36 thoughts on “Honeyminer Review: How To Mine Cryptocurrency For Free!”

  1. you made me curious, I'll definitely try this app…I'm still a bit skeptical about crypto currency, but after reading some more reviews about HoneyMiner I think I'm more confident about the authenticity of it.

  2. You guys are working hard on ethereum but you are increasing the fluctuations that will never get it trusted as a reliable investment. One more such event and your coin can go bust for a very long time and get out competed. People run the risk of losing real money here not, trust in the future money.

  3. You talk about mining still when you are against "that crazy hashing". Power cost is not given away for charity .

  4. Forrest you are great bro! Happy you are making videos about crypto currency. 🙂 keep up the great work bro!

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