32 thoughts on “How a Shop Assistant became CRYPTO MILLIONAIRE in just 2 years! ?”

  1. Reactitup YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCawo1_Nm82Vi2rId8245c3g
    What do you think of this story?

  2. the way to punish this kind of crap, is once and for all never watching any of your stuff, and recommending friends do the same. all the best.

  3. a guy who works for Best Buy at $10 per hr. his annual salary would be $20,000 before tax. So he dumps a over a years salary into crazy computer money bitcoin in 2015…. hhhhmmm.

  4. Nobody can catch the lowest and sell the highest. There is no need explanation you can’t even do it yourself.

  5. Lition (LIT) is a new $3m nano cap gem. STO platform and more, $20m STO soon, , Tokeny/SAP/Microsoft partnerships

  6. I continue to believe in DBC – DEEP BRAIN CHAIN – anyone who knows "anything" about mankind's future technology knows that A.I. will become the be all and end all of human technological advancement. DBC will help make access to AI viable for B2B commerce in it's early years and beyond. I will continue to buy until I own 10 MILLION tokens (30k at today's price).

  7. Good vid…,the only disappointment is that we have people bragging about their wealth…what’s wrong with being humble? I don’t find this inspirational whatsoever…

  8. KCB and KBC is my vehicle!!! Screw what people say (especially those who have not done any research)…so far it's 10x from ICO at $0.005 and at present it is the 15th largest coin out there (coinmarketcap hasn't put the circulating supply out yet). All those who know come July lots of millionaires will be made…

  9. I need a bull run to first break even. Many ppl here (inc Suppo) are trading with profits. I keep dca and putting more but thats hard earned money. Bit over it to be honest and dont want to put more in , in over 25 solid projects now so hoping few will take off during next bull run.

  10. Absolutely… Proof you don't need to catch a falling knife and time the bottom. Look at CZ of Binance also, he said he bought at 300 and shortly after he bought it crashed to 200. Look at CZ now. Play it smart and DCA in as you go.

  11. Thank u Suppo
    My target is investing every month small amount in the next 1 year and keep at least till 2025
    In case btc go to the moon till then 80% of the profit will make donations to help lots of people ( that is the selfish thing what one man can do)

  12. Loved this video, this motivates and shows what is really possible. And we are still so so early that is the key . Good on him.

  13. suppo man I'm watching you from november 2017. you got me started investing in bitcoin alt coins got in on the top november buying in 10k 11k and 6k 5k and 3100 did purchased 5 btc ended up with 12 btc right now.
    just got from your last day video icon, ontology.wanchain, fantom,aergo,cova, elastos im fallowing all this coins now like 16months i did trow each coin 2btc and now i will ride the wave till november 2021. im fallowing you from beginning thanks for all info we survived the bear market almost 16 months was hard and had to put all the time money in but we did it lets start the bull market soon.
    12btc im expecting just low end 5x that will bring me on 60btc.
    Meer weergeven


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