How Crypto Youtubers Make Money at Your Expense

okay so in this video you're going to be finding out the dirty little secrets used by Krita youtubers to make themselves a stacked load of cash at your expense so if you want to find out how not to be a victim of that type stuff and how the whole sort of business of being a cryptic youtuber works stick around hey what's up everybody so today we're gonna be looking at the life of a crypto youtuber myself and just seeing what I get up to so I've just dropped the kids off the school just come back I've got a nice coffee here I don't do breakfast breakfast for losers right so just a little teeny tiny una cafe so I picked this up in France when I was out there last year and I just thought it was great no milk in there no sugar just just coffee on its own it's actually really nice I do like that so umm it's normally have a coffee check the trip to signal's over here moo shu ninja so you just log into the masters area go down check the signals for the day and what I'm waiting for is some buy signals because I'm pretty much sold out everything right now but ya know buy signals yet Tron Tron is on a hold bite so I bought that a couple of days ago but everything else is still sell sell so obviously I still do have some crypto but not in my trading account it's just all waiting to be bought back so yeah there we go oh one thing on this so we've got the hiking Ashley the RSI and the rain Kona everybody's always asking me why there's a difference between the two like this one here Yas it says hold sell and hold buys that like what do you do do you buy or do sell it all depends on your own trading strategy so if like me you're gonna get up every single morning and check these then I recommend the hiking actually strategy because it's more daily Renko is a lot more long-term so you may not have to make a buy or sell to see for a couple of months you know it could be a long time iris I even longer you know so all depends on your own personal training strategy Paris is still closed it shouldn't be in fact I won on that let's just go through why that is closed so the problem I had is over here on trading view you can see that the the RSI figure here is 39 there over in the quantum you've got 39 but I wasn't getting that I was getting a much higher figure and I couldn't work out why and it turns out the answer is actually really simple I had the right calculations and everything going right but for some reason it wouldn't work out and I was using the candle data for the open closed data and you can see on the RSI now says it's 43 okay but I was looking 39 wondering why it didn't work the answer was so simple and so that's it so I've got to rewrite that the doo-dah albarran type stuff for that I wrote that for you guys that the RSI is actually going to be on there really great strategy doesn't change very often at all and in fact looking at that for Bitcoin so the RSI you don't want to be selling it off when it reaches 68 which is all the way up here so you'd have been selling off aracite as it comes down from 68 so you would have sold off all your Bitcoin at about $8,000 there you go so you just sold at 8,000 and you wouldn't have brought back into the brick back over 30 over here so you would have been buying in at 3,000 so with that you would have more than doubled up on your Bitcoin and been very profitable for the year just traded on our site so that that's a great strategy and all the signals over here to ninja now that's about it for me what I'm going to do today is just head down go see my mate Chris go shoot some videos and well stick around see what we get up to hey guys so I just went up with Chris now we're gonna grab some food in this air farm shop so ever since we went to France last year I've been really into like trying to get some proper fresh produce from local ooh farms that type stuff much better than supermarkets highly recommended if you've been following this channel for some time now particularly if you've also read the Bitcoin multiply method I'm pretty sure that you're already aware that my main primary source of income does not come from cryptocurrency all from YouTube but actually rental property so these dirty little secrets which I'm going to be sharing with you today which most crypto youtubers tend to be using and not once which I use myself so to be honest all you guys that know me already know that crypto you know I've been in that for a while now just over a year but realistically I'm really more of a realist like nice all of my money that I've been living on basically for the last ten years or so has already come on rental real estate so if you're the sort of person that maybe like you working all the time you want to get into real estate you just have a lot of time to exhaust the deals stuff but you're in the UK and you'd like to get into that type of thing then for all by all means you know give me a bell and we'll see if we can work something out do some sort of joint venture thing on that some sort of collaboration and you know we're getting together and actually build a little portfolio you know just the two of us that's cool I don't mind doing that cryptocurrencies you're pretty much on your own there you've just got to sort of do your own thing trade yourself and learn how to do it I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you trust anybody else online to actually do that for you with cryptocurrencies you want to always hold your own wallets hold your own private Keys obviously don't let anybody do that stuff for you make sure that you do it if you're not too keen on trading just use our crypto signals over on the true ninja and that should help you know when to buy when to sell is pretty simple but it does take a very long time the reason why I personally prefer property than crypto is because it's provided me a living for the last ten years and it's money that you make every single month so today's video is really inspired by a comment left on last week's video saying about how if I knew stuff about cryptocurrency then I'd be living in a 5 million koku for the noise 5,000,000 pound house driving and Lamborghini all that type of stuff is total nonsense all depends on where you began the house that you see behind me there was actually the house I grew up in it didn't look that good back then we didn't even have like proper curtain rails or anything like that just like curtains hung over a string in the window it was really rundown so it's just like single one parent family that type of stuff and it just shows where you can get to in life but obviously not everybody starts with lots of money in the bank and if I did have lots of cash I'd probably have more money by now but I'm still doing pretty well for myself can you be [Applause] [Applause] the being a youtuber isn't really all it's cracked up to be it's better now let's not beat about the bush being a crypto youtuber for a lot of youtubers is all about the money okay well just like the guy all about the money now I'm not saying that's particularly a bad thing everybody has to make money it's not something that I choose to do even though I do get a lot of emails and different messages on Facebook or wherever about wanted people wanted me basically to promote their stuff on my channel and for a lot of people and I'm sure you know youtubers that do do this okay it's a good source of income you know but it's not something that I do myself and I'm gonna show you that share with you a couple of those recent emails that I've got so you can see the type of thing that I'm talking about right so here we are back in the office now let's show you these emails I'm talking about so we've got one here from Steven popskyy he works with Bibi Swiss he says hello then I hope all is going well for you I came across your YouTube channel I think it's a great fit for us in Bibi Swiss we can have interesting business proposal for you are you interested hear about it basically what I'm going to be doing here is promoting beady Swiss for free so they haven't paid me anything at all and promised use by the way we've got no internet right now here in the office so we I've just had to use some screen captures from that I took back home on my laptop I'm just a minute so it's pretty bad we should be getting a new modem on Monday so hopefully it's gonna be here in time for the live stream or else we will have to do it like a double roll over the following week yes so if we take a look at the website here this is what it is beady Swiss is basically an hour trading platform why would I want to promote another trading platform I mean for myself as I went for a video the other week about Coby hood being the best one to use with xrp people or any crypto which is honest be honest because it has zero transaction fees when it cause anything financial on the internet you want to make sure that secure is number one particularly betrayed in as this is something that people might go on my word and then they're going to invest like tens of thousands of dollars into this maybe even a hundred thousand dollars into this trade in their account so I want to know that it's secure now if we go into the source code you can see this right here where it says WP WP includes and they've got plugin see what I know from this as a web developer that this here is the source code for a wordpress blog okay so they've built they've taken the the open source WordPress blog and built upon that an actual trading platform which they're not the only ones to have done that you can just basically download themes for this stuff the problem of WordPress is it's all open source and it is super super insecure I think I must have made about over a hundred different WordPress blogs over the years as a developer and I don't think any of them have ever not been hacked at some point okay so really really insecure definitely not what you want as some sort of financial trading platform definitely not let's move on and go over to Facebook where just yesterday I've got this here we are this is a Daniel Lakoff somov something he's promoting steroids well not not steroids for going to the gym and all that but this is something called steroid one so it's an automated crypto currency trading platform and they would like we would really like to cooperate with you please tell us if you're interested in spreading the word to your audience about us yeah so if we go over and have a look at what it is basically it's a trading bot software and they want you to spend point zero 1 of a Bitcoin or up to point zero four of a Bitcoin every single month just to use their trade in bulk now if you remember the video that I went into motion which I was just talking about about qohen hood and the fact that if you're paying too in trading fees then you know that's really gonna eat into your profits and you can actually lose money consistently lose money and end up with nothing just because of trading fees with this they're using the same as what we're talking about with the trading bots they use in either bit mix or bi Nance or they've got a couple of different exchanges on there as well but they've all got trading fees that you need to pay for every single transaction plus on top of that you're also gonna have to pay them a set fee every single month and not a small fee either particularly there's the price of Bitcoin starts going back up again that is going to severely eat into your profits and more likely eat into your portfolio and you're just going to lose money month after month after month but they're going to take it all so good for them I wouldn't recommend anything like that this is pretty much how it goes so every every day or every other day I get some sort of email I'm sure every other youtuber does – from people asking you to promote their stuff because Facebook has banned advertising of anything to do a cryptocurrency so there's Google so there's like Twitter and reddit and all the other social media platforms and if you do a crypto we've even tried selling t-shirts you know just like a Bitcoin t-shirt and it gets banned you can't sell anything at all to do a cryptocurrency so what they've done is they've started advertising of going directly to youtubers to ask youtubers to promote their stuff which is cool you know if you want to get into that as a business model it's not for me because I've got my own stuff going on obviously but yeah guys this is how it works this is the dirty truth of crypto youtubers and one thing for me is I often get these emails and then within a week or two I'm seeing multiple different crypto youtubers on youtube who promoting the stuff which I got offered as an email maybe you'll see stuff about this these two projects it over the next week or two getting promoted that's when you really know now that not going to be naming and shaming cryptocurrency youtubers here because if that's what they want to do that they're fine they can do that and I really if you're watching anything on YouTube you just have to take it with a grain of salt you know a pinch of salt though don't believe that they're absolutely genuine and they're really trying to help you out sometimes they just need to get paid because they've got bills to pay they've got kids to feed and if they're doing YouTube full-time then they need to make money somewhere and I'll be honest with you YouTube as as you've seen today what we're out and about we're trying to make youtube videos a bit more interesting a bit more better than just just me sitting in the in the office and it takes a lot of time and effort and if you try to crack try no like live a normal full-time job and then do this on the side I mean you've got no time whatsoever it's pretty difficult to actually fit all this stuff in I don't know how people do it I really don't and honestly being a youtuber isn't all about doing this right now coming out places making YouTube videos where it's in the office a lot most days to be quite honest with you and spent just in the office editing videos which takes a very long time a lot longer than actually recording videos also I'm gonna be like working on the site moochick ninja working on the new one Satoshi's mines and all kinds of stuff that people have to do in their days I really don't know how people find the time to go to work I really just don't know how you guys manage to do that so me I'm quite creative I've got so much of my own stuff that I want to actually do I just don't have time and one last thing before we go if you were thinking of getting into YouTube and you thought you know you're gonna have to be shelling out thousands on a DSLR camera and all this type of stuff me I don't have a DSLR camera or anything fancy like that at all I wouldn't even know what to do with it if I did have one so I'm just shooting this right now on my iPhone and all the footage that you saw earlier in this video it's all shot on an iPhone or a GoPro and I've also just recently got myself one of those little little microphones for you know going outside so it's not all windy and stuff however if you've just heard the footage on this you'll know that makes pretty rubbish but it's all trial and error we are trying to learn as we go ahead and make these videos a bit more interesting so if you've enjoyed this video if you've got some sort of benefit from it then please like share it subscribe and if you want to be in the chance of winning 25 cents on Monday then I don't know why I'm looking up there yeah if you want to be an image chance to win some gnome on Monday get yourself 25 cents all you need to do is leave a comment below this video with your name wallet address in the comment and you'll be moving chance to win on our monday livestream videos that is as long as we have some internet in here so we get sent a new row damn hopefully that won't be too long and will be cool so hey guys that's about it for today hope you've enjoyed as I say and don't forget to Like subscribe and all that jazz and yeah that's about it for now and I should see you all again on Mondays livestream

16 thoughts on “How Crypto Youtubers Make Money at Your Expense”

  1. Great video again. Thanks. I just wanted to press you on the RSI in the crypto signal section. I realize that you mentioned that the discrepancy was due to the different indicator formats, but do you have an eta for the crypto signal section to track the RSIs of the assets listed, or would it be best to trade one of the other two indicator methods? Thanks Andy

  2. As always a good video!!! You are right though a different mic will help tons!!! NCNYM37I5IOI2NGBJ6TH6BYAUE54UTESCDJWMCQR

    Hi Ben..!yes I do know crypto utubers make alot of money..its crazy with what you just showed and the price of btc is just not worth exploring these platforms at the moment..!
    Still dig your leather jacket man..! I want one.!

  4. Not everybody wants to waste money on Lambos. Even if they can. Dont worry about it!
    Hey I looked into Graft and liked it. I have put in a buy order. Thanks for that. It is pretty risky but you never know in crypto. Hopefully you might show how to set up a Supernode at some point. Also your Chainlink info was really good. I aready had Chainlink having got in at 29c AUD in July. But was blissfully unaware of it being partnered with Swift. So, learning everyday. Now I will learn how youtubers profit off of me 🙂 (In general though, I am happy for them to make a living , they need to be rewarded for giving quality content -as long as I am getting some value out of it and there is no deception or what could be considered as unconscionable). Thanks for your work!

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