select’ denominations. But before clicking ‘Deposit’, be sure to take advantage of a bonus to add even more money to your account. Your first deposit with Bovada is free of charge, however, subsequent deposits will incur a small fee as indicated beside your deposit total. You can make up to 10 deposits per day, per card, and once successful, your funds, minus any fees, will reflect on your balance instantly. It’s important to note that due to certain bank or card restrictions, card deposits are not 100% guaranteed. When your deposit goes through, a billing descriptor corresponding to the charge on your bank statement will be provided along with your Deposit Details. For 100% guaranteed deposits, we recommend using one of our cryptocurrency options. They’re fast, easy, and make funding your account a breeze. To learn about one of these options, check out our Help Center. Now that you’ve got money in your account, you can head straight for the action, anywhere on Bovada! [Music]

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