How Blockchain will wrestle control from Amazon & give it to the Shopper

The idea here is that we intend to
introduce a token that will be priced by the value of a shoppers’ data to allow
for a shopper to receive rewards and discounts with brands. And what we’re intending to do is organize a lot of brands and shoppers over the next 6 to 10 years so that we can develop a consortium of those constituents so that in the market we can start to affect some of the impacts that Amazon and Walmart and other incumbents have had. But what if a brand wants have a deeper relationship with you about their brands? So what if Lululemon wants to know the fit you prefer? Or Nike wants to know the
jogging preferences that you have? We’re gonna be introducing what are
called brand tokens so a brand new manufacturer can create their own new asset class and they’re able to offer the shopper brand level tokens for brand level information and think of that as a loyalty or reward program so that’s how we’re presenting it and in the opportunity for brands to start to
have direct relationship with you compensates you to get feedback or
reviews on products and allow for this two-way value exchange between a brand
name manufacturer and a consumer. The real exciting part of this is the
shopper tokenization You’ll have an opportunity as a shopper not just to share some of that retail data and email addresses and whatnot but you’ll get an opportunity to start to share real meaningful data that you control, you permission and you’re completely in charge of. There’s a lot of folks in blockchain right now using the opportunity to use a decentralized/
not-controlled ledger as an auditing or an identity verification
system and what that’s enabling is the opportunity to let you as a human
actually own your sovereign identity so you control the records and the
permissioning of who gets access to that.

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