History of Bitcoin

in its ten years of existence Bitcoin has managed to change the way society looks at global finance and banking the popular digital currency is first created in January of 2009 a few short months after an individual called Satoshi Nakamoto sends an email with his original idea to the cryptography mailing list it takes until August 2010 to perform the very first Bitcoin transaction and one more year for the digital currency to reach a value of one US dollar only then the world finally starts to take notice and the coins value increases rapidly to 36 dollars of course that doesn't last long and the price quickly falls back down to two dollars and takes more than a year to recover in 2013 economic uncertainties and an official hearing of the US Senate help Bitcoin skyrocket and value reaching twelve hundred forty two dollars in a short amount of time unfortunately the rapid increase in value would be followed by an equally rapid decrease as the year comes to an end China bans the trading of crypto currencies leaving the price in a downward spiral that would continue all throughout 2014 reaching a new low of $198 it's only in 2017 that the price starts picking up again reaching its previous all-time high before starting to rise significantly this is the year that made Bitcoin famous worldwide and while most people struggled to obtain their first Bitcoin at its all-time high of nineteen thousand seven hundred fifty dollars the price starts to drop and continues to do so all throughout 2018 finally it settles at a price range of 32 hundred dollars in all of bitcoins history this has been the longest bear market but also the period when the blockchain community worked tirelessly to improve the coins speed and scalability Bitcoin has currently increased more than 75 percent since its lowest point and showing significant signs of recovery where will it go from here only time can tell

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