HOT NEWS! Ripple (XRP) Added To Coinbase, Will That Ever Happen?

hey guys what is up its dusty here back with another crypto video and I decided to do ripple another ripple update today still be doing giveaways for everything though it is only gonna be a hundred dollars compared to our normal I guess kind of normal higher giveaways from nowadays but that's just to get back in it because I said before I'll be doing a lot more uploads now so I'm gonna be lowering it over time here wants to do more videos but right now I can still afford it so 100 dollars buy all you have to do is just like the video and comment something and Tony discord discord link is in the description be sure you do that that is all you need to do so yeah guys you might be wondering like okay what has been going on with Ripple well there's some interesting stuff but it's mostly coinbase so um you might be like what do you mean coinbase well these are all the articles that you sent me so about coinbase at least and as you can see there's like seven of them and they're all quite interesting so they all kind of say the same thing and what I noticed is this one had a ton of views so this was from two days ago already or almost two days ago and there's some from today as well just depends you know but it's all the recent recent past so it's all kind of fine still to cover because this one is from three days ago but I mean this one didn't really get any views anyhow so that doesn't really matter now I do want to let you guys or show you guys this video right here because that's gonna I guess kind of open up for you guys kind of get you a general understanding of the subject and what's going on I don't know if I can just show you guys two minutes of this I don't know if they you know the ads will allow it then I might have to do this without ads I don't really it doesn't matter too much but let's see you guys let's just try it out here I would might just cop or Paul and I said like pause it along the way let's talk about ripple as well there are some reports this week that ripple has attempted to kind of buy its way onto crypto currency exchanges like coinbase and like Gemini sure there's a lot of pay to play go alright so this is the first headline that they found so ripple has tried to buy its way on to major exchanges for cryptocurrencies so this is the fourth of April we already covered that I guess majorly because it was weekend world news that ripple was trying to buy into them and a lot of people got angry like look at what this currency is doing you know what I don't really see why it there's actually in the comment section there's also dividing line between people who said like why are you making Ripple video what are you doing and the other side of being you know like yeah ripple to the moon you know blah blah it's always just kind of divided but that's how you see again we're the people you know like the the pro ripple guys will say like okay that's just them trying to spread the word trying to get out there and the guess the bat side the anti ripple guys would be like you know it has to pay or it wants to pay to get on there you can see that it's corrupted and that kind of stuff but um going on in this space right now it seems exactly what do you make of that well first I think it's important to say that ripple is a legitimate company with legitimate investors a really experienced management team and is trying to solve some legitimately hard problems and and bring some change to to a regulated industry so I mean it's a regulated industry yeah so that again I guess that doesn't really directly that does not directly okay that does not directly confirm that rip was more regulated I guess the extra P I should say is not more regulated and by the way the ripple Argos extra P got its new logo on the cryptocurrency market cap sure as you can see right here it got his new logo I mean it has got it for a little bit but I'm just never showed you guys before oh but yeah as you can see they will not really deny that ripple is more centralized than other currencies and some of you guys think I was like you know what are you saying you idiot I still stand by that standpoint but yeah hats off to them they've made a lot of progress I think the truth is that there's more Western users on coinbase than any other exchange in the world right and so liquidity fav is favored by folks who operate a currency so you can see why XRP would want to be traded on coinbase duh duh I mean maybe this is interviews those four people have no idea what the eff coinbase actually is or how big coin basis maybe for like that an Asian person watching I don't like somebody over there who doesn't really know too much about coin base but we all you know as Westerners we know what it's all about we know how big that stuff is I guess there's some people watching from India as well so they might also be wondering like what coin basis or how big coin mace actually is but it would be the most major thing like where ripple could go towards right now when we Gemini's also step but coinbase is still you know a plus one on that so it's definitely the biggest step that they could get it is definitely the most I guess one of the most profitable things that they could do but mostly for them to get their name out to the whole world because as I guess it kind of on the contrary to what I said before but almost everybody knows Queen Bay's even though they might not know how big it is or what they you know there's a lot of people who know coinbase it's a very very big company now then it's so well known and I guess if you get your currency on there your currency just gets another major boost for first it's gonna get a major boost in volume because there's just another Fiat pair which is gonna be amazing because that's what a lot of people gonna use to cash out even though you know a lot of them now trait that XRP to BTC and then cash out or a theory or whatever like coin but then at that point everybody could just switch or I guess hold their ripple and then just cash out a lot easier than what they might be doing now so that would really be a very very big increase in volume also a market cap most likely because there's gonna be a lot more people buying ripple and also a lot more people just you know cashing it out which just gives them a better name I don't know anything about how the pay to play came to be whose idea was it and has it been effective before I don't know works out well for the crypto currency exchanges right so and do maybe do other exchanges yeah pointing out that you know many of the exchanges at least not in the US are taking you know minimum of 1 million dollars just to list I've heard it can be as high as 5 million or more like I just got a chisel here like 5 million dollars to list a coin oh my days oh my days five million dollars to list a coin I really know what they got that info from though but um I know for a fact that exchanges want payment to get your I guess some I should not say everyone maybe in there are six changes that don't and that kind of stuff but I know for a fact that there's exchanges that do want money to list your coin or I guess maybe I shouldn't say list but to make sure that your coin can be bought and sold yeah I guess it's list but to put it in a list literally to put your coin in there probably want to take money but to actually become operated you know for people to actually be able to sell and buy your coin it would really take a lot of effort for the exchange so I understand that they want something in return though I think what she's referring to here is the extra you know so on top of the cost of really installing everything on top of that they have to pay like five million just to get it on there but I guess that maybe works with the coin base or trim and I like some really really big exchanges like that maybe you know not like as an example crypto Pia or whatever like a BTC because I guess they just take a small payment I don't really know details of it too much into depth I know for sure that your Tokyo tax payments but yeah absolutely and being on a cryptocurrency exchange it is make-or-break for all of these crypto currencies I mean they are the kingmakers and they're the gatekeepers here they are what allow the broader community to access these assets oh yeah these companies can probably make that money back for them it's a good investment because once they sell their coins to the general public on that exchange then really it's a huge profit opportunity for them I think you pointed out use the magic word they're gatekeepers today right and gatekeepers Chan tend to charge rent or a toll on users so benefits of the advent of crypto is that we have fewer gatekeepers that that in fact the long term threat to centralized exchanges are decentralized exchanges where anyone can trade with anyone else without a some gatekeeper in the middle so I don't I don't have any problem with the fact that centralized exchanges take advantage of their market position and and charge maybe maybe coinbase doesn't but other exchanges who charge to be on the exchange that's fine but I think this is yet another reason why we want to centralize tech and decentralized exchanges yeah I do can't agree with you here yeah yeah let's just do totally agree with them that's just you know point blank I disagree what he said really really nicely but yeah I don't know if it's a good or bad thing really that those get centralized exchange is like coinbase don't or do take payments you know for listing a coin on the one hand it's just a better thing for the crypto itself you know for rip was an example it would be a big boost though the other hand it kind of you know pushes rippled towards decentralized side as well of you know they really pay to be I I don't really know if it pushes the ripple towards decentralized side and just because it's a centralized exchange hmm no but I guess yeah them not taking payments is a very good thing I mean we must have made there you know it just it's a good thing I do kind of like that I do kind of like that so yeah every one of these article is just going to talk about the same kind of thing so coin mace receives requests from ripple to list except Bitcoin on exchange ripple CEO once coin Bay's exchange to add extra peat Oakland to trading platform sooner than later here you can see ripple has been highly public publicized in the media lately which is largely due to their fast and transactions in fact it is presently the third largest cryptocurrency world by market cap however CEO bad aims to expand the reach submitting to a submitting a request to coinbase to list their crypto token xrp on their offensive apart form after declaring that would be supporting a theory ins blockchain usually 20 tokens in the future aha hmm so coin base has been extremely meticulous meticulous I've never heard this work before about the currencies that they led on their platform especially shying away from the currencies that could potentially be listed as security so that's what the whole debate was about before and this may have influenced by the impression that aetherium gave as the SEC suggested classifying it as a security and since then they decided that et reom see centralization was too much for it to be considered as security so this concern is no longer an issue so what this is saying here is that you know a theorem might have been in security before but you know that was like a big X towards it it's not a security because it's to's decentralized so yeah that's good but that's why it can come on coinbase now most likely so the ear XRP token is much different than the center security recently ripple labs was the victim of a class-action lawsuit haha yeah who can forget that so which was filed in San Francisco and the suit was filed in Superior Court by Ryan coffee who invested in ripple and claims that the token has always been a security much of his the suggestion is the result of comments made by the SEC already and the online discussions Maddox opinion if the court rules in of coffee then XFP would most likely rejected by coinbase with its security status and unlike typical lawsuits against cryptocurrencies the suggested fraudulent transactions and issues with I SEOs this concerns to Baba actually that doesn't really matter anymore but yeah you guys get the point there so that was all what it was about that is still what it is about so it doesn't really matter this is all from at the time doesn't matter there's no utility in a security he said alright so next one so coin based security Exchange vault or wallet fees and more oh that was just the thing that we pressed just now what coin base is I guess now we know that ripple XRP will be added to coin based will extra PC three dollars again so I don't want to title this video like that because you guys would go totally bananas I don't know what I should call it though but let's actually continue real quick here let's leave this one for last because that's the most interesting one so ripple CEO says Quinn Bay should add XRP I can kind of the same story here so as we solve problems at scale for institutions I think it is in coinbase interest to participate in that so that was a literal quote from CEO so ripple CEO bragging House has called on coinbase to add extra P to its supported cryptocurrencies he said that it is in a chat with Fortune on June 21st so that is this little thing that you can see right here this is June 21st on a fortune and coin base is the largest currency exchange platform in USA by trading volume coinbase will gain by listing XRP of course I mean here but the extra P currency / security debate it's still going on not really fixed yet so yeah it's just popular and ongoing not not finished yet I don't think that the ownership of ectopy gives us control Saudi Arabia owns a lot of oil that doesn't give them control olive oil this is again against the security kind of thing yeah so interesting interesting well rip OHRP and Oh X Z or X who get listed on coinbase well still dependence still depends so here you can see Quimby's recently announced that it will adopt III classic as one of his new Kryptos which was a big surprise for repo fans considering that x RP is the third largest in coin market cap you can see that line everywhere it's literally the same kind of thing everywhere but you might wonder like oh wait dusty why are you looking at seven different articles when you what it's all the same kind of info that is because you always want to be a little bit like you want to get your sources now just know you want to get your info now from one source so you want you know to match with different places so that's one quickly you know with you guys scrolling through them to just see like hey you can kind of see the same things coming back so the chance is bigger of the info in it to be true you know so the info in the article to be you know really thought out and true so when will join base adverb XRP this is again a kind of you know shady because when is always a question that you can never answer here you can can see again after Columbus added e3 classic many ripple investors became frustrated that coin business yet to announce that they will be adding a career plus RP and yet it is the third largest cryptocurrency that is again the same exactly so from this morn on you know when I read this the first time I was like okay I think they're just copying out from one source you know I think they're just looking at one thing it just copying and making you know a little bit of their own story from that because you know why why did they all start out with the same line that's kind of weird the even Brad made a case for coin based a trip or in an interview with a fortune some hours ago and the frustration let's actually look up Brad Garlin house fortune interview where we can find it right here let's see so that was that was here but let's just press that again now it let's just go is that the same thing right here I thought it was the same thing but they're like on the thumbnail you see Brad but in the video whatever so let's just actually maybe read through that article should we so we covered this oh no it didn't cover this one we covered this one a little bit we read through it here you can just see what I'm looking at it is again not too important it's just covering what the author articles have done as well it's just kind of the same info still just wanted to open it all up for you guys so a ripple extra piece should be available on coinbase I guess this is more towards the you know ripple pro the pro ripple side guys so speaking publicity publicly about the issue on Thursday ripple CEO Bret Conolly has argued that coinbase should I accept on its trading platform refuting claims that the token might fall under SEC authority that regulated security so that is still the reason why coinbase won't listen most likely and abroad vaulted the idea that xrp is a security saying that despite ripples ownership of xop the company has no control over the tokens since its ledger system exists independently and would still continue propagating even if the company repo ceased its operations suggestions suggesting that the critic receives decentralize just as Bitcoin and others so just give you an idea of what his argument is here if you didn't understand what he just said here it is that ripple and EXA pd token are split from each other that's what he also chose a different logo they are not the same thing they're separated and how ripple works and how extra P works doesn't really matter you know for this case X RP is not a security because it's what they said is because they are separated and here it's ledger system exists independently and would still continue to go on even if ripple the company and the mother company sort of would cease to exist so it would still be going on even if ripple labs would stop existing so that as good argument as to why it is actually not security since is decentralized going further he said that since X trapeze objective was to facilitate easier transactions for institutions it will be in corn-based interest but that is again towards the interest side for sty coinbase should actually go there and here you can see a little bit of what they offer to lista crypto but I mean 1 million dollars actually not that much to just let your crypto if you're agreeable mean it's number 3 and in the whole world so uh yeah here are big swings in the price of x RP the world third most valuable cryptocurrency have largely been driven by one factor in the recent months rumors that Co amazing largest US exchanges will be offering extra P to be totally honest with you guys I am yeah I do not have the best faith in it happening really soon but you can see that they're always kind of you know shaky about really letting it through coinbase is still not really right about it but then this article says like now we know that repo extra P will be added to coinbase will exceed $3 again so this is you know saying that hey it has happened it will be happening even though most of the other articles and other articles just say like no it's not really gonna happen I like this oral argument here that kind of good but yeah it's just it's just kind of vague still I don't really know how far we are I should just say that it's all about the verdict of that lawsuit if it's just you know labeled as not a security I think then it's just gonna happen because it is in coinbase interest they yeah it is literally in their interest and they don't really have something to say no like why would they say no then in that case if it's not classified as security for right now though yeah they have they have reasons to just reject it and just to be honest you know but yeah let's just close this article from fortune here let's check it out and then we'll be done so let me quickly just say guys be sure you check out my Twitter on Twitter I have a $500 giveaway if I hit 2,000 followers on there so just be quickly going over there and just smash that follow button also there's a giveaway for this video all you have to do is like the video comment something and join d discord that is one e to do discord is also just a cool place to hang out so it's really recommended that you do that and okay so the coin buys debate rage is on with regards to the addition of reflects RP very recently coinbase announced the listing of e theorem classic suggesting that at the very least coinbase are on track to continue increasing their portfolio which they already set they already said that there would be adding coins in this year and they've done so so there have been a few other news instances over the past few weeks however that are also pointing towards an almost definite coin based listing of for replace our P and as conclusions are drawn we can start to see how I just bumped into my microphone how various small events are leading up to an almost certain listing for x RP own coins haha and listing that will skyrocket the prize of XP and make it ripples currency far more accessible than ever before so actually they're kind of contradicting what they said in the title because it is not confirmed at all so no get your hopes up you can see it got 16,000 phew so a lot of people watch this is because it is clickbait literally you know when I make a title like this it will be about this and has to you know it would be it will have to be true so I will net ever put something like this in a title you know this this you could put in the title because you could talk about this you know will it ever see three dollars again and you could just literally explain as to why that could happen or you know you're gonna go over that pieces I guess question this though now that we know that ripple XP will be added to coinbase that is not true you know we don't know yet that yet so this is literally cook bait that is not yet true it's just kind of a useless article actually it's just kind of repeating the same but this one is just going in from the point as to where it is so here the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC are edging ever closer to declaring the status of ectopy ripple either a security or not we've recently reported on how some historic ruling may affect decision then so it doesn't really matter now we're just gonna still see what's gonna happen just kind of exclude coinbase from your head right now I mean it is not really going on it's not gonna happen and soon so get those thoughts out of your head all these articles were posted by you guys so that is how I got to them all and yeah it's just what a lot of people are thinking almost likely but get it out of your head and just wait patiently ripple is a nice coin still it's still a crypto so you know you can still always invest in it price-wise it's two hundred fifty cents mark so I'm not doing too too good not too shabby though because it's still a third on the coin market cap that was it for me guys signing out see you guys later in another video

33 thoughts on “HOT NEWS! Ripple (XRP) Added To Coinbase, Will That Ever Happen?”

  1. Bittrex doesn't charge a dime to get listed on their exchange. But you have to check every box on their qualifications. And they are a major exchange. Exchanges like binance that exploit their listee's are crimminals.

  2. You put Way too many adds, dont even know the word "meticulous" and pronounce "SEC" like a word. Unsubbed.

  3. With Bittrex and Binance adding USD trading, Coinbase will soon lose a lot of clout. Coinbase better make the leap to XRP soon, their time is running out. BTC: 1Yewwf3WK9EYdXKSQ2eK2H2ykDD5jqcUq

  4. Coinbase rejected 100 million dollars from Ripple and will not accept XRP, thats crazy, imagine how much $ Coinbase has to reject $100m

  5. Not a big fan of XRP. But did make some good profit during the last bull market, so i am greatful for it.
    If coinbase wanted to add XRP, they would have done by now. Most of the people believe that coinbase ain't adding XRP because its premined. But i don't think that's the case.
    Nano is a premined coin too. Some of coinbase investors and even Brian himself is very interested in it. But lets hope XRP aint added to coinbase. It would be a disaster for BTC.
    The more concerning thing for me now is privacy coins crack down. I read somewhere that US is up to something. I hope this fud will create more room for buying untraceable coins like Monero . DeepOnion, Zcash. They will be very costly someday , because harder the governments make it to get it more they value will be.
    What you think Dusty?

  6. I'm looking forward to XRP being added coz I have a few and during this big dip it took lesser hit than Tron, cardano and the rest of my portfolio

  7. Brad Garlinghouse doesn't really care if Coinbase list XRP or not. Ripple will still get most of banks and commerce to use xCurrent or xRapid. However, Brad Garlinghouse is looking out for the XRP hodlers. He wants to reward the XRP community for their support by urging Coinbase to add XRP.

  8. If u r asking "when", then your video's title is typical clickbait horse poop. U r better than that

  9. I think we need bears to leave but also normal people need to buy crypto as the bears are selling it so it’s not same individuals buying and dumping profiting in both directions because they have the money to Manipulate the crypto market

  10. At these l9w prices, I would rather have some XRP than not because I do see this coin bring used by banks and governments around the world and due to Ripple already having many relationships with banks.

  11. Won't happen anytime soon. Too many people hate ripple right now for being the centralized crypto, it hasn't officially been classified as not a security, and this whole rumour is resurfacing AGAIN because RIPPLE's CEO said Coinbase should do it.

    Coinbase doesn't give a crap what ripple wants. Don't get me wrong, I think XRP will be added to coinbase eventually, but they're focusing on ERC20 tokens right now (they said it themselves). This is purely speculation, AGAIN.

    I like the videos m8, but PLEASE…not another 'XRP on Coinbase!' rumour…

  12. It will happen but first the bear market has to end then it will be added for the moment it is a good time to stock up on ripple with moderation and caution

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