HOQU ICO is HOT: Crypto Investments

friends welcome to my blog on ICO for January 2018 I want to present you with an amazing ICO God Hoku I have done my due diligence and I've looked at the research is done by the various communities and the ICO offerings boku is the future of marketing is the world's first decentralized affiliate program and it has a amazing white paper which they shed in the offering Hoku dot IO website it has a telegram and a business case model where there is a huge appetite for this product in the down in the near future it leverages blockchain which is amazing it talks about affiliate program and what is an affiliate program if you've seen Amazon eBay YouTube or any of the other channels are the bar but they all have affiliates so you have someone who's selling stuff and then you have affiliates promoting them presently you have banks intermediaries and advertising that take away a lot of dollars in middle however with Hoku its decentralized its blockchain so money and value goes from the merchants to the affiliates without having to go through any of the intermediaries who cost a lot of money so that's the use case that's the business model and it leverages blockchain the white paper is very well written it is informated and I do not want to make this a long video however I wanted to share that this is a project that I believe in and I have heavily invested into it my referal link I will share at the end of the description in the description of this video

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