who shouldn't become one of our clients and if you want to become a client these are the things that you have to must absolutely understand first of all most of you joined at the wrong time most of you don't listen and you wait and see how it goes and when we say you got to be a client right now it's thirty four hundred dollars you gotta get in right now you don't and you wait until bitcoin is I don't know twenty thousand dollars and then you join them become a client which is great we will will accept you at any time just know that at twenty thousand dollars it's a lot riskier than at three thousand just know that now having said that sure we protect and grow your Bitcoin 24 hours a day seven days a week does that mean that every single trade we do is always magically in the positive the moment we trade something hey you're gonna be in the positive no it doesn't work like that it only works like that if you listen to us and say hey we tell you you gotta join right now you gotta join right now you got to be a client right now we told to that at $3,400 and we told you to sell all your Bitcoin it sixteen thousand dollars $18,000 actually first we told you to sell all your Bitcoin at thirteen thousand dollars which is a little bit premature then we said hey it's okay to buy back a little more and then we said sell it all at sixteen thousand then they went up to eighteen thousand and then we said sell it all at eighteen thousand then they went up to twenty thousand we said hey sell it all at twenty thousand and because we cried most three times everybody laughed bought more Bitcoin and guess what happened you know what happened anyway okay so that's the story know if you don't if you don't join us in the beginning the very first trade we do isn't necessarily going to be positive Mike what are the odds the very first trade we do for you might I don't know let's just say 50/50 50/50 chance that the first trade with you will be get the positive well isn't that risky should not just hold Bitcoin well you could but you'd end up holding until $80,000 and then when Bitcoin hits $80,000 it's going to drop all the way back down to 30,000 so you lose a 70% your money you're going to wake up one morning and you notice that Bitcoin is worth 70% less the $300,000 that you have in Bitcoin you wake up one morning that's worth $90,000 if you don't hire us so okay so how profitable are you guys I'll show you I'll show you right now we have the clients that joined us when we actually said hey you got to move your funds to bid for next you got to do with 3.5 X along with us and we'll trade it for you we're already up 35% in what five days four days it's not so bad we're going to do another actually we're going to be a fifty about 60% in another day why because of compound interest these clients started with ten Bitcoin price of Bitcoin went up 10% so that doesn't sound like much right so we made one Bitcoin know we were on a 3.5 multiple so we made 3.5 Bitcoin on top of the 10 bitcoins for our client so we made 13.5 Bitcoin for our clients now we close that we liquidate it we take that whole chunk and we start a brand new long now you do thirteen point five times three point five times ten percent now what he have now we're closer to 17 Bitcoin eighteen Bitcoin in two trades in two trades you started with ten now I have 18 Bitcoin in two trades in two trades we're going up over 20 bitcoins in three trades 24 25 Bitcoin in three trades that's if you listen to us and you buy the bottom if you don't now you're coming in when there's higher risk we mitigate that risk for you we reduce that risk but there's still risk so we've got a client actually a lot most of our clients do come in after you get confirmation which if you were to do your own training you're buying that you're you lose a lot more money but I mean when you do that when you come in a little bit late you gotta you gotta pay your dues you got to wait your turn you really do because most people the psychology of most people when they come in all the billionaires know the psychology of most people the billionaires are counting on you to come in and buy Bitcoin when most people do so that's when they're gonna dump on you buh buh buh buh buh buh buh they sell on you so what do you got to wait for the next set of news you're going to wait for the next wave of not so early adopters so you have the innovators you have the early adopters and then you have the mid adopters if you were but if you're a fairly early adopter and you came in at the end of the tail end of the early adopters you gotta wait until the mid adopters comes in and if you came in as a mid adopter you gotta wait until that next cycle until the late term adopters come in to make a profit so when is that July 17 3:30 p.m. UTC 333 333 in 20 seconds UTC no it doesn't work like that you don't know when the late adopters are gonna come in you don't know when the MIT adopters are gonna come you know you don't know whether early adopters are gonna come in actually you do know when the innovators are gonna come in because we tell you it's easy it's it's easy to spot the beginning it's easy to spot the bottom and it's easy to spot the top these two things are easy to spot it's the middle that's really really tricky because the middle gets really turbulent the bottom is easy because it just bottoms up the tops easy because it Peaks up and then just kind of does a parabola and just kind of stays there admit it at the top and just goes oh you know diamo do it's like a roadrunner widely coyote cartoon where the coyote ends up running off a clip and you Lipson roadrunner he's over there and he looks underneath them any Falls and I just puff of smoke it's like that so the top and the bottom are easy to spot at least for us it is most people have a hard time doing that we're good at that so we tell you hey is sell here by here if you don't listen now you're looking at turbulence let me show you how turbulence works let me pull you off my your look no cheese here can you see this okay I hope this is visible and it's not backwards look at how long if you came in at the top look at how long it takes this is excellent excellent is a typical altcoin it's a real good example of an altcoin xlm spends this much time going down and guess how much time it spends going up this much time this much time going up this much time going down this much time going up this much time going down let's look at the price now look at the number of days it spent seventy three days going down and it only spends five days going up can you see that only spends five days going up and seventy three days going down 73 days going down that's why you got to get into the bottom if you get in somewhere around here guess what you got to spend 40 50 days in that's our clients our clients what they'll do is they'll come in two or three months ago or at $20,000 we still have clients from actually most of our clients stayed with us from December 2017 are they or no loss yeah you bet absolutely hell yeah they're at a loss are they gonna make their money back way more than they lost I mean their original money is gonna look like nothing their original they came in with 20 Bitcoin right when Bitcoin was $20,000 each so they give him $400,000 $400,000 it's gonna look like nothing it's gonna look up up $400,000 the last 50% of our last $200,000 on a 60 percent of my lost now the $240,000 man cuz now I got like what eight million eighty million dollars that's what's gonna happen but how long does that take it takes a year year and a half is that a long time you know how long it took Apple stock to get you multiple tens of thousands of dollars and returns what what Amazon stock ten years guys fifteen years yeah but I joined the Bitcoin fund manager and it's already been three days and I'm like six percent negative don't become a client don't follow us don't subscribe block us that's why timing is so important if you if you join us after we tell you to join us but not immediately after like a week or two or three let's just see if he's right let's just see if he's right let's just give it another month and see if he's his calls are right and you do that now you're you're in a world of hurt because the best we can do for you is minimize the turbulence in a very volatile market if you come in at the bottom there's no more turbulence everything else is up everything is up oh look I lost I lost 30% of my value after I made 90% no that's kind of disappointing but if you join this up here and you lose 30% now it's it's a big deal it's like holy I lost 30% oh look I mean there's lost 30% look I lost you're better off joining here so that when you do lose 30% it's playing up here and it's like well my I thought I'd doubled my money but it looks like I only have 1.7 times my money not quite double that's how it works no people that don't understand investing that don't understand it seventy seventy three days of downhill and then five days of I felt bad it's less than 10% it's about 8% of the time is spent going up 92 percent of the time is spent going down not only 2% so what we do is during that 92% of the time we minimize your losses notice how I said we minimize your losses we minimize your losses there's going to be lost we don't there's going to be losses if you get in at the wrong time but we minimize that so you stay with the program you stay with us until Oh close BAM so you lost 50 percent during the beer market oh I just made when he comes my money in 30 times my money so I lost ten thousand dollars and I made a hundred thousand dollars I lost fifty thousand dollars and I made five hundred thousand dollars I lost a million dollars that games twenty million dollars hell if you took a million dollars from me just made me lose a million dollars and gave me back ten million dollars every single time you took a million from me steal all the millions you want just take it all that's that's how you got that's how you got to think and because there's so much game mechanics going on there's so much game mechanics going on then what about all season one's not going to happen what about etherium what about some of these venture capital backed coins all in due time all in due time but now if if you're at a loss 10% loss 30% a lot of 60% loss and you quit you're not letting us do our job up 78 days down okay wait wait wait wait wait we it lost a little bit so sell maybe we should buy back here I'd still didn't go up we lost a little bit more sell and it still went down a little bit more sell and then it's looking like this is the bottom I'm gonna buy oh it's still going down sell so we miss most of this downhill it's going downhill from here to here we buy here and it falls here we stop blocks get out and then as the price falls down by here and if it falls a little bit get out so we're losing this much money losing this much money losing this much money but we keep jumping out of the market until we hit the bottom and then how it goes straight back up that's trading now what would have happened if you just held you wouldn't the main as much money and you would have lost all this money if you just held you would have lost what's it x11 it's a typically it really is a typical off coin that's why I'm just picking on xll xlm it's not a exceptional coin it's just an average typical coin lost about two-thirds of its value I lost about almost 70 percent of its value they put $10,000 in you got $3,000 left $3,000 that's how that works um okay what about the initial fee is it is it refundable if I pay you in something something get cold theater my my wife tells me it's a bad idea I shouldn't to treat no it's not refundable so don't pay us if you if you're the kind of person that goes to the store and buys two pieces of underwear tries to both on forfeit and then returns the one that you like less don't hire us if you're the kind of person that goes to a restaurant orders two different meals just because you're not sure which one you like best and then you pull a hair out and put it in the one that you don't like and say miss I'm going to need to take this off the menu because I found the hair in the soup you don't hire us do not contact us or block us unsubscribe from us no refunds what else so that's how the trading works okay what about leverage leverage trading leverage trading Bitcoin doesn't fall 33% during a bull market after parabola it can after parabola it can so as long as your liquidation point is farther than 50% so let's say Bitcoin goes up to $10,000 and your liquidation mark is under $5,000 you're pretty safe you're pretty safe so to do that all I have to do is do it to X leverage but don't you do 3 X 11 yes but what we do is we keep your old liquidation point so if you have your low liquidation point let's say the low liquidation point right now is that $8,000 goes up to $12,000 if it were to fall from $12,000 all the way down to half to $6,000 guess what it so you're like what you're buying price was $8,000 and you lost 50% of your money but it's at $6,000 it's only a two thousand dollar difference away from so it's 25% it's not even 50% it's 25% lower than your buy price you're not going to get liquidated your final now if for the sake of compound interest now this is how compound interest works for the sake of compound interest what we do is if you start with 10 and you made 3 we take that whole thing and say start brand new let's do another 3.5 X now I have 13 13.5 Bitcoin and then you do another 30 and now you've got four five more now you got 18 Bitcoin but every single time you do that and you've got 18 Bitcoin and you do another in 3.5 X that goes up 10% now you're at what 24 Bitcoin so with three trades are at 24 Bitcoin every single time you do that you're raising your liquidation line you're raising your liquidation line so if we fall 30% all that all of it's going to be all of its gonna be gone all right so we don't do it like that we only go half back in so your liquidation point is always going to be about 40% under current price and during a bull market Bitcoin will not fall 40% it's just one especially now that corporations have bought in banks a part of the Bitcoin Starbucks is accepting AT&T is accepting Bitcoin banks are accepting Bitcoin Whole Foods is a sec accepting Bitcoin Microsoft is accepting Bitcoin and footlocker's accepting Bitcoin Square is accepting Bitcoin everybody's accept accepting Bitcoin and guess what there hasn't been and need five in that funny how that works when corporate America and politicians and countries don't have Bitcoin oh it's the worst thing in the world it's a scam it'll it'll go to nothing now that all the corporations and politicians and countries are accepting Bitcoin guess what nobody says anything bad about Bitcoin oh it's fine it's just the next wave it's technology I'm T's gonna move on you can't stop the Internet I mean we know Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to stop the Internet that didn't work out so well for politicians can't do anything about it the people with guns can't do anything about the internet it's so distributed nobody can do anything about it so the tax collectors of the countries just have to figure out another way of paying for schools roads and health care for their citizens they'll figure it out they think well but notice how they're not fighting it anymore there's no word there's no a weird article saying well Bitcoin got hacked no by now it's got hacked and guess what didn't really follow much the worst thing that happened see what just Falls 5% 10% 15% max so don't worry I mean you'd have to get liquidated you'd have to be a 10x you'd have to be at 8 X to get liquidated three point five percent or three point five x and we make sure your liquidation line is really low we won't raise it all the way up all the time so don't worry about that anything else you need to know oh you can't withdraw or deposit any and you can't do any trades you can't do any trades withdraw don't mess with the account that we're managing for you that's it if you mess with you can't we managing for you it'll throw off our bots it'll throw off our accounting it'll it'll make our analysts have to stop analyzing it'll make your traders stop trading for all of our other clients just to figure out what the hell is wrong with your account it's all manual we have to do manual audit and that pisses off this is a soffit just totally pisses us off and we'll give you one warning because sometimes there's an emergency where you have to pull Bitcoin out and sometimes you forget that you just deposited another 50 Bitcoin whatever but we may or may not give you one more one morning if we're too busy and we have too many clients we just can't handle it we'll just say sorry you messed with your account while we were actively trading in it by your your you can't become a client anymore so there's that anything else here's the big picture if you're an existing client and you've been with us for five six months already by a year and a half all the way during the bear market great good for you because you two lost a lot more money had you traded yourself and if you're still gonna stick with us you're gonna make a hell of a lot more money than any other way possible any other way possible okay I don't know of any other way to make stronger profits than with us during a bull market so and the bull markets now so it's now if you have all coins which a lot of you guys do these guys jump up 20 times the ones that we're moving are gonna go up 10x 20x that's 2,000 percent in days we're just gonna capture it when it goes up 2,000 percent we capture it move it back into Bitcoin or move it in the BND coin or move it in the BitFenix to do 3.5 x leverage it's stupid to sell now because this is the bottom though you you never buy the top and you never sell the bottom that's what we're managing for you okay I think I've got all of our fa Q's answered if you have any questions contact us directly let's do another video that explains the entire process and yeah we do trade for you 24 hours a day and all the coins stay in your exchange account all you do is give us site door access so that we can remote-control trade for you in BitFenix you have to allow all the options except withdrawals there's there's an option called wallet and a lot of clients actually block wallet access if you block your wallet how how would you expect us to pull Bitcoin out of your wallet so that we can trade it and after we trade it and after we grow it for you if there's like thirty percent more Bitcoin how do you expect us to put it back in your wallet if you block wall that access so enable everything except withdrawals if you leave withdrawals enabled and your funds get lost we warned you that's it any questions Bitcoin – funds – manager calm let's kick ass this year together


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  2. You say at 02:39 you would show right now that you made your clients 35% profit in 4 to 5 days. Then you continue to STATE that you did. So we have to take your word for the fact that you make these profits? Very strong evidence indeed.

  3. What about margin trading on leverage in the bear market? I wish I had enough to become a client. Started with 500 now just over 20k I got a long way to go and yes I am not getting much sleep…

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