How Do I Know When To Buy And Sell On Stash? | Season 1 Episode 80

Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome to episode number 80, here on season 1. Wow! Twenty more episodes and I will be on episode a hundred and – let me tell you. We got big things planned for episode 100. We’re going to actually redo the entire set, all that kind of stuff. So over the course of the next few weeks – so I got what? Twenty more videos to come out with? So over the course of the next three weeks, I’m going to start kind of like making videos that I will release. So they won’t be like live-live. Like they won’t be coming out every – they will be coming out every single day but they will be – like I filmed them in the past or something like that. So don’t be afraid. It’s OK. Just getting geared up for episode 100. I think we’re going to do a live episode or something like that. But anyways, let’s go ahead and dive into the question of the – not the question of the day. What the topic actually is on this episode, which is, “How do I know when to buy or sell on Stash?” So this comes from a man named T-Love. T-Love says, “Hello –” or I don’t know if it’s a man. Maybe a woman. He says, “Hello. Thanks for sharing. I’m new to Stash and stocks. I don’t understand any of it at all,” which hey, we were all there at once. “I’m completely lost. So I took your advice and downloaded the Stash app. So far, I’ve invested $20.” Good job. Good on you. I don’t know how long you’ve been investing for. But that’s great. That’s a great start. Twenty dollars is great. Where do I go from there and when do I know – when do I sell – when do I know how to buy and sell stocks? All right. So first of all, let me just talk about – by the way, before you’re like, “Wow, this guy is really dripping beads,” it is so hot today. It’s supposed to be like 104. So like it’s just crazy. Don’t worry. That’s just kind of the way it works. It’s blistering hot in the garage. But anyways, whatever. We’re going to get an air conditioning installed eventually. It’s just a matter of time. So my hope is that you’re going to make regular deposits monthly, weekly, biweekly or even daily on to Stash. I don’t think $20 is enough. Twenty dollars will only last you I think like 20 – not even 18 – it will last you 18 months before all that money will be gone in fees, that you’re going to be paying to Stash. So you need to start investing more than just $20. But I would suggest trying to do like $40 to $80 at least a month. If you can get up to $200 a month, that would be perfect. But I feel like you need at least to do like – at least $40 to $80 a month. Anyways, let’s go ahead and dive into it a little bit more. I want to kind of help you out a little bit. So diversity is always going to be best when using your account. So buying one ETF is probably not the best idea. You’re going to see a lot of volatility in that, in that account. However, I will give you the simplest strategy that like I would do. So I would allocate – so we will say that right now you have $100 in your account. OK? We will just make it a hundred for simple, easy math reasons. Fifty percent of that is going into low return shares, so bonds, specifically – these are the low like conservative accounts. Park My Cash, Conservative Mix, Slow and Steady and Uncle Sam. Allocate 50 percent of that into those accounts. So $50, it goes into those. You can pick all four. You can pick two. You can pick one. OK? I would say recommend – I would probably recommend doing two just because you have a little bit more diversity in your account. However, you can pick one. You can pick all four. It kind of is completely up to you. That’s just my opinion. Also 50 percent into other shares. So I would do more stable, not as high risk ETFs. Like, I would split up – so first of all, what I would do is I would split it up by 10 percent each. So I would do – I would pick some strong ETFs like Blue Chips. That’s a strong ETF. Delicious Dividends, Moderate Mix, Roll of Buffett, which is Warren Buffett’s ETF. All that Glitters is a gold ETF, so I would invest 10 percent into there too. That’s going to hedge against the stock market. The stock market goes down. That one is going to go up as well. That’s what we’ve typically seen with the stock market. Then you could also do like a wildcard in there as well. So like if you’re like, “Oh, hey, that one,” or I don’t want to – I want to drop one of these ones and just pick a wildcard, like Defending America, whatever, Modern Medicine, you could – you can pick whichever ones you want. I just recommend pick some strong ones. These are the strongest ones that I think – these are what I think are the strongest ones. However, that’s just to give you some examples on like what kind of strong ETFs I’m talking about. You could pick whatever you want. I would just recommend 50 percent goes into those, 10 percent each. So I would do 5. You could get away with doing 6. You would just do 5 percent to 2 of them or whatever. But that’s what you want to do. When would you sell those and when do you buy those? So this is the last part of the question as a young investor. It’s like when do I buy and when do I sell? I would recommend if you’re really still trying to get into investing, I would recommend buying a book called “The Intelligent Investor”. It’s what – kind of the same strategy that Warren Buffett uses. But it teaches you more about when to buy, when to sell a little bit. But you want to buy when it goes down and you want to sell when it’s up. So it’s pretty – like that’s pretty like buy low, sell high. Like, obviously. You’re like, “OK. Well, how do I do that?” OK. This is what – in your account, what you would do, you apply the percentages. So for your account, you’re like, “Oh, I got 50 percent over here and 50 percent over here,” right? Yeah, OK. So one ETF, whatever you have, Park My Cash or whatever goes up. Say your bonds go up by five percent. So your conservative account just go up by 5 percent, so which would be – puts you at 50 whatever. Five percent would be $2.50 on an account. So it goes up by $2.50, 2 dollars and 50 cents. You’re going to take that $2.50. You’re going to sell $2.50 off in one of those ETFs and you’re going to invest it into your, your – whatever, your stock account, so you’re 50 percent over here, which would actually be a 45 percent. So you’re going to take 5 percent over here, which would be 55 percent and move it over to there. Five percent, OK? So now you’re back at 50 percent. Say vice-versa happens. This ETF actually goes down. So the stock’s portion actually goes down to 45 percent. These don’t go up. This goes down. You’re going to sell 5 percent over here on your bonds. Put it back in there. This goes up to 60 percent. Sell 60 – sell 10 percent over here and put that 10 percent over here to bounce back up to 50. Now, how often you do that, I would recommend doing that probably like once every six months or once a year. The longer you take to do it – so at least – I would at least say every – like do it every six months. You don’t want to do it any sooner than that because you’re going to get paid dividends and all that kind of stuff and your account should relatively stay pretty balanced, especially if you’re making monthly deposits and that kind of thing and rebalance and balancing your account with those monthly deposits when you put them in. So that’s what I would recommend doing. If you’re like, “That still doesn’t make sense,” feel free to comment down below. I will try to explain it a little bit simpler. I will try to come up with an even easier strategy. But that’s pretty much as simple as it gets. That’s pretty much the least amount of work as possible. That probably will get you the highest return and it will also – that 50 percent over on those bonds will keep that money pretty much safe while still guaranteeing you some kind of return. Anyways, let’s go ahead and dive into – wow, I really squeaked my voice there. The question of the day and the question of the day is, “If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job?” and the answer is no. I would not quit my job. I love what I do. I actually own my own business. I’m starting another one here soon and my wife, I help my wife with her business, as well as run my YouTube channel, which is like honestly a dream come true. That’s what I love to do. So that’s what I’m going to continue doing. I would just like use that million dollars to continue to do what I love to do, which is make YouTube videos, woodworking, financial services and help my wife grow her business. So yeah, anyways, for these guys who don’t know – you’re like, “What the heck?” I’m right now currently in the process of being life-insurance-certified and then after once I get life-insurance-certified, I will be able to go get my security license. So I should be able to like do one-on-one meetings and that kind of stuff. I think once I get my securities license. Anyways, if you would be interested in like getting your license, life license or securities license, feel free to message me. My email is actually down below. Go ahead and hit me up there and be like, “Hey, I’m interested,” or whatever or if you’re interested in meeting, I would love to meet up with you as well. Anyways, until next time, don’t forget to subscribe up here and check out how do I keep an eight percent return on my Acorns account and check out the cool video right about here and until next time, thank you for watching. I really appreciate it.

28 thoughts on “How Do I Know When To Buy And Sell On Stash? | Season 1 Episode 80”

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  15. Dude! Stash does not take your fees from what you deposit into your account. They take it from your connected bank account. You also need to know the age of the person you are giving investment advice to. If it is someone younger they need a more aggressive portfolio. Older individuals need a less aggressive portfolio. You do not need to be giving investing advice. You should have said, “consult someone who knows more than me.”

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