Holochain vs Blockchain

Holo Holochain vs Blockchain So Holochain has a bunch of advantages over blockchain, for one thing there’s no bottlenecks at all because you are writing directly to your own local source chain and sharing to a distributed hash table which is a an eventual consistency approach so there’s no bottlenecks and being able to do the transaction and share the information. The other thing is really that there’s two core underlying fallacies that most distributed computing technologies are built on including blockchain. One is that data has some kind of independent existence from that’s separate from where it was authored. The other is that universal time is possible, and desirable and so you have blockchain as a strategy to solve these problems to manage some universal list of tokens in some universal sequence and they pretend they manage consensus about this but what they basically do is have a lottery to have a particular vantage point a particular viewpoint win. The word consensus really isn’t connected to any human use of the word consensus. And it takes massive processing power, and then there’s strategies for randomizing who gets to commit the next block [those] take even more processing power and electricity and It what what happens in Holochain is that you can build private applications, manage who participates, be able to have them scale to the size of Twitter or Facebook, you know like massive scale, which things just on blockchain can’t operate that way yet, and probably never will.

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  1. What about security issues … either on the dedicated Holo Box or computing devices (phone, tablet, computer)?

    If the Box or computing devices are offline (powered off), how would one retrieve the data or an app that is stored on that device?

    Backup?! How is this performed … securely?

    Seems like a cool, new way of computing (which I obviously do not understand completely) but like the Internet in the early 90's, there seems to be a lot of details to be worked out to make these "chain" technologies an everyday transparent application.

    Actually these "chain" technologies reminds me of an episode of the HBO series "Silicon Valley" where the lead character (Richard Hendricks) creates a similar technology that runs on everybody's mobile device … but ends up not working out too well.

    Looking forward to learning more about this!!!

  2. First time here hearing about Holochain. Obiviously I need to do more research on this; I am a full time innovations investor and researcher. I think an important part about blockchain becoming mainstream was the addition of cryptocurrencies on top of it, allowing everyday Joe to invest.

    How are you going to attract people to this new for of chain technology, is that even in the plans? And for people like me who love investing in the innovation phase.. What kind of opportunity is this?

  3. the project sounds interesting, but the community everywhere is very small ….. how will you ever get the people "onboard" ?

  4. BITCOIN/BLOCKCHAIN is obsolete, maybe last bitcoin will be mined with a extraterrestrial planet full of machines, but is certainly its real value, is unsustainable, expensive, limited but hard to get, the pioneer, the mother,.. and money and currencies will have the backsupported lost in 1970. bitcoin is the gold backsupporting the economy, proof of work cryptocurrencies maybe will be for biggest transactions, proof of stake pioneer cryptocurrencies maybe the money for middle transactions and holochain tecnology to make day to day..

  5. HEY HOLOCHAIN . we come from vietnam. and we love your project. we will buy 20 bitcoin for hot. GO TO MOON 1 USD/HOT IN 2019

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