Holochain LEGIT or Pump and Dump?? $HOT Holofuel vs. Elastos $ELA

Hey good afternoon viewers of the Chico army and any new viewers my name is Tyler swamp of Chico crypto and welcome to the one and only crypto and of course a cold one today's featured brewski comes from founders brewing it's there all day IPA a sessions IPA a ol it sounds like or do you have her brew poured not brewed Adam brew this myself it's good it's got a little citrus cap game let's go Tyler so a hot topic and a crypto that has been pumping like a garbage truck ready to dump the crypto I'm sure you're aware of is hollow chain and just by looking at the price chart from the past week you can see the price has been getting pumped day after day for the past few now is this a pump and dump or is this the market catching on to some revolutionary technology those are the questions that jumped into my head yesterday morning so today I would like to analyze what hollow chain brings to the table and if it's a good idea to keep this coin on our radar what can hollow chain be described as well the best way is hollow chain is not a block chain and their white paper explains the queue were built for fundamentally different use cases the block chain needs to keep a global consensus and this is done because every node of the network maintains the same state of the network which is protected by some sort of work mining staking authority hollow chain is different it does away with the blockchain but uses some of the technology they combined number one hashing number two digital signatures and number three disturb you did has tables to form their own tamper proof distributed ledger and it's quite different than normal block chains to understand it we need to look at what of each of these three things do so hashing it's a technique that collapses a bunch of data into a type of alphanumerical fingerprint so say the data was some words that formed a message you have the input of words which is then hashed by a cryptographic function and then the out push is some hash some changing just one word the message with no longer maps of proper hash for computer systems say you download an application if you make sure you download it with the proper hash you're making sure there's no viruses or malware attached to it the second piece of hollow chain is digital signatures which is based on dual key cryptography dual key cryptography is a basic but highly used technique in computer science with this there is a public key like a username that is shared with the world and a private key like a password that is not and is highly protected so digital signatures are a way for a person to access data or a message data goes through a hash function to make a hash which is then encrypted using the signers or let's say application providers private key they are the only ones that have access to it so this creates a digital signature which can represent a certificate of true data so if a user wants to download the data and make sure it's safe and not altered in any way they can look at the signature decrypt with the signers or application owners public key this would then decrypt the hash which they could then verify a sequel meaning the data enclosed with a signature is what the signer provided if the data or message was altered in some way the signature wouldn't check out if someone tried to sign the message without knowing the private key they couldn't so number three distributed hash tables it's a class of distributed systems that provide a lookup service that allows any participating node in a network the ability to retrieve the values associated with a given hash key a basic example of this a node just asked its peers on the network who has a file with TAS 24 AE 22 XY the node then download chunks of the file based on whoever it has near them and then combines them to form a full file so hollow chain they're creating a peer-to-peer distributed hash table combined with digital signatures and hashing functions hashing ensures data transferred is exactly what was requested digital signatures ensure no one can mess with a ledger for example without leaving a trail of signatures in the distributed hash table decentralized as the story of data so it's hosted by the community instead of centralized servers and by large enterprise companies global consensus is not managed by everyone every participant in the system has their own signed hash chain which is countersigned for transactions involving others after any data is signed onto a local chain it is shared with the peer-to-peer distributed hash table all nodes in the network run the same validation rules and if one of those break the rules the hash table rejects their data and their chain is forked away from the hollow chain each application bill will be its own pqp distributed hash table away from the main hollow chain this means consensus rules don't apply in transactions per second do not matter hollow chain admits the project is good for certain types of D app where you can share collaborative data without a centralized control such as social networks supply chains cooperative p2p platforms collective intelligence and even more and that even more includes a mutual credit crypto currencies so let's get into that the currency portion of hollow chain hollow chain ran and ICO where investors got temporary ERC 20 tokens called hollow tokens and these are transferable to the actual currency of the platform hollow fuel hollow chain explains that currencies including Bitcoin are based on fiat tokens are minted by line of code and the resulting tokens are traded for fiat this requires global consensus as movement of the coins need to be tracked hollow fuel on the contrary works like a credit and debit accounting system whenever a person or application wants something from another type of node the system subtracts Hall of fuel credits from the person wanting something and adds more Hall of fuel to their account for performing the wanted action this means the supply of hollow fuel is dynamic and Hall fuel is an asset back cryptocurrency which makes it value stable not price table the market will decide the price but will determine by its value it provides computing power and storage the fuel is what is used to pay hosts for data storage and processing but in a debit and credit type manner now the big question I had is where do these initial credits come from well for my research after the maintenance all the tokens are distributed to the corresponding ICO holders accounts on the hollow chain from a single account called the hollow account this becomes a debt for the hollow account which slowly reduces by taking percentages of transaction fees the only question I have is doesn't this leave a massive debt in the system which will never be resolved now hollow chain is impro qing on a coin I really loved trying to create a new type of inner in it you know the coin alas toes so how does it compare to ela from my understanding hollow chain would be considered an application layer alas dose is a base layer alas this is basically moving away from the traditional tcp/ip protocol to more secure one where truly secure p2p connections can be made it's truly a new Internet and it's not a new paradigm for distributed applications like hollow chain the last dos runtime the VM make the connections even more secure as it's written in C++ and so can directly interact with the kernel of the underlying devices thus eliminating data leakage and man-in-the-middle attacks now hollow chain will be working a top tcp/ip but they are still working to make secure p2p D apps using the DHT in distributed storage I know some people in the hollow chain community will say it's superior to last O's because it uses distributed hash tables instead of blockchain thing is though is that alas toast also uses DHT for pretty much everything including their carrier only IDs are stored on the blockchain which if we jump back to an infographic of hollow chain it looks like IDs will be stored on the main chain to the question I have here is how are those IDs secure if the blockchain is not securing them it's obvious hollow chain and alaska's have very similar goals and there are way more aspects to both projects and of course this is just a very general overview of the – the devil will be in the details I think alas dose is more developed and has thought through more aspects in general and it's a way more grand vision than hollow chain the hollow chain has very interesting propositions for application environments and ecosystem I am very intrigued to see how this developed for both of them maybe there won't be one without the other Cheers and as always I'll see you tomorrow

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  1. The tech is really cool but the concern I have with this is will it give the end user more value and better experience than what he already has?

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  5. Holochain has a very academic team who have a great product, if it gets adopted will change the internet, and Holochain is American and will be subject to stringent SEC regulations which gives security for investors..

  6. so are we supposed to take you seriously because every time you do a video you are pissed. you never know what one beer can do.

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