How Crypto will EXPLODE this year!

how's it going everybody descriptive bud today is March 7 2019 I'm gonna do a quick update on some of my thoughts on the equity market in crypto something that I'm facing here and fundamentally that I think it may be of interest to you and also just a reminder guys the taxes are coming due in a couple of weeks here so if you haven't filed your taxes make sure you go on to tax be calm go ahead and click on that referral code there to get your 10% off on the software program alright so today we're gonna be talking about this very important but fundamental shift I am seeing in the equity market that seems to be spilling over into the crypto market now this piece of news that just came out two hours ago hot off the press is indicating that China is slowing down I've been tracking the equity market for the past several months now actually for the past year after the crypto market kind of imploded here and I was trying to figure out exactly what is the correlation between the equity market and the crypto market if there is any and we already saw that in the last couple of years the crypto market and the equity market have been trading on different levels crypto market has gone down and the equity market has gone up and in some cases vice versa and so now we're trying to see if this is going to repeat itself one more time is the equity market going to go down while the crypto market is gonna go up now before I make my case for crypto because that's where my heart is that is where I believe that the next future of financial innovation and thin tech growth will come from the crypto market is that I must definitely tell you guys that the equity markets are extremely sensitive to many geopolitical factors now let's go over this article real quick from CNBC this was actually talking about Friday's you know expected trade data it showed that the dollar denominated exports 20.7% let me clear that up for you guys one more time eight twenty point seven compared to an expected four point eight percent that means that China is having huge problems exporting their manufacturing goods now this trade talk that we've been having in the world with the US and China has definitely probably created some of this and the fact of the matter is many of the crypto currencies that you find right now that are your top ten top 20 top 30 are coming out from China and so this is something I've found to be very interesting because for the last couple of years we've definitely been dependent upon China's productivity and cryptocurrencies are no exceptions considering that finance neo ontology all those coins are coming out from that area now is that gonna affect Krypton someway well it just may let me explain why the dollar denominated in ports fell about 5.2 percent so China actually they were expecting the imports to fall 1.4 but they're actually falling 5.2 so not as only China slowing down in imports its export market is actually slowing back is gonna create massive problems for this for this country because that's where a lot of the money was being flung what's being funneled in for the last ten years of his recovery the second thing is that they were actually talking about their surplus being at 4.12 billion that was much weaker than the expected guys twenty-six point 38 billion now this is not just like oh yeah ten percent slowdown this is a massive massive slowdown so I can tell you from from experience and from what I've seen in the past in the crypto market a lot of that money was coming from Asia the Western countries were tapped out in the crypto markets now many people did buy crypto early on but it was the Chinese the Koreans who really took the market into us in 16 and 17 in fact many of these I CEOs or actually Asian cow parts so when you have a situation where stuff is slowing down on the east side capital controls are coming in its gonna choke off a lot of these projects now that's a good news and there's some good news and there's some bad news to that so let me explain why this is actually a good thing the reason why this could be a good thing is because as economy slows down in China people are gonna try to look for alternatives to stimulate growth in their country and many of these exports are heavy manufacturing operations so things that you can buy you know like shoes you know industrial equipment things like that and the thing is that China doesn't really have a growth engine they basically play second fiddle to many of the development countries because they don't really innovate on many levels but if crypto takes hold and if they continue with crypto there's a good chance that China could expand into the digital market to offset this and I'll bet you right now they will do whatever it takes to move their country forward and it's not gonna they're not gonna be sitting there and say oh my god the sky is falling we're just gonna keep on plowing money into the manufacturing field they're gonna expand into the services industry and in fact they're already have in many cases so this is actually something bullish now the downside to this is obviously the money's not gonna be flowing as much so there could be definitely issues right now dealing with the country as a whole now given the crypto market and how we've been seeing many of these projects pump in the last couple of days it doesn't surprise me to believe that there's still a lot of money out there so don't get me wrong China is still a huge player in the crypto space but how that's gonna play out in the next couple years is going to be really dependent upon whether they're gonna funnel more money in to this FinTech space so anyway this is gonna create a little bit turmoil in the equity market and when there's turmoil people are gonna be looking for safety assets and safety assets are basically assets that are not correlated with the equity market so I can bet you right now that tomorrow we're gonna probably have a massive down day in the equity markets and as people begin to rotate out of stocks and bonds and whatnot they may rotate into crypto and this could be making clued eye currencies and Bitcoin and any of those because the economy could be taking a huge hit and when it takes a huge hit people are gonna want to take their money out of the country so this is something I've been watching closely and I definitely have been positioning myself in such a way to take advantage of this situation because knowing that China has definitely screwed up here somehow or the exports are screwed up and I don't know the specifics as far as what caused it but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the tariffs and the political space that we're facing so again I would say this is something to really consider because we're gonna beginning to see that catalyst or that shift from this bear market winter into potentially a new bull market that may include a Chinese piece to that that we're not really accounting for right now so and I'll keep you guys updated in regards to this and so we'll talk a little bit about this specifically but this is going to be huge in the headlines all right on another piece of news this is actually something important to also know the US stocks as basically sunk today and the reason why is because the ECB has basically said that they are expecting growth to be very very grim very low if you guys are living in Europe you guys know that the economy in Europe is not doing that well in fact their GDP growth is I think about 1.6 1.7 percent which is extremely low since 2015 at that time and the European you know the ECB has had a lot of problems and one of the reasons why is because they just can't get their growth numbers up and so again this is actually creating a ripple effect across the entire equity markets now I don't really have to explain to you guys what happens when the entire world slows down but there definitely is a lot of situations where this could actually fuel people to jump right back in into crypto now crypto is actually inversely correlated with stocks and so we already know that sometimes these are definitely riskier assets but if you talk about situations where you're not getting a lot of growth in Europe you're not getting a lot of growth in China and technically in the u.s. you're also not getting a lot of growth people are gonna try to find that growth somewhere and that could be in tech and I'm not thinking I'm not saying to myself oh yeah like Apple or Amazon or any of those I'm talking about cryptocurrencies which have the potential to create more growth in the in the long term longer term so you know in a nutshell I think this is something very important to consider I would definitely be monitoring this carefully as far as how this develops because if 2019 2020 needs a catalyst this is going to be it and many people are saying well we're gonna take off in 2020 this is the end of the bear market but people don't really think about what we need in order for that market to move higher fundamentally now price-wise we already know that we're bottoming out here at the 3,000 the question is what's gonna take us back to 20k and I'm gonna bet you it has nothing to do with you know bitcoins technology yes it's some parts of that indefinitely adoption but a lot of it has to a lot to do with this idea of Bitcoin being a safety asset and so we'll take a look at this and see how this develops this reminds me a lot of what happened in 2008-2009 not necessarily the 15 and 16 you know drop but definitely if you think back of what actually brought Bitcoin to the forefront it was a lot of this geopolitical mess that we ended up having and even so in 2015/16 what brought 15-2 to this to the rally 2:17 was a lot of the same situation I mean back then we were having the exact same problems China problems we were having slowdowns in the economy and next thing you know you know we are sitting on a massive massive parabolic move to Bitcoin at 20k so history seems to be repeating itself in many cases and I don't think this time it's any different as far as what we're facing here in the geopolitical space I mean the fact of the matter is that this entire world has a lot of debt fiat is definitely getting printed like there is a low growth in all of these countries and the only thing these central bankers are going to do is print their way out of of a recovery and at some point there's going to be something where we're gonna have to pay for it either through inflation or through some sort of government intervention and that is that spells really the demand for for Bitcoin so take a look at these tell me what you think and I will see you guys out crypto by up

18 thoughts on “How Crypto will EXPLODE this year!”

  1. If there is an economic downturn, crypto will likely take a dive but then new money will come in and it will go back up fairly quickly. Look at gold in 2009. It crashed along with everything else but then recovered faster than equities.

  2. I think it's a bit too optimistic to see great gains this year… but 2022 will be our year! On another note did you see Enjin coin went up 70% :O and so did Nauticus because they announced their full launch 😀

  3. The only way for crypto to take off is ADOPTION! people will need to start actually using it!!!
    If Starbucks, McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts decide to accept cryptos, strap your seat belts ‏ ladies and gentlemen?

  4. This is so weird. I can't seem to play audio on your videos, but the subtitle works fine. I haven't seem similar problem on other channels at all. I'm located in China and am using VPN to get on YouTube, but that shouldn't make a difference. Anyone else having the same problem??

  5. Equity markets around the world have been propped up by financial engineering by the central bankers, and that ammo is running out / losing potency. Brace yourselves cause sh*t is about to hit the fan. Maybe crypto will benefit but that is yet to be seen. I’m betting on crypto though. Good luck!

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