64 thoughts on “{HINDI} How To Create Bitcoin Account/Address Easy And Fast Hindi”

  1. sir ap mujhe ye batye ham bitcion Kaise collect kare………ek Bitcoin earn krne me kitna time lagta hai

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    Step 1

    Join 2x9BitMax – https://2x9bitmax.com/ref/208c78cd2c/register

    Step 2

    Enter your bitcoin address:

    Hoover your mouse over “Finance” and click “Bitcoin Wallet”

    Step 3

    Upgrade by paying 0.0002 Btc.

    After you create your account,
    you have 24 hours to upgrade.
    Then your account will be deleted.

    You donate 0.0002 Btc to the person indicated by the admin.

    If you are in the 1st row of my matrix, you will send your donation to my bitcoin address.

    If you are in the 2nd or further row of my matrix, you will donate to the person who is placed directly above you.

    Step 4

    Find 2 people.

    It may happen so that I will find 2 people who fill your first row. It doesn’t matter. Regardless who finds these people:

    Each of them will send to your bitcoin address 0.0002 Btc
    (0.0004 Btc in total).

    Step 5

    Now you have to upgrade to level 2 by donating 0.0003 Btc to the person indicated by the admin.

    The 2 people that are in your 1st line – each of them should find 2 new people to fill their first lines – your 2nd line.

    You will earn on the 4 people in your 2nd line – but not immediately.

    Each of them will donate 0.0002 Btc to the people that are in your 1st line.

    People from your 2nd line will be donating 0.0003 Btc to you only when they upgrade to their 2nd level, that is after their 1st row is full.

    In other words: you will receive 4 x 0.0003 Btc (0.0012) when you 3rd line starts to fill in.

     and soon, and so on:

  3. hello, jaise bitcoin address bna liya okk, jahan par hamne bitcoin kamai hai waha par is address ko paste kar do aur sand kr do, lekin sir WO Jo bitcoin ka paisa hai WO kahan par show hoga ye phuchna tha apse

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  5. Hii Can you help me with withdraw the bitcoin from https://emecrypt.com/ website.Actually i have done some work for a person and he told me he can pay only with the bitcoin and he suggest me this website.
    He paid me same time 0.03 bitcoin but now i'm trying to withdraw it  but the popup came and says you have to make min deposit of 0-0.02 first.
    I tried to that also as i have there bitcoin but transaction is not happening Can you help me with this?

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