HODL Your XRP the TIME is Near

alone C and Arrigo , a technical difficulties it
started some parts of us and I think we
have done it to your tights you up Alps and if a line up as L a new , tapings of extra a new town of an inch to alone and in the array and I hear up as the testing of proper stream going on and kids and inning all you know what , use smart alive its up alone and we’re live again alive for the second time at
least for me any ways of weir’s
my microphone marigolds skit that all situated I think
we will be good and it’s pretty funny and we got here I got a couple
people bounce in an Anne Oliva open sorry for the
delay as you come in on to the chat
here on it was posted as private and August in a minute to people on start popping into
the chat and make sure it’s a
niece NAZI it’s now public and that is working all’s tea to be working to happen on line and near the top of his ring a teen and said it’s better and what’s going on here alone stone not coming through an array think it believe it is Orkin now let’s
see here and is actually showing up lives
and I started the stream on is
private and economists that up
and started talking and non and Nadine really work out as
planned so we just give it a
minute to a need to put this out
Severn get this out on nine and twitter real quick and we got here and what’s going on with his son an array and a couple people
coming in and I watch a right think that’s coming through
correctly and given a minute here too and tough it’s working properly
are not as look like it’s working properly and why annoying through the body login and if you can of indicate a NAFTA stop this again
we login hears that that’s
running I can tell fits running
properly and not as really crazy alone and me close is said and seven
and there we go and if a guy got working a Tom and high star is so any
house I started streaming and are private and I was
talking barely a stalking myself
so that it meant on my realize
that was a streaming and then
talking all is good in the world of
video streaming on you to donate one thank everybody for
joining us tonight after watching a
hours and hours of a Ute
extremes so it’s been streaming
and I actually I started another segment before
that on and then I realize that
it was of it was set up under a
private so I stopped a stream o and then I’m looking at to a
tribal to stream of my phone and
realize that the highways stream
and under private originally so
a on is absolutely awesome so of I’m so glad you guys are
joined in got excerpt the
minutes so far of excerpt the angel Connie day
and and Anthony Kang woods of
Dana Thompson of glitzy so anyhow and yet
there’s so much going on and I
know it just it’s all consuming
because we go from streamed a
stream and at this up wake up early in
the morning Indian I still
streaming and so on and then
trying to catch up with
everything so I’ of getting together sharing
information on and really
jumping into that the different
streams that are available so and there are so many different
options out there and tonight , noticing that Tom we had a on tea and up on an aide to time just a brat,
cans or you know he was up he
was a streaming and his stream of the ad Jan
eight in on a stream and that to
me is just super super
impressive and it’s so
meaningful of when y the 14 year old of out their
streaming up on you to now I see a 14 year old on the line
you to on you know isn’t it is in unique because you have
tons of 14 year olds out their
streaming on you to what is
unique and Oliver is a 14 year
old b it though currency digital
assets and excerpt he and that tale marriage and when you’re 14
years old on what you’re doing and if you
had access onto muted streaming
you were to be on the Ide gaming
prank side or would you be on t in a scene and involved with and
of the adult streamers and it’s it’s awesome and I can
tell you be oz with a group of
men years ago of men we add to a high school
kid showed up with his with his
dad of Tunis to this grew up and we
basically adopt them into the
group and ice on recently years
later and in on I had a chance to talk
to is all grown up now and the NDS and Atty. living in
New York City and it was just
super oppressive yet to see how
we developed and everything
wants on so you know so here we have tied in again 14 years old and
it’s phenomenal hello use really
been you know I adopted into
this community you have a sea has an amazing
dad that there really pushed
down and motivated them on into
getting into law a streaming a
Newton and OS talking about you know
passion again if they backed do
you know 20 are younger and an a and you think about what we
passionate about on in your
single digits people in your of
78910 years old and what we passion about when
you entered into your double
digits into your teens on and it
that passion all of through with
yo a liquor to the live stream glad
that you made on to know that I just wanted to
mention that in and a jump into
what deny stream and and seen everybody chatting and
then really getting along in the
in this community is phenomenal
a and so on I wanted to you get a DC one to ID can join us on why did pick up a little bit,
on what Dion ID on a band not
had been talking about Tina like
Anthony that’s exactly right exc and you see these kids that you
know it’s almost like to and a
second nature for them begin on
the tablets and on computers and an offer for bad but to it that
some of it’s such a great idea of so does just a wanted to get
some feedback of the guys wanna
give feedback on this it’s all
right on has to do with on top
of and appreciate that in a lease up and 1 to 1 of anno Edward what’s
going on and should join in on a Sunday
and I was talking about of the possibility of the U.S.
dollar on display saying are of
being displaced on has a up and
as a global reserve currency or
a now be brought up a little bit
about a China and Russia you
obviously of ample terrier
motives on how we we entered
into a numbe a up the we went from multi
hegemonic the state players on
meeting the years in the world
with the Soviet Union on with
the Unit on and really had the lead by
example I always believe it’s
good when there’s a positive
counterbalance we talk about
competitio a little bit further on in gap
Il Johnny bullock Serbian and
what’s up a glad you joined on
to the live stream of wood got a
cou on Johnny ex john Abel excerpt
he is someone that on my Riesling met, online
jumping into his live stream the
live streams about on Ta on on excerpt he on
digital assets of originally found them through
one I believe as ID live on and
then jumped into the EU to on
and then joined a subscribe is
ch excerpt he of minute, with this
is well on don’t have to rub for
those of you the known for those
of you that died don’t know of on deftly check check out a
check out that the channels on
excerpt the minute the eyes and
is in doing some phenomenal stop
live so upsetting us to get into a the U.S. ID a potentially of
being displaced again as a a as a global reserve currency now
if you have China and Russia and
this something that deny it
talked about on really that has
th a war on that done it there really wanting to a
change that relationship
obviously the Chinese you one or
the Russian ruble neither one of
them are the Russian currency of you
being involved up from a trade
perspective on and that that does leave a hope in the question is what
DN I had been talking about in
and week, push that a little bit is to 10 determine is it
possible, is it possible to have
a decentralized digital asset it isn’t controlled or
manipulated by state actor on as
a viable option to or a replacement of a data and the U.S. dollar is a
reserve currency or is the
predominant that you know truck
currency or trade and I think
that’s do they have an ulterior motive
a nation off for attempting to displace of the U.S. dollar and
I think that’s that’s an
important question for us all to
ask and then to discuss a little
bit more in depth the OS week as we
think about it so all me just jump up here
thereupon there are couple
statements and wanted to jump in
on your own a second and a scroll back up on day and then I appreciate
that the question about of
bullish on and the and that the
new world order on that
something that’s and it’s something that you know
still bothers me you know mainly
because I knew ward order on we
talk about a one world currenc on world currency meaning that
there is another entity someplace that
still manipulating and
controlling of that one world currency and
so I deftly have an issue with
that now if it’s a tangible
asset for Tom about a trade
currency on and you know that that’s a
different that’s a different
scenario on what part of a global
currency that takes out a way of the day
to be really the country write
the national rights up and
independence of loving nation
state on makes your nation and the people
within that nation susceptible
again to outside influences and
so there’s a lot of dangers that if its ad and decentralized in
nature of then there’s the
possibility that you’re not
going to have the outside
influences and a bit cloying as an example
you know why would a point not
necessarily then be able to be
elevated to the status of the of currency they could be
used on up on a global scale mainly because as some other
reports of come out that a majority of the mining of
the bit cloying and therefore a
majority of the control of the big point is in the hands
of a entities within China on and so that then becomes
problematic if you have a
currency like excerpt he you can
you make the argument that of a
certain p , by rebel anno does that then
of complicate things although you’d know going into it that
you have a within within the
consensus within the rules all
you have a tea large percentage
of tho and you know exactly what’s been
released on a monthly basis and
you know exactly what the rules
are and the only way to change that consensus of those rules
are going to be changed so you
know what that that at the
maximum you’re going to have a a release
of love of one billion you per
month on and whatever’s used as
you so that today at the worst c now of Easley they’re not always
utilizing that amount but if
they did you know you know what
the impact on the on the global
st as are going through that on and see any any of Tom of its
critical any word on an East
Coast up tied up the dead be
pretty cool on to out these northeast of its see here the global reset coming after
the neck selection it’s gonna be interesting no
rain you know we look at what
that that possibility is up for
the global reset and it’s a long
time economically speaking you know
something’s Gotta give on we can continue living on im
debt of minutes every country in
the world on and you know things are a
little bit at a wax and it’s
Gotta be pull then everything’s
gonna be reined in a little bit
so to be interesting to see what
happens and only serum to keep scrolling
down to, I taught away with
things of luggage Anibal excerpt
he what are your thoughts on all
t and we talk about flood we talk
about on it you talk about you know media
of that maybe they’ll have
anything else to talk about of maybe you know there’s again
the year you have a entities out
there with an ulterior motive of motivation as to why there
badmouthing on and there’s so
many so needed for ease and ceo
five is coming multiple
different fo of talked about it you know many
times you know whether it’s in
digital assets whether it’s and
non to whether it’s and non of
regular stocks of you’re going
to see five been spread a buy
those that are attempting to
manipulate all we should look at the source of that it’s coming from you are the tide in some shape
or form two on a banking up a
organization that might done as
some have some of time negative of feelings of
Torrance rebel yell to think
about a Jp Morgan or other on is it coming from as
the media source we’ve seen
Forbes of writing up a lot of
negative pieces when it comes to
rebe brother’s brother negativity so a lease the keep coming down
here and city tour and then a day, get got a little bit
behind your of 80% is from auburn rain on
80% of big one if they’re in
control by china’s not good
exactly and it’s deftly a
problem and Stephen problematic of wild star filing made it,
it’s awesome whilst I’m glad you
made on the live stream and a sea air of Miyagi that
glad that you made ID and I
would summon a glad that you
made on your that’s awesome to a year ago and see tie, and I got way out
of whack year and far upon the
stream there we go to our aid here we go a some tight so tiny also they
move into a another topic here I
think this is of his amazing but
all before that I think everybo a awesome live stream against an
ID and I love it on and look for
it to you know of taping of many
many more chance of you on on to win each other on the live
streams of the awesome a look to
try to get something set up in
to see how we can continue
really to a and thanks and show that of the rate to real Ira teeter me off of a night of the
news so this is from a news
perspective of net and this
misses of this is robin hood of
my nomin and rain also exactly and would
be it would be awesome and if you guys use of use robin
hood a show of a show of hands
on that, if you guys know rob
Leonard abuse robin hood of any also so of robin hood and
all that is something that that
I got into using accused a lot
of different rating platforms up make it as easy as possible to
oh Rabin died in a discover on
its awesome excerpt the Carolina
of so you know of of the views
th and they get from simplicity
it’s an easy tray platform of
doesn’t have any any type of
technical and ALS is really no
research on had been using it for again
for trading stock it’s almost an
almost no cost whatsoever today
I think $6.00 some of its unlimi tie did pretty well when I sold
it to a type but anyhow my 0.9 on robben
what’s interesting about it and
not and we talked about this
before of the major exchanges
movi or are digital assets going to
move into the on into the banking space you
know so yilmaz man what’s up
glad the year on that saw some
of you guys don’t know a script
oh, he to oh with my dog and normally
on my I’d listen to oz of Thai
kitchen up with what he’s done on and now lately deionized and
streaming early in the morning
on such I did you know bounce
back and forth on logging 21 era
at other that’s that’s awesome and
glad you’re on did of a town so setting up so robin hood of his sunny seaward I put they
just applied for a charter and
robin hood it isn’t necessarily
the digital acid exchange , it’s it’s also on not a OM
that’s not a custody of its kind of interesting if
you if you work with up to its all you know of that be
all somalia’s of but an aide with rob noted if you
buy digital assets with robin
hood you action this in what’s
interesting about it I think
about an of all part of Brazil and and down in that area into one
cell Paolo Tut lawn to all so when you when you buy
digital assets on robin hood
again you’re not buying is a
cuss you actually don’t own the
digita Rabin advice actually Allies the
digital asset for your holds it
for you on and that’s and that’s really
the end of it on so light sauce
and you’re in Sao Paulo it’s awesome so on so to let you
know I don’t know if it from am
really then would classify as a traditional exchange on but of two tie yes I do on lasix do it up a not on not on the computer
though a tie at the added on their tying the knot in this computer
on tight and any also robin hood just
applied for a charter onto the
com a traditional or offer
traditional banking services of
the attem your store seen this movement
off from the fin tax you know
slowly migrating a moving into
the banking space tanks and are
attem a digital asset space but the
question again is you know which
one is gonna happen first if
they’re gonna happen
simultaneously you are the bank’s going to be
able to keep up a banks are
notorious are for being slow off
for being relatively of, say
ineffic a decision-making and I’m not
saying of that their losing your
money or you can get your money
out not that, inefficiency but
ju if you think about and uphold
their basically a bank already
anno so if you can put all your
OS you can put pretty much any
glob of the fact that in this came
out of April 19 of and so did
their claim as a stocking crypto
trading platform again robin
hood y a theory and classic in bit
cloying on I think that’s it
much you can do any others on
but the fact that are applied to
become o and in a certain direction real
you relatively quickly on we see point base on talking
about doing the same thing we see that some uphold again talking about the
same thing us I think it it’s
really a very interesting of dynamic ought to see that
happen now if we go from where
worth talking about robin hood now let’s move over onto point
base and this is really
significant as well,
misidentified a year ago on so
so we’re we’re talkin I’d jump into that lets see here
are about that alone would see a CK , outgoing eyes you’re adding
technical and then it’s it does
always of a always technical
issues with the stuff lately and
know of USC at the Johnny a you don’t
hold the points it all done they
don’t you know known and they
they basically own your coins fr on a guy makes people
comfortable maybe make sense on
as long as there FDIC insured as
well up to $250,000 on but that
was one o on as we go back on the we’re
talking about a time launching
into the banking space on and
that was deftly on an issue on
the co to be insured by a nonprofit
securities investor protection
corporation to straighten this
article on button actually
turned out would make people little bit
uncomfortable if there was in
anticipation that you are being supported now and
reason why bring a point base
point base and I nance you know
these guys are growing at an
ancho on I think we’ve talked about
this before a point base has
extended neither in 53 countries
on worldwide that is pretty
amazing of India in and I need to dig a
little bit further it’s a little
bit old oven on a little
reticent on digging the state
into thi to people in India on in the
government of India and hasn’t
blocked it on that might be a
inno some good tidings for a for
India annoying bases making you know
of a huge run right now globally on and I think that that has a
lot of significance again when we talk about mainstream
adoption so so that’s pretty
amazing on now , where is it OK and a let’s
take another jump your site is
wanted that bring up a lot of
interesting things of that I
found ove over the on the live stream on
Saturday of sea and blocked this of one
of my life and Saturday we
talked about how Harvard up as their Harvard
endowment to look of what was it
the $12,000,000 out of their
$39,000,000,000 endowment on in
th on I needed digging a little bit
more to that of the resist this
report they came out on April 15
I found this on a theory and w of that say that 94% of
endowments up and down inserted
OK so maybe I misread this when
I first read it up but 94% of
endowments that’s if the percent of them
reported an intention to
increase their position or the
next 12 months of these a
university endow it’s a test majority of
endowment funds testing crypto
investments a receipt there’s a list here
and click to sleep before Shana
click this before talking about
it and AL com and I don’t see a list and say specifically but the
point being is that we’re
beginning to see mainstream
adoption so and have you deny
talking a lot a on the mainstream front with
organizations like robin hood
that offer trading off for
digital asset you moving into
the banking we have point base of it is
expanding rapidly and now in 53
countries up even opening into
countries that have up to a
sickly at and we have another study
published it said that on 94% of the
endowment’s that they had it
pulled are actually investing in a digital assets and will double
of error there up or increase
other investments into the
digital asset space within the
next 12 are ate all were we hear to oh are a Tad and 39 got tons
of stuff to want to cover here
on itsy of the ID and I can see a bank
of America exchange in the
future idea bank of America was
talking about diet TD America
was that of where was it isn’t on a TD
America of my of blinking on it I think
it was creek topple is some
meals is talking about it a bit bit cloying was when
showing up on their on and that use someone else’s
to about bit cloying popping up
on NASDAQ of recently to see here up and up to the stream a little
bit to get caught into one into
talking and then nine and get to
the Mary treaty ameritrade and
the real yard TD ameritrade to
oh on and on and on the TD American trade
toasting a bit cloying to that of headwear that that’s
another good point to that the
of Saudi in India on opening of
corridors and others a lot of
Mcn year ago OK so anno it’s that Ana lee’s thanks
for that on bit deftly a couple
couple things and as a as deny
talks about it calls it the
house of thrown out on twitter if you
know anybody else who has not
yet subscribe to the channel on have them subscribe to be
great making some moment I get
the momentum had to get past a
certain point on its interesting
as y Yunus you know you’re, getting
the word out to me what’s most important is a community of its being bill
because it when we talk about the one we talked about the
token taxonomy act and we wanted
to get that initiative together
and you know in the chip and
I’ve b it all on and sorry and so a
Dutch oven or saying you know we
Gotta get some momentum going on
the token taxonomy act and
within TD oh I you tubers on a node
that was awesome you know and
then use all of others of
getting out the message I meant
Witter and which is awesome of being able
to get through the first hurdle which is the fact that they
actually of got the auto can
taxonomy act on in front of a the abetted the token taxonomy
act in front of of the Financial
Services committee that step one
of getting in front of Congress you know but it needs to get
buddies get passed on through
committee has to get in front of
Congress all want to get some
from a as is where it happens yet all
of all of us is curly adopters
and this technology belief in
individual assets belief in all
whil that were educating ourselves
with every one of these up live
streams and never every video
that we watch on and then were
able take there’s a number of new
people that are on my live
stream tonight of the came in
because we’re talking over on
denies chann and we’d win never you know once
stopped and said you know what
is one’s political affiliation up and said Johnny of excerpt he
and talked about flood on and I’d the ado think about
division of and I think this is
this is really up to lee
important and oh so you know
when we whe if you go the way of the of the
media on the free think about
the media of days that is really
spread on nothing but up of negativity on against republicans against democrats
hitting republicans and
democrats against each other to
divide of the people and here
when we talk nonpartisanship on exactly on
and that’s the that’s the beauty
of this you know is that you
know we need to get everybody together you know we
need it make sure that were
working as a cohesive unit and
the other great thing is that
we’ve go or of Ireland U.S. it’s not just
about other democrat republican
in the United States all we have
a global a community of its be light on to where was I hear onto that
this is of Italy and from Kansas that’s awesome and Sammy places on tape does
anyone in your from a place
entered into tears a nice and the stream out to be awesome
on and a title that have ever
been to law aware of excerpt the
minutes from its way too far on but an amp
Austin nice, be in Boston and
not in june of that conference over there
coming up and as some nice to a 45 minutes north and it’s just way too far away Stewart nice and story not too
far away and be a pin of stored age
actually stored a idea I’d put
something in here of the you
posted a four me of one of the
top of war alone somewhere over in that
area on a good exactly a tin of , it would be in summer and north
of Sarasota so as soon start of the
Cleveland and in a Cleveland , and a way too many places I
think Thailand I haven’t been that
island oh that’s one place
evidence yet to strain of water a guise of a guy I didn’t jump
off a real quick I ran out of water and my idea and no beginning waterhouse like and who is on but somebody was
up running a a live stream and
on and it got up and left a live stream or like an hour 2 hours and
everybody stayed on and to miss,
funny on TS we wanna get a get me to go
in on the floor to me up when the and I think of of it
the same of it the same chest a
cold it that you got on a node OK so stored sent this
over to me loose if I can find
is this is interesting a because
I brought up of jobs that are f the United States up in a rapid
pace of because of a lack of all and a you’ll a Tory clarity of
money store at his article of a notes here somewhere when the
lessons omitted on my list year and a red ago
and I am an open again to oh any
house tour decent this over to
me on a I think last week on my plan
on talk about all of these limit
won’t open up that’s why can’t
get it and one open to any Al an article open when I
open it done my phone I can open
on my computer on Sunday I
talked about the fact that the U.S. is
actually leading on in black
chain the growth job growth and
it said here that the data
suggest that t on this mission is removing into
the utility face on sun thought
the dow was really interesting and I thought that was an
interesting a point to bring up
and I wish your article when
opening and now it and it won’t
sell to a a ITU close chip and I got a traveling to sew as
an L.a. Detroit on and somewhere
in between the two of my eye I
got it and so and I don’t think I got it in
L.a. that you never know it
deftly started getting when I
was over in the Detroit area tow yard deny I was just in
Detroit, last week toe and no are talk about the of the other
day so and tow I done and see here we
got 10 minutes to wrap up and
their son a great things to talk
about yet on I was talking about
t and I can move it and it says here and this was
interesting so this was on that
point base blog and they were
talking about their move is
their ex and this was specific so and he
said as crypto moves from the
current investment face into
what we call the utility a face
a hos of who is sue was from but this
could take the form and
essential ice versions of
traditional Financial Services
like lending or the ability to convert from one
crypto to another will form the
backbone of this new
decentralize economy and I bring this up because I
think it’s interesting on a
couple things of the fact that point base is
is seen on and realizing that
the market is not transitioning their investing huge amounts of
money to expand globally on into
mainstream and then done now we see an act
of of annoyance in OC: base
talking about that movement and
investments utility and utility is going to really a
change of the dynamics of this
space completely we talk about
your when is excerpt he can add
g when only to see that stability increase to the next level of
stability on its gonna come
through utility and so it’s it’s
really a guy saw they did fire
they c alliance is a little bit more
but I think they’re also off on
their projections in 2018 all by about 60%, I could be
wrong as an article I saw but
anno you get a read into that
with AT&T, sift through the data
becaus so tow here all we have that this
movement now it says in cities
are the important things are we
need a hone in on of this can
take of a nude essential eyes economy
now think about up and you can
think about uphold you can think
about point base uphold allows the ott and digital asset alike
to whether if you go into
excerpt he and you look at the
backbone of excerpt he and the
eye of t Tom and so that that the
exchange is inherits and it’s
built in ought to love and into
the into the ledger already so that has so I think it’s it’s
interesting if we think about it
from that perspective and if we look at excerpt he is
a whole of the nature of of the
in the entire environments and are so much more to it of
ingest of the digital asset and
it’s then again it’s already
built in that that exchange to
any cu of tells me that either they
already know that were there
trying to talk about themselves
as being at all you know what
that the a environment already already
has that and can do that so you I thought
that was kind of interesting on light so let me wrap this up
we got 5 minutes I wanted bring
up one more important thing of
you before we round out the hour on a tear the danes are coming
at you get dividends would
uphold on dividends in terms of there’s a way that you can
basically of tidy up your
digital asset and the pay you a
percentage of four that on so and it’s all told using, the
another service to talk about
the mall for so it is one lease
if I can find and the article when but as is
important because this is any of the 88 presidents
of being set this was a court
case on in this article was
on.on a cloying telegraph and on and why my articles can
open up in the in the right
sequence here, C and one is to pull tabs here it is OK to
this one is interesting this was
up 18 be what is 18 below me
remember that a article was
interest and really thinking about the
actual point of the company up
of them see TV where where’s 18
be cloying the two D was and didn’t say what’s the company and a
body know 18 declines are a only to ousted as real quick time here sending a tile is this
an interesting article though
because on this as of Monday of this
article came out and we are
there’s a Federal law a class action suit on hand to
court actually of decided and
provided guidance on advance on ori their pride in
guidance on on really held to a
determine all weather and not a
token of might be a security an on but a at the end of the day
of the core rolled of that 80 be
up and their eyes see on their
initial point offering all was
ac on in this the case started a
backing up in june of 2017 on and then easy fast 48 , through march on bid that
price had the nets signed a case
than starting 2017 the icy oh was in 2017 tie 2018 it came out that the company on as a TV black chain so they
they launched the cloying and a
soul the cloying on as a nice
ceo of the meet a lot of
promises a table just throwing money at
something because of the name to
it turned out that they couldn’t
do what they said they were
going 85% us owe a lot of people
odyssey lost a lot of money in
it on and so then they brought a complaint on
up against up so they the
complaint he only city of the
plan a file the complaint on
December 2 alleging on two claims against
them so on this is interesting
so they said that the defendant
offered and sold unregistered
secu Tarzan’s of interest as control
persons of 18 be so on the
applied on in this case they can
apply the Howie test on and they
fou if there was an investment of
money which there was the one to
see if there’s a common
enterprise which there was a neck case on because they’re
selling the cloying to find the
block chaining it was the black
chain that people were buying
int to as a common enterprise and
number three there was an
expectation of profit off from
the efforts of those were
running in deve of the traditional how we test
on and so you have investment
money coming in price and
expectation of profit are
nominally from it went through when they rolled
on it, and so I think they’re
still to be a lot more
discussion on that topic on modest see a
lot of us here we go back and
you think about you can excerpt he be caught up
in all of that same kind of a
process but really you and
there’s that separation on in
excerpt h all but the but rebel isn’t
selling people excerpt he in
order to then all of buildout a
technology of it doesn’t exist
in promi the rebel net software are going
to then benefit on as a direct
result which never happened on
and there’s no documentation
that and we have odyssey those within
rebel that’s a stated that and
the fact that we have no action
really up into this point all by the SEC taken any, claim
up in the in that direction teal IE one in my opinion in
ways I feel very comfortable on
and so on but I just thought it
was interesting to try to
connect i tour we wrap up and we see story
on it and see and have they lost
six million in that Chicago
office on its ear and jump down a
little bit stored in a lot of these ice
heroes are going to end up being
securities yuppie and that’s
exactly what you know the
purpose so so with IPO process so you know
that that deftly of it deftly is
in is a case on the insert says
here again this is why have enough of a tease wind up
and then or three IC satyr of
their own port for excerpt he
that’s right on so we see a lot
of ot of excerpt he and you start
seeing a Loyola near the excerpt
the tip of an excerpt the
payments and are three and there
there’s on outside of time that point is
used on rebel men as well
exactly its Ackley Anthony Lewis what’s
going on of auburn thank you very much know that young guys this is an
hour on mention little under
Alex I got started with 2
minutes to say that two more
minutes that up but on send a semi of the
tweaked of the hull report at
the report on he can reach out
on twitter on beacon replied
back to t the guys would like to discuss
all let me know of that be
awesome you know again I
appreciate you guys staying on
late and wrapping up here now 11:00
it’s super late for me is well
into but try to get early the
next morning on and so at SIG eyes it saw
some of my I really I have
appreciated everybody being on for those of you that
haven’t been on all four of
these your first time on again
welcome to the show so the end I
of th and got chip on Tuesdays and
Thursdays on at 10:00 PM of
jumping and on and on Mondays
and Wednesdays 10:00 PM Saturday
mornings of and and but I make some videos in
between chip is thrown in some
date is in between on light gray
to the content creators on the
str if he has won to try to do
something a Friday evening on
and then Beason two on we can
wrap something a kid get a whole
group of on Saturday morning if you guys
can join in on brought up Disney Tom IC stored into a discount
bumped up here and ago alone and lost it and I’m as many of us all of a dish a Knicks of ascites come
on Saturday morning and will talk all about Disney to know it’ll be interesting I
wrote that down awesome guys in
lee’s thanks for coming on a Carolina all you guys awesome
eight until I see guys next I
remember keep on hotaling tour crypto

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