22 thoughts on “How Did Bitcoin Break $6,000 So Easily? Here's Why It's Important”

  1. When one takes into account the OTC market one will see that 4800 was stronger than 6k as far as resistance was concerned

  2. Yes I did like the video and find it different to the usual same old of other Youtubers. And I did break my monitor sadly. Soooo … LOL. Have been subscribed for a while. Hallam in always sunny Barbados hoping to become a trader like you when he grows up.

  3. The reason is fake Tether pumps. Nothing more. LOL You guys on YouTube take a chill pill, you are making fools out of yourself.

  4. If BTC broke $6000 on the way up because of excitement and FOMO, what's to stop $6000 level being broken just as easily on the way down when fear and panic set in?

  5. It’s because support and resistance is manufactured. It’s synthetic. It’s not made by your grandma. But by the underlying market maker. They want your dollar.
    What your saying is a joke. You was shorting 6k like all others. No institutional money is gabbing at 6k.
    Only retail would fomo in at 7k not at 6k

  6. I think BTC does not drop/dip as far anymore due to the increasing interest from new investors which promotes more sideways price movement.

  7. We need to look through bullish goggles now. Its hard especially for all of us that entered in the bear market so its hard to see but if we picture the inverse of what happened from 6200 down to 3100… now inverse

  8. Yeah Jebb, i think the same way breaking below 6k confirmed it would go lower, same thing applies above. "As above, so below"

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