Horizen and Students for Liberty – Freedom Through Cryptocurrency

Hello everyone My name is Angie Villarreal and I’m very happy because today we are having a collaboration with the guys from Students for Liberty, Tec de Monterrey Chapter in which we are going to be talking about how Horizen which is a technology platform focused on blockchain can relate to a movement that promotes freedom and the empowerment of people. Stay with us! Hi, I’m Juan Pablo Loya from Students for Liberty , Tec de Monterrey Chapter We are part of the biggest ONG pro-liberal of bachelor students, which seeks to defend social and economical freedom through leader empowerment. I’m Francisco Salgado, also part of Students for Liberty and we are going to talk about how the new technologies can relate to the empowerment of the citizens and their freedom. How does the idea sound, that the banks sell your financial information to third parties? Well, this idea is not good, for two reasons: The first one is that I trusted the bank with my information and they betrayed me, and second , it worries me what these third parties can do with this information. Because they can benefit from it through me, or advertise something. Also, do something that can be harmful to me by selling it or that somebody go into their system and hack the information with bad purposes. To put me in danger or compromise my safety. Would you like to have an alternative , that is not from a bank or from a government that you can use and can make you feel freer? Yes, I would like to, the idea sounds very interesting but If I’m going to do this, I would need more information about it, and how my life would change with this new movement. But it sounds very interesting. Do you know what a cryptocurrency is, and how does it work? Yes, in summary it is a currency and it works as such. and it works as such. To make transactions and move money or whatever but in an electronic way and you can not see it it does not exist physically. Do you know how the use of cryptocurrencies, relate to your privacy and your personal information? Well, from what I know, cryptocurrencies only need to have a user and a password to be able to be used. On the contrary, with banks you need to give them your address, your phone number, different ID’s to be able to make transactions. So, with a cryptocurrency you have less tracking from the one that is making the transaction or the bank, instead of using real money or debit- credit cards that need more information from you, to verify that it is you. Do you feel that you are a truly “free” citizen? In one word, no. Independently of the country you live in, we live in a globalized world and full of internet, where whatever you say all your data is published, and companies can obtain your data. So, despite you make certain things, people can easily know about it. So I don’t think I’m a free person and that I do have full privacy in this sense. Based on the interviews, there were a lot of people that did not know how a cryptocurrency works and how it related with their economical freedom. So I would like for you to explain us more about cryptocurrencies. Well, in fact, something very interesting Paco, is that There is this notion that cryptocurrencies are kind of a weird-hippie concept but the truth is that they emerged about a decade ago As an alternative or economical solution to provide freedom to people. We at Horizen, have our own cryptocurrency which is ZEN and through our blockchain, people are free to be able to send money with ZEN or send their ZEN to their friends or family in a free way. Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies do not belong to any government, nobody is the owner or has property of them But it is more a participation in consensus I would like to know Paco, what do you think about how people can empower themselves and have freedom through these kind of alternatives? Yes, sure. I think it has to do with the freedom and privacy in the way that they do not need to give all their data to the financial institutions to be able to use the services. They can use this platform in a simple way in which they don’t need to worry to make money exchanges, transactions with taxes but that their money is valued, as well as their economical freedom. and that nobody has important information about them. Sure, I think that what you say about privacy is something key, because to us, as our slogan says “Bringing privacy to life” means that we want to provide these technological tools These technical knowledge, summarize it and make it available for people to understand it. Through products and services that Horizen can provide. And that people can choose, whether to send any crypto, any of it and I can select which one and when to send it Practically to anywhere in the world and I think that is something very important that technology has given us. To be able to truly choose the way that we transact between each other. We at Horizen have that mission, to be able to promote these values to other people not only with ZEN but with other products and services. And also by providing this education to people. The financial institutions, know perfectly that with the utilization of their services, commiting fraud is inevitable. But in the case of blockchain, is like being on a poker game, in which the participants use records. Each one of them registers this transactions how much do they owe to each other At the end, everyone by checking all the records of those transactions, it is not possible that if somebody wants to change those records, they would validate that change. It is the same with blockchain, you have such a huge amount of nodes that it does not matter how much they want to attack the network to change the information, it would not be enough to hack the network. So, if you would like to know more information about it you can contact us in our facebook We from Horizen, invite you to continue researching more about these subjects, about what is blockchain technology is and how it enhances privacy. As our slogan says : “Bringing privacy to life” We invite you to know more about decentralized applications and how technology can enhance even more these values in pro of humanity Please follow us, and keep yourselves updated to follow our social media via webpage, facebook, twitter etc also our latin american channels thank you a lot and that’s it!

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