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  1. I can Guarrrroanntee you'd be positive overall in your gains if you had adopted the buy it first THEN show the chart. First 8 coins popped 10 – 20% while you were charting before you could buy cuz your followers got no shame and no conscience and pumped the coin before you could get to them.

    No good deed unpunished Lol.

  2. Bitfinex is the only place and you won't be able to hold it long. I need it to launch before Bitfinex kicks my American rear end off.

  3. Any idea why Bittrex has not added any new BTC markets since they listed Bitcoin Cash? They were adding multiple new coins every week, but nothing since BCC. HODL

  4. i hope so much that you and dobe are right about BTC making another dip, cuz i need another dip! 😀

    I'm just afraid that whales might push it back up like back in july/early august :-

  5. Where do you get the Buy Price in your spreadsheet? Seems like that would need to be based on the price of BTC at the time you buy? And what is the "today" price based on and calculated from (looks like you just entered it manually)? Trying to wrap my head around the whole BTC pair connection to the actual value of all the alt coins we are buying. thx

  6. Wait I don't get it? I thought we are buying and holding for 100 days? Or I'm I missing something? Are we supposed to sell on our own? Cuz all this time I'm buying following u only

  7. Note that because you are trading and tracking in terms of BTC, the portfolio is down 9% in BTC and BTC is down 18%. So we haven't really beat the market by 100% or half the loss, but rather 50% greater loss.

    BTC is down 18% in terms of USD, but we are down another 9% since we now have 9% fewer BTC. Since the buys were staggered over time while BTC was going down that won't be an exact representation but it gives you an idea.

    For example if we had invested 1 BTC in various altcoins when BTC was $4,000 and BTC then drops to $3000, BTC lost 25%. But if our metric of losing 9% in BTC is applied, we now have .91 BTC instead of 1 and BTC is at $3000 which means in terms of USD we are at $2730 which is worse than the $3000 value in BTC and of course both are worse than just being in cash at $4000.

    This is why I agree with what you had said in an earlier video, when BTC is in a bull market do all trades and performance tracking relative to BTC to make sure you aren't just gaining dollars, but gaining BTC which is appreciating. But when BTC is in a bear trend then the better gauge is tracking in USD since BTC is not holding value to USD during that time, so you aren't keeping pace with the declining fiat dollar even if you are staying steady with BTC or even gaining some in terms of BTC.

    For example in a BTC bear trend like we have now, IF BTC goes from $4000 to $3000 I could either go into USD and wait for that bottom to reinvest or I could trade alt-coins. If I go into USD I could buy back 1.33 BTC for the $4,000 I sold at when I noticed the trend starting down. Alternatively if I invested in other coins and I made a 20% profit in terms of BTC I might think I've done well and in terms of holding BTC I did, but you now only have 1.2 BTC after the down trend whereas going into cash would have allowed you to buy 1.33. Obvously when BTC heads back to $4,000 you will be better off with either option than just holding BTC the whole time, but the USD cash position was still better.

    So just to break even on alt coins when compared to going into cash in a bear trend you have to make the inverse of BTC's decline. IE BTC drop 25% you have to make 33% or you are losing comparing to going into USD and buying back in at the low or wherever you buy back in at.

    Since Alt's usually go down at a greater percent than BTC, as what happened in this portfolio, I decided to go mostly cash at $4300 . If BTC drops close to 40% like it did in these last big corrections you have to make 66% gains in terms of BTC in altcoins just to break even. That's a tall order when BTC is going down that hard.

    I will only do this when I see major reversals like we just saw here and back in early July. Otherwise it's not worth the hassle or risk of missing out.

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