How Bitcoin Faucets work

Although it doesn’t necessarily earn you
enough to make a good profit, bitcoin faucets are a good way to get to know how trading
works without the risk. What’s up CryptoPeeps! It’s your girl, Kyla, here to deliver your
daily dose of Bitcoin news! Looking to get started with bitcoin, but still
too afraid to invest a big amount of money? Bitcoin faucets are websites or applications
that reward users with satoshis for completing a small task You may be thinking: “Is it really possible
to receive free bitcoins?” The answer is yes! The kicker is, you don’t really receive
a lot of it. You have to remember that you will be rewarded
in satoshis. If you don’t know what a satoshi is, it’s
one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin. It may not be a “get rich quick” sort
of setup, but it can help those interested in getting into bitcoin trading. When you complete these tasks and earn satoshis,
they immediately go into your micro wallet. What is a micro wallet you ask? It’s like the traditional bitcoin wallet,
but this one allows you to collect small amounts of bitcoin before transferring it to your
own wallet. If someone were to directly link a faucet
to their traditional bitcoin wallet, the fees would eventually cancel out the bitcoin earned
from the faucet. So now you’re probably wondering HOW
to get a micro wallet, am i right? Well you’re in luck, because there are no
extra steps when it comes to getting a micro wallet Micro wallets are automatically created when
someone creates an account with a bitcoin faucet website. Although they are free, micro wallets
usually have a limit of anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 Satoshis. When this limit is reached, the Satoshis will
be paid out to the user’s main bitcoin wallet. You must be thinking: why would people give
away free Satoshis? There many reasons as to why people get into
the business of offering bitcoin faucets. One of them is to boost website traffic and
make more money. Bitcoin faucets usually attract high website
traffic thus allowing them to advertise for bigger companies. It’s also a good way to get word out on
these companies, and even bitcoin in general. In short, they also get something in return
from these tasks that you do for them. Here are some examples of popular bitcoin
faucets in 2018: 1. Moon Bitcoin,
Moon Bitcoin is a simple bitcoin faucet that prides itself in allowing its users to choose
whenever they want to claim their money. All you have to do is either input a Coinpot
email address or a bitcoin wallet address to start. The faucet gradually fills up over time. At the start, it fills up quickly, but it
slows down over time until you make a claim. The longer you leave it to fill, the more
you will be able to claim. 2. Bonus Bitcoin,
Bonus Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet that claims to give out 5,000 satoshis every 15 minutes but
it usually depends on how many people are online at one time. Bonus Bitcoin is completely free and they give a 5% bonus added to your current account balance as long as you made a faucet
claim for the previous day. Like Moon Bitcoin, you can link this faucet
to your CoinPot account. They also have an affiliate program that allows
you to claim 50% commission for every claim that your friends make on the faucet. 3. Family BTC,
Just by looking at this faucet, you can see that this is one of the more approachable
and “family friendly” bitcoin faucets. The homepage LITERALLY has a picture of a
family. Other than that, it actually has a decent
time frame with a payout every 15 minutes, not to mention a whopping 100% commission
to you if you find referrals. You thinking about trying a few Bitcoin faucets
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  1. there are many faucets on the internet to earn satoshis, even many of them gartis, and others are investment, however we must have security on which we can invest, because there are also many "scam" faucets that promise everything and do not give you anything

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  4. As far as i know, A bitcoin faucet is a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.

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