HitBTC – Cuentas Internas – Traspaso (ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE)

Rafa: Very good, I am here with Xavi from the Personal Bot Support Team. Who you can reference from other videos. It is that, in some exchanges we have principal accounts and trading accounts. So, what we have in the principal account will not reflect in the bots and we need to always transfer them to the trading account. In this case we are in HitBTC Tell me what we have here Xavi. Xavi: Here we have the principal account of HitBTC. And to be able to work with the Personal Bot it needs to be in the trading account. Which is this one here. How do we do it? It is very simple. Rafa: In the principal account we have Bitcoin and in the trading we have 33 USDT. Xavi: 33. Correct.
Rafa: What will show up in the Personal Bot? The USDT but the Bitcoin it will not recognise. Xavi: Exactly. Here, what will only appear is what is in the account of trading which is USDT. So, we go here. Very simply, we´re going to click on transfer. The amount to transfer? In this case I am going to put ALL. We click on transfer we close with the X and that´s it. It is already here. We are going to see. We are going to refresh. Rafa: So you´ve done a transfer in HitBTC Xavi: Correct and it is here. Rafa: All of the Bitcoins 0.29107 and immediately you refresh the Personal Bot in its wallets we have reflected that the change is made and that the bot, the Personal Bot will be able to operate with those quantities. Xavi: It is that simple. We remind you quickly Or we can do it in reverse when you want to withdraw now that we are on the topic if we want to withdraw to our bank or transfer we need to transfer it to the principal account. And from here we can send it to our exchanges or wherever, okay? It is that simple. And as you can see it is immediate. And that´s it. It is that simple. Rafa: Perfect Xavi. Thank you. Xavi: Thank you!

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