HOT Babes Prove Bitcoin Adoption Is Coming Sooner Than We Think!

hey yo what is going on viewers of the tube my name is Tyler up Chico crypto and welcome to kind of a special episode today I'm gonna be talking about the crypto markets a little bit but then we're gonna be asking hot babes hopefully what they know about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so to begin the crypto markets they had a nice little dump we raised up over to five thousand four hundred and within the matter of 24 hours we're back down to 5050 is it's just a healthy correction or are we going to be going down further a lot of people are saying three thousand high threes is in the forecast I don't believe it I believe this is just a healthy correction and we will be seeing the markets going up here soon do you know anything about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency absolutely nothing you know like what bitcoin is by don't know you know it's a type of money yeah yeah yeah so well I'm a cryptocurrency youtuber so that's what I'm out here doing I talk about it so you guys are the first ones and it's a thumb sideways it's okay well watch my channel and you'll learn okay Chieko crypto have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you've heard of it yeah what do you know about it so I don't have it and I like like I used to have like all right so it's it's like some type of exports exchange well kinda it's up and down you know but we're at it slow alright so have you ever thought of getting into cryptocurrency yourself and investing and my husband Steven did it just somehow didn't stick with it and now he's doing another another thing right but so if the price starts going up and it gets back up you know $20,000 a Bitcoin but will he jump in your husband that's the worst time to get in is at the top you know right now answer what do you know about cryptocurrency have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yes what do you know it's way too expensive yes it is it's about 5050 dollars right now though Bitcoin is Bitcoin the only one you've heard of aetherium yep yep Ripple okay XRP I don't like ripple okay yeah have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yes you have so what do you girls know cyber money cyber money yeah that's all you know about any other crypto currencies all coins I know like about Forex like trading and stuff like that but that's funny so crypto is a little bit different it's basically immutable money so they can't print new ones you know like beot they can inflate it so it's basically a new type of money bitcoins the number one but now they're coming out with other ones left and right and people are falling in love with them kind of like I'm falling in love with you girls right now and the question I'm gonna ask you is do you know anything about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yes you do do you really yeah what do you know uh so I'm a financial auditor for a living really oh yeah oh wow so kind of know about ethereal oh there we go I'm actually a crypto youtuber Chicco crypto oh I talk about I feel like it's gonna crash one day and then everybody's lose all their might but don't you see the value in a global decentralized immutable ledger but what's the underlying value that is based on the hashing power the computers that are securing the network there's a lot of miners yes yes and it's immutable it's the first time in human history if just one person puts out Oh cryptocurrencies falling and then enough people jump on that dragon vinegar but it always seems to recover that coin does say I mean people have been calling its death since it started I don't I feel like it will die eventually the entity yeah all right well I'm gonna have any assets to sell mg coop any well guess what I'm a hundred percent in cryptocurrency I stay away from Fiat I hate the Ock yeah cuz you can print it with Bitcoin you can never print another Bitcoin even if you wanted to I feel like it's gonna die oh all right well so that is a negative for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so it's going pretty good chicks know about this much about Bitcoin you know cryptocurrency not too much the mostly only Bitcoin but we would expect that what I want to talk about though now is some crypto currencies I'm looking at all coins the ones they didn't know about alas dose is a big one because of the World Bank stuff that's going on last dose is in talks with the World Bank to create some sort of registry and they've had three meetings so far and created a joint task force for research so alas those Christ's have been reacting healthy to that it's over $4 when it got down to a low of a dollar 90 something I think so that one I'm looking at another one is 0x protocol why am I looking at 0x is because there's going to be some sort of financial incentive for token holders so staking something like staking not necessarily has it been announced that it's taking but some sort of financial incentive and I think it will come from staking but one of the cofounders of 0x actually put out a tweet saying they have a proposal release so that's big news all right my question for you is have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yes yes what do you know about it not much not much but you've heard of it where did you hear it from I have my boyfriend your boyfriend okay and what is he invested or he just told you about it he told me about it he's done a few things with it in the past but I couldn't tell you is I'm not very knowledgeable of it but I have heard of it would you ever consider investing yourself in cryptocurrency I believe so it's becoming like up-and-coming right yes yes right now is the time to buy it actually yeah it's in its low so even what what goes down must come up and what goes up must come down you know anything about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency nope not a thing I know they have stocks and it's like one of the toughest but hey it that's better than a lot of people all right do you know anything about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency no I mean I know it's like an app and but that's about it that's about it yes all right have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yes Bitcoin the internet internet coin yeah the Internet man yes yes so you've heard of that yes have you ever heard of alt coins or other crypto currencies no I don't think so would you ever invest in crypto currency like Bitcoin you don't think so no no all right have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency yeah yeah and what do you know about it um I feel like as much as any other average person yeah I know I know that it has its ups and downs and it's currently down yep it's good to invest it and sorry it's okay it's okay it's good to invest and then just keep it with you for a couple years it's called that's called hotwing in the currency space so are you invested or would you ever consider investing um I put 20 vault illa $20 in like years ago into Bitcoin really yeah and you still hold that I mean after the like big bubble burst okay I hold less of it yep I mean I still hold more than 20 I think but then it was like when everyone was buying into Bitcoin and turned into like $400 yep and I didn't pull it out oh-ho same with me don't worry I got wrecked yeah completely wrecked my question for you is have you ever heard of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency you should get a QR code for a sign and people could tip you in Bitcoin yeah it would be a smart move I would I would if I seen a guy holding up a sign with their QR code I could send you Bitcoin and then you could you know get the money all right well thank you for answering the question god bless you good day of asking the ladies what they know about Bitcoin mostly it was positive you know they actually knew what cryptocurrency while mostly Bitcoin but some of them even knew what alt coins were aetherium like coin so that's a positive sign you guys I mean this is the demographic that shouldn't know much about cryptocurrency and they do so as you can see mass adoption it's on its way and crypto is going to the moon

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  2. "You can never print another bitcoin if you wanted to…" WOuldn't be SoSo sure of yourself… Already happened at least once with BTC in 2010, and they basically did the exact same thing Ethereum did with the Dao Hack, and rolled the chain back to nullify the attacker's booty, if you know what I'm sayin'.

  3. That was kind of depressing. The smartest person talking said it was a tulip bulb going away. But we did find a $20 hodler. 🙁 Oh my aching bags.

  4. 03:51 Babe #5

    "i am a financial advisor"… 
    chico:"what do you know about cryptos?" .. 
    Babe #5
    :"hhmmmm aahhmm … ehhhh … hmmm .. i think its going to die, i think all investors will lose their money" 
    chico: "FIAT, printing, hashing power?"
    Babe #5
    "hmmm i feel like its going to die"
    obviously no clue about central banks… and worst of al, she says: I FEEL LIKE ?! I FEEEEEEEL LIKKEEE ?!!!! are you kiding me? as professional advisor? making investment descisions upon feelings… ok, i got it, thats the FIAT world today

  5. The bums probably hold bags of xrp… And waiting for It to go up so he can get fiat to pay rent. Hehe.. last time at the bitcoin atm a bum came up to me claiming that “back in the days" you could put the coins on usb stick… I then asked him how much btc he was holding and more complicated questions about btc… Then he looked at me puzzled and left…. What was this video actually about? I didnt really get the point…

  6. Blows my mind how someone that spends little time learning about crypto will say it will die with no real argument….. wait a sec actually it doesn’t blow my mind lol noobs! Btc to the moon!!!

  7. Great vid man, probably the exact same responses had you asked people about the internet in 1994. That financial adviser should know that the only underlying value of a dollar is faith. We're born just knowing what money is, no one tells you to believe in it, it just is. Hard mindset to break for most people

  8. If it weren't for the husbands and boyfriends they probably would have never heard of it.
    women are half the population. eek.

  9. that's cool how many people know of it now. i see cryptos very clearly going extremely huge right around the corner in price very huge bigger than dec 2017

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