How China Created Its Own Internet

Imagine if the internet took hold in China. Imagine how freedom would spread Unrestricted internet access is a source of strength. That country has some of the toughest
internet restrictions in the world. The government in China’s tightening
up on internet restriction it says because of the number of anonymous
postings that poke fun at the government. So you think they’re ultimately going to be on
the right side of history the Chinese government? I am 100%. For sure because nobody can stop
this technology revolution. It’s 1987 in West Germany and a
university professor has just got an email. It contains one short sentence. He’s just received the first email from China. But it isn’t until 1994 that the internet
becomes available to the public under the presidency of Jiang Zemin. Like many of his compatriots Jiang
is deeply influenced by the work of Alvin Toffler an American writer whose book Future Shock
predicts a super-industrial revolution brought about by the moderation
and regulation of technology. Computers combine facts to make new knowledge at such high speed that we cannot absorb it. But computers are expensive and
hardly anyone owns one so the internet cafe is born. It costs around 25 yuan or $3 for an hour. In 1995 a former English teacher called Jack Ma
heads to the U.S. on business. While he’s there he does a
web search for the word beer are no results about China. He returns home and starts
an online yellow pages. You don’t make any money,
you’ve got extraordinary claims and yet you make nothing. That’s the internet. By 1999 the company Tencent releases OICQ
and Jack Ma creates Alibaba. It’s the Millennium and the unveiling
of the Golden Shield project which includes a new surveillance system
made up of content-filtering firewalls. The system becomes known around the world
as the Great Firewall of China. It only takes a couple more years
for China to overtake the U.S. and have the world’s most Internet users Fast forward and it’s 2012. Xi Jinping is elected general secretary
of the Communist Party with a vision of “cyber sovereignty”. Protecting the country’s internet
from foreign influence. Notable restrictions include Winnie the Pooh
because of comparisons made to Xi Jingping and the letter N. It doesn’t take long for controversial new laws
which “ensure cybersecurity” to appear. These grant the government unprecedented
access to foreign companies including their hardware and sensitive user data. In 2018 Freedom House names China as the
worst country in the world for online freedom. But China soon starts exporting
its to take on the Internet to countries like Vietnam, Uganda
and Tanzania.

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  1. I'd simply say that we people of the west haven't given a fuck about China for ages and now that it has become one of the most powerful countries in the world we're trying to put rules on them in order to stop their evolving economy, technology and social structure, as we always have done with all the poor countries. But luckily people there are not stupid, they are aware of the danger the West puts on them and so they smartly created their own version of everything so that they can be self-sustainable. The way we're accusing them of so many things trying to crush them down is totally ridicolous.

  2. We are talking about the great firewall of China, what about the Twitter bans on just common terms like learning coding. That's also concerning. In future there would hardly be any freedom.

  3. google had its business in china for years until it openly joined hillary clinton's "whatever spring" and started making all sorts of sensational claims against chinese government. literally, google and a lot of american liberal media were banned after that. please don't deliberately skip that fact. whatever spring had killed millions of people around the world. that "arab spring" ended up becoming a "arab inferno". libya is still in the middle of civil war.

  4. this lulu chen is clueless of how young chinese generation uses internet. in nowadays, young chinese generations are well travelled (outside of china); most of them have VPN accounts (very affordable in china); most of them know a little bit english. the chinese firewall is more for those elderly internet users, merely make the access of western internet not so convenient. in fact, living in the west, with the strong bias of western media, western internet users, with words from one american who has been living in china for over a decade, "i found that we western audience received information about china was extremely filtered, sometimes extremely twisted"

  5. I tell u why the East is creating firewall. It's called Western debauchery. If your great-great-grand-parents were alive, they tell what kind of mad world is the west -where they teach evolution n homosexuality. Not only that, the Western manipulation of money currencies with their printing of it, is enough for the East. The East want to control the currency trade. That is the bloodline of the world. The West way of behavior of doing things, to corporate thieves to dealing with Muslim extremist is different. Then again, the West and East never see eye to eye. U need a strong middle east, to bring both sides together… However the West n East toggle power by controlling the middle east. If you have notice throughout history, who controls the middle-east weight great power over the other side. Since the Mongol control the middle-east, they control the silk-trade to the West. Since West via USA controlled the Middle-east via protectorate of Saudi-Arabia, the currency was backed by the oil.

  6. Greatwalls are existing everywhere. You are only laughing at the obvious one and ignoring the elephants in your own room, that's all you are doing…

  7. Western companies are crying like a baby, because they didn't get access, information of 1.3 billion Chinese. ? Bloomberg should made a video, how Google, Amazon & Facebook doing surveillance on us and how facebook is getting fucked up every time with users private information.

  8. Bloomberg should made a video, how Google, Amazon & Facebook doing surveillance on us and how facebook is getting fucked up every time with users private information.

  9. I live in a city with a lot of chinamen. The youths are very disconnected from our internet culture, they dont understand any of the anglo saxon memes we enjoy. Its amazing how well segregated they are.

  10. 能够接触到YouTube以及其他自由社会的信息平台是很幸运的,毕竟可以看到许多国内看不到的真相,包括许多对中共的真实揭露。往远了说:文革摧毁传统文化;八九六四枪杀手无寸铁的大学生;九九年至今发起的迫害修炼真善忍的法轮功学员。往近了说:三聚氰胺毒奶粉,红黄蓝幼儿园虐待儿童,假疫苗,对猪瘟的放任态度……等等等等,追本溯源,这些社会乱象以及人间惨剧,都是共产党的统治直接或间接造成的。我们从小就唱歌要当共产主义接班人,入党时还要宣誓为共产主义奉献终身。共产党深知誓言的重要性,明着说无神,实则是有神。更何况共产党是宣扬斗争仇恨与欺骗的邪教呢?因此我们才劝大家退出少先队、共青团、共产党。让天地做一个见证,不再为共产党卖命。做一个堂堂正正的炎黄子孙,岂不美哉?非常简单,google 搜索三退就好了。祝福你!

  11. The rest of the world it is way more manipulated and censored by corporations (motivated by greed).
    At least China admits doing it, and is not motivated by corporate greed.

  12. A cow, grazing on a hillside pasture in Scotland once said to a Chinese tourist as he passed by, "I farted and one day it will make an impact!"

    Who knew one hundred years later, that line would seem so profound and ironic when now methane gas released from cows is one of the main causes for the depletion of our ozone layer??

  13. It's amazing how old media can be on youtube but not be a part of it, it actually takes some skill to make this stuff borning, your editing is stuck in the last millennium, the music everything is cookie cutter generic corporate, indistinguishable from every other corporate entity producing content for YT, it could be Buzzfeed, MTV, CNN or the BBC. After watching nothing else but what are essentially gifted amateurs making videos on YT things like this are essentially unwatchable, despite the content being engaging.

  14. 电信现在有套餐,1500一年,不用翻墙了已经。只不过有些人没去办,问题你办那玩意干嘛呢,我是做外贸没办法。

  15. thats why we have our own big data! not all controlled by google by the U.S. government!

  16. I'd love to see China's reaction if the Trump administration blocks Baidu, QQ, WeChat, and Weibo in U.S. territory. Time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  17. What I can say ? When we really get freedom on the Internet , You will HOPE we get be banned. Hello from China ! LOL

  18. Guys, are you seriously? 25 yuan or 3 dollar per hour… which year is that? According to your story timeline, it would be around early 199x? Nah, I don't believe that figure, or at least it doesn't cover the diversity of Chinese regions. Because I spent less than 1 dollar/hour for internet around the millennium year (the 3rd one,2000 — sorry for being poor, though my cousins already had them Cry+LOL) , plus China's per-capita GDP in 1995 was 609.66 USD. Many of us were really poor back the 1990s, people who spent 3 dollar surfing Internet must be super dooooooooper rich (jealous face)! And BTW, China blocked FB in 2009 for some obvious reasons, since then VPN boomed. Show a Chinese face doesn't really help here… Is she really Chinese Chinese?

  19. you dont have do with Anyones Freedom The Problem is that you bloody People Cant bring Ptopaganda to chinese lol

  20. Great Wall并不是用来控制和限制言论自由,而是在法律框架下管理互联网,因为中国太容易传谣信谣,容易导致社会动荡和不必要的恐慌

  21. 以国家安全为名全球间谍和颠覆活动的美国佬指责中国政府以国家安全为理由拒绝美国人通过网络进行间谍和颠覆活动,并把这称为不自由。

  22. 傻逼美国猪满脑子都是屎。美国猪就是立牌坊的烂婊子,肮脏透顶、令人作呕的狗东西,什么鸡巴玩意。

  23. Lol .. whore US media as usual. But never talks about google and other US services spying every citizens of the world where it is connected. Hypocrisy at its best.

  24. 说起来,我第一次上YouTube的时候他给我的推送几乎全都是反华/轮子之类的内容,还有在诸如Facebook和twitter上,我也能看到很多的类似言论。倒不是说不能有这些言论,但是很多的都是基于谣言来传播,举报也没什么卵用。昨天他还给我推了64的视频,即使我很少关注时政新闻。

  25. The first time when I heard that 'the Winnie the Pooh is banned in China', I was like, wtf, wait, when, how, where? Then sent some memes to my friend on Wechat and posted pics on social media, waiting for someone to buy me a cup of tea, but disappointedly, nothing happened. I don't understand why this is constantly mentioned by the western media without any proof.

  26. well, internet is a weapon in terms of spreading news {fake and real}, so ya… definitely needs monitor haha

  27. Ironically, Chinese young people know much more about the US than their American counterparts know about China. The "disconnection" mentioned in the video is, sadly, more applicable to Americans for some reason.

  28. according to your president,China is raping American right now,why U care somebody who raping U so much ,you guys are some kind of freaky Masochism ?

  29. Because the Chinese knew someday US hightech companies would stop providing service to them, and in that case, they can still operate their own tech business independently. Like kind of situation of today. You have to admit this formidable foresight.

  30. يقول هذه بضاعتكم ردت اليكم ونمير اهلنا ونحفظ اخانا ونزداد كيل بعير، ترجم يا مكتب كلفورنيا.

  31. 然而他们说的都是事实,China has no Internet freedom, most people are brainwashed by CCP

  32. Your American can say anything ? I don't think so, your political correct is ridicuous and powerful , do lie to yourself you having freedom of speach

  33. 这都是真的,我贿赂了警察10k人民币,警察才让我上一会网,不说了,我要劳动去了。

  34. Considering currently situation, China government made a wise decision to establish its own network. Sometimes the policy has to be judged in longer term.

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