48 thoughts on “How Dangerous Is Bitcoin?”

  1. So funny to watch this old video. …f&#@ing joke. Crypto is about tobcome roaring back in full govt support.

  2. Video is everything incompetent news journalists that don't understand Bitcoin have said over the years and have been proven wrong. Bitcoin is the cure and even though the transition will be bumpy for those that resist, it will save everyone from the nuclear option of status quo.

  3. It’s like you don’t regulate it and prevent people from using it and then call it risky. As more and more people start using it, the price will only increase. You only need as much mining power as is necessary for securing the network. There are also other alternatives out there and then, there are DEXs and atomic swaps.

  4. You better get into now before you need to sell your house to hold 0.25 bitcoin. In the next 10 years 1 bitcoin will be between £1-1.75m. By that time the currency you use will be as useful as a Polaroid camera.

  5. I made an anonymous transaction for a currency of lasting value a few weeks ago, at my local coin shop. Good luck with those tulip futures when the power goes out.

  6. It would be funny if the banking system crashed almost entirely worldwide and bitcoin ended up as the only remaining banking system.

  7. You just have to love the propaganda!!!  When government can't control something / someone, it destroys it / them!

  8. So bitcoin is going to crash? Ok. I got a great deal for you. 5 years from today I will give you $1000 for 1 bitcoin.

  9. Idk when you became a mouth for the mainstream, or if you've always been this way and I just never noticed until the last ~year or so….but I'm unsubscribing. You can't accurately describe conspiracies if you're completely biased towards the opposing view. It sucks you've got such a huge audience because anyone looking into any theory will have almost entirely written it off after watching any of your videos describing it, and never seriously look into it for themselves

    I hope you enjoy brainwashing the masses enough to earn a 1-way ticket to hell…because that's exactly where you're headed 😀

  10. So essentually just a software program is now worth 1.2 trillion dollars???? Apple computer is worth 950 billion lol

  11. Monero is more secure then Bitcoin I think Bitcoin is a great innovation but I do think altcoins such as Ethereum will pave the way for the future as ETH has a lot more application use then Bitcoin but I prefer Monero due to its private nature.

  12. What do you guys have to say about a gold backed  crypto? gold to crypto to crypto to gold to fiat. (karatgold.io)  let me know what you think @ goldbricks international on FB or same (one word) at gmail

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  14. wait….what? how is less of a supply and more of a demand going to cause it to crash??? that's not how microeconomics works, that's not how any of this works….

  15. Bitcoins primary use is the laundring of money, second use is the evasion of tax, thirdly the payment to corrupt individuals, lastly a secure way to move funds.

  16. Caution about the statements in this Video. In at least one case it is poorly investigated and contains wrong or misleading information: I AM SWISS: Go to Minute 6.12… a) the Swiss council only has seven – not eight – members. All four male "presidents" were not in Office at the time of publishing this statement. it was at or before BitCoin was released and was just worth a few cents – means in or before 2010. For this reason, I handle this Video with care!

  17. SEC has too much power. Is not a good 'bedfellow'. We don't need them to regulate us. They are not our friends, but rather enemies aligned in sinc with the Banks ….
    We, the people, can do fine without them.
    All they are doing is squelching our Crypto investments and degrading them. We, the investors, loose much money because of them.
    They must Sued for harassing the crypto investors. The investors are just minding their own business and do not want the so-called 'help' of the SEC.

  18. better learn what bitcoin and crypto is. its sad to see how big guns are scared and scaring normal people off. so they can control it. btw JP Morgan has opened a special deskfor bitcoin trading. criminal are running away from bitcoin cause it can be tracked. they perfer cash.

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  20. I had to turn this off about half way through. The reporter either does not understand bitcoin or is trying to mislead people intentionally. Either way, lots of misinformation.

  21. Listen this guy talking against cryptos is totally brainwashed stay with the government I live a good life trading cryptos I am my own boss

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