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  1. The main reason this movie fails for me: Bruce Wayne's pain and suffering is more spoken of than explored visually (no nightmares, PTSD, etc.). He's a cripple, comes back, gets crippled again, and no real philosophical weight is given to the theme of pain and suffering during cripple time. Also, half the movie is supporting characters without sufficient growth and weight to carry the movie. Like, why should I care about John Blake and Selina Kyle? I liked Bruce, Alfred, Fox, and Gordon because they gave the movie weight. Now, they're pushed aside for the n00bs? Who cares?

  2. This movie pissed me off so much!

    Everyone acted against type; Alfred left Bruce, Bruce left Gotham, Selina Kyle managed to woo Bruce, because? and most egregious John "Robin" Drake?!

  3. You missed one:
    "How can the Gotham City Police rush headfirst at Bane and his men in the finale, wielding nothing but melee weapons, when Bane's men have machine guns and would have just mowed everybody down in seconds?"

    Seriously, that would've been a fucking meatgrinder. I knew I was watching a kinda dumb movie, but that entire finale sequence completely broke my suspension of disbelief so hard that I started openly laughing in the cinema while I was watching it.

    And it's STILL better than Jurassic World.

  4. I liked this one more than Batman Begins! Your questions have me feeling foolish! That's it, I'm only watching your videos I think I'll like. So far, it's only been all of them!!!!

  5. I liked this movie quite a bit, despite the negative reputation it received, and a couple of plot problems. But – I can't believe Honest Trailers didn't talk about the ridiculous silliness of Bane's voice! ("Mumbling" is just a tiny part of it.)

  6. One of the questions that should be asked is:
    How did Bruce Wayne have get a grave if he is alive and has no body to Barry?

  7. There's an important scene shown towards the end of the film in which Lucius reminisces about the autopilot not being equipped; meanwhile, a technician clarified that an update was put in place by Bruce Wayne himself for autopilot. So, to answer the question regarding him swimming, he ejected himself way before the Bat flew across the water. The visual on him that we see seconds before the bomb goes off could simply be from within the cockpit of either an ejection pod or a ground vehicle.

  8. (starring) "KRISTEN STEWART'S MOUTH "I can't help laugh out loud at that part.

  9. Seeing Batman in daylight bugs me everytime. It's like…. Dunno, seeing Xenormorphs at the beach..

  10. I think Batman would have faired better against bane if he didn't hang up his batsuit for 8 years and got rusty.

  11. The most irritating is his moping over Rachel. I never got what Rachel wanted in the entire franchise. First she rejects Bruce because she thinks he is a playboy then she rejects him for being Batman, then she strings along both Harvey and Bruce like its nothing. and Bruce fights his butler cum parent over this girl who barely showed any care for him?

  12. My dad loves this movie and I haven't seen it in seven years which is why I'm going to watch it on Friday.

  13. Ok if name broke his back and Bruce recovered in minutes everybody would get mad but if bane breaks his back and recovers in. 33 minutes everyone gets mad

  14. -(When Bane had 3000 police officers trapped under the sewer)
    That 's almost the same situation as African slaves literally jammed into the slaveship by European slave traders, which were enough to suffocate many of them. Same results never happened to them? The sewer had enough washrooms for all of them?
    -Batman was crippled from the beginning of the film, his back was broken after the first fight with Bane, and he was malnourished in the pit, but was magically cured by a chriroprator who didn't even have medical equipment along with him?
    -Blake's attempt to cross the bridge with the kids
    Even with most of the police force being corrupt, how can they be so stupid enough to blow the bridge?
    Even for a casual movigoer less sensitive with plot holes, this is a weak script with many more issues. This movie is nowhere near bad as TASM2 or B&R, but such a missed opportunity which could have been the epic finale

  15. Dang. RedLetter and Honest Trailers really didn't even look for the answers to most of their questions. Pretty much answered by the film. Amazing film.

  16. I understood every clip of Bane's voice played in this video….overall, this is a very nit picky review of this movie that criticizes extremely insignificant details that NOBODY would be interested to see explained. Figure it out for yourselves

  17. I noticed that the plot is pretty similar to The Dark Knight. Where Joker gave detonators to blow the other carriage-train off, Bane gave a detonator to blow a nuclear bomb. What is up with Nolan's villains trying to prove that society is evil? It's a stupid motivation.

  18. Gotta admit, this was probably the more disappointing Nolan films I've ever seen and that's saying a lot since I love his movies. I think it mostly had to do with trying to follow the masterpiece that was TDK. That, and the hype that was surrounding it. It wasn't bad, but there just wasn't anything special about it either.

  19. My theory of why this movie sucks so bad is because Christopher Nolan started hanging out with those douchebags it did the final season of Game of Thrones. They all got drunk and then just stop caring about their product.

  20. Damn, it's about 7 years later, and I still can't get over how much I disliked this movie when I saw it, simply because:
    • Bruce took his retreat right after the end of TDK, which is so not like Batman, who's one of the most determined super-heroes in the DC Universe, the most focused on his 'mission'.
    • Bane had no venom drug to get stronger, which is like… why even bother putting Bane in the movie, really? Why not Deathstroke?
    • Talia Al Ghul made some bullsh!t plot-twist at the end where she was like "you know how Bane told you his pretty-much-comic-book-accurate back-story where he was a kid raised in a prison? Zoïnk, it's actually my backstory!" and I was SO pissed about that back then, the cheap M. Night Shyamalan plot-twist for the sake of surprising people.
    • Bruce Wayne faking his death sucks. Yeah, I said it. What's interesting about Batman is how his existence is a tragedy, because he can't handle the idea of stopping being Batman, he has to have no other choice to do it. In "The Dark Knight Returns", he was forced to step down by the US Government, and even that didn't stop him from going rogue, putting the cowl again and going toe-to-toe with Superman. But here? First chance he gets, he fakes his death and lets everyone believe he died (except Alfred, and maybe Lucius Fox who probably suspects something)?! How messed-up is that?! He even leaves Gotham behind! Like Honest Trailers said, unless he goes through surgery, people should immediately recognize him…

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