HEX ? The Next Innovation in Crypto ??

the Wi-Fi hotspot here in the Philippines this little birthday room here I'll give you a peek it could just kind of where I'm at so this is kind of a downtown area there's a couple of cell phone towers around here so Wi-Fi should be good I wanted to cover this project I've been I've been researching since January I think there's a lot of innovation behind this project and a lot of potential and basically the branding everything that kind of makes the project go is Richard Hart and he's a if you've been encrypted a while you probably know who Richard Hart is he's been pretty prominent thought leader in the crypto space I've learned a lot just kind of listening to a lot of his streams and listening to his perspectives on a lot of different topics and this is his project and I think that it offers a lot of different things that we haven't quite seen in the crypto space a lot of things that a lot of problems that that are inherent with crypto such as you know energy intensive mining a kind of a their their branding he's kind of branding this trustless interest aspect to it that's when you first kind of dive into Bitcoin heck so you can kind of be a little bit overwhelming because it's it's a little bit different than a lot of the other crypto projects that are out there but I think what I kind of wanted to do is I'm not really going to dive too too deep into a lot of the technical aspects of the project I just kind of wanted to do a little bit of an overview and I'm gonna swing back and do some more follow up videos on this and cover this a little bit more in depth but there's a lot of interesting aspects to it been in the the telegram and there's a lot of interesting conversations going on in there as well so there's a couple of different info graphs so like you know if you're just looking to get involved in this project basically the way it's gonna work is you're gonna need claim so this is I thought this was kind of good good little infograph so with if you were if you're holding one Bitcoin you're gonna get 10,000 hex and you the way it kind of works is you're going to be entering this pool this the Staker pool and that is there's a lot of game theory behind the stager pool and longer that you're staking you know the the higher your rewards are going to be there's a couple of different info graphs on that this is kind of this is a comparison between the inflation with Bitcoin and and hex so it's a little bit of a different different dynamic with with this project so there's I think like if you're looking at this from like a simplistic standpoint like you just you just want to make money and you're wanting to get in first of all it's gonna be free for those Bitcoin holders that want to get in and claim and and the way this is going to work its gonna launch probably in about you know 45 to 50 days or so these are the types of projects you want to get into early and the the staking element I think it's it's still a little bit up for for decision but it's gonna be between you know one day and and a week so you'd be able to to stake for a week you'd be able to get some rewards by staking for that week and the longer there that you're able to lock into this project the better it's gonna pay out if you're if if you you can stake for up to fifty years I think is the max and if you decide to pull out like it's there's a penalty behind that there's also whale penalties that are built into this so you know you're not going to have a situation with like some of the Bitcoin Forks where you had you know big pools of holders and and crypto they were able to dump on certain projects by holding you know lunch waiting for the price to come up you know like the mountain situation was was an example there's addresses that have been built into this that are blocked you know different different addresses for for various reasons that are not going to be able to participate in this project so there's there's a lot of a lot of really interesting elements to it and I'm not really going to be able to fully cover everything but this this is I think going to be a very interesting project once it launches I don't think anyone really knows how it's going to how the markets going to react to a project like this as it as it launches but the the intention of it is for the price to go up and that is the the main dynamic behind this this this particular project and I think that there's also a lot of potential for other projects too to build on top of this once you have something something like this it is going to run on the etherium network it's it has some similarities to different projects from a referral standpoint if there's if you're in the kind of a smart contract space a lot of a lot of the referral aspects are very similar and it right now it has a 20% referral rate for like this initial period there's going to be believe there's going to be something a little bit different once the staking period is over with so you have a an initial once it launches its going to be a 50 week period that's going to gradually decrease in time the rewards that you would get by staking or not involved by claiming so there's a the branding behind it I think is really cool like the I've been I just have like a little telegram group where I've been kind of like putting like some different notes just some different things like I pulled from the from the group and there's I like the this is kind of recent like the kind of the three-tiered hexagonal logo it used to be referred to as Bitcoin hex it's going to be dropping the Bitcoin name being much simpler shorter has a lot of interesting elements behind the branding behind that so there's a lot to like about this project and there's a lot of a lot of intricacies to it like one of the things that I think that came came up recently is you know the interest in this situation is being held or is being paid out to the stagers so if you're like one of the branding was behind it was like you're becoming like the Fed like the Federal Reserve by each person that that is staking you're in a sense you're collecting the interest on on the project behind behind people that are they're staking a project so I think the memes are awesome so I put two two lengths so the one is linked to the hex telegram group and there's also a memes group which I can pull up some of this stuff like there's it's been growing there's been a lot more people have been kind of getting involved and there's some smart people there they're getting involved with this project but the the memes have been great there's always some great entertainment in here but Richard is very active in all of these different groups so if you have questions like you can get in there although I think he's also getting fairly annoyed because it's like a lot of people are asking a lot of the same types of questions but there's you know the the really the branding behind it right now is you know is is Richard and I think we're gonna see more youtubers starting to get into this there's already been a several prominent youtubers that have made mention of it I think as we get closer to the launch period and kind of this is going to roll out we'll see we'll see more people kind of talking about it and giving some updates I think there's still a little bit of confusion behind you know how this is going to you know how this is gonna get rolled out it's not everything is really finalized yet there was a this is a little bit of a timeline so this is it still needs to go through audit so it still got some time for you to get into this project you know it's it's gonna take you know roughly two to three weeks to go through the audit phase and then you've got you know the snapshot the launch so I think you know I think it still may be like a month and a half away but I think there's a there's a lot of cool aspects to his project so I'm interested to kind of hear you know some of people's thoughts thoughts about it about discord you don't have discord I don't get in my discord as much yeah try and crease my Bitcoin I'd lose him quite donut Ron Dobbs like I'm um you know I've been wrecked by a lot of the earnings platforms have knocked on gone pretty well lately a lot of them and getting hit hard and I was hoping to collect you know some some Bitcoin to to be able to kind of take partake in this project you can earn in this project if even if you don't have Bitcoin though by by marketing it by getting behind it and explaining it there's not a whole lot of youtubers that are out there right now that are explaining anything part of it there's a little bit of a learning curve for people to to get involved with with a project like this is it's not it's not like a lot of the other crypto projects in the space but but yeah I mean I pretty much just kind of wanted to do a little bit of an overview you know of this project I didn't I didn't want to stay on too long I'm gonna do some more updates with this there's some of the different elements like the stager pool because I think something that is it takes a little bit takes a little bit if you're really kind of wanting to dive in and try and figure out like strategy I think like that was one of the biggest things I was trying to figure out was you know I mean obviously like you know staking for longer who's gonna pay better but I think we're still gonna have to see how this how this is going to how the markets gonna react when when this when this launches if you're looking at like the top ten crypto currencies there's you know kind of the use case behind them I think that there's a there's a lot of there's there's a lot of potential for this to rival a lot of the top crypto currencies in the space in terms of what it offers in terms of kind of replacing a lot of the stores of values and if you're looking at like the main website like this is one of the kind of the the aims of this you know gold as a store of value offshore banking you know credit cards certain certificates of deposit this is kind of like the surf first certificate of deposit high interest savings account on the blockchain so there's this is a good video right here that kind of does a little bit of an overview of the project so this is kind of the pool if you're kind of looking at how this is going to to work so you can see it kind of has a the pool is very different depending on the people at stake so some of the advantages over Bitcoin and some of the things that some of the advantages that a project like this has over over something like Bitcoin and kind of how this is different but so I encourage you guys to kind of check it out still got some time there's so I'll probably do I'll probably do some videos like as I kind of learned more and and dive a little bit deeper into this project and kind of explain it better I know I'm probably not explaining it the best and some of it is I'm still trying to kind of wrap my head around some of the different elements in terms of being able to explain it to other people you know I feel like I have a good understanding of it kind of when not when I'm listening to to richard explaining it or even some of the people in some of the telegram groups but there's still a little bit of a learning curve behind behind this project so but it is fairly simple like if you're if you're just looking to get in and and claim you know I did a video what was it like when I was back when I wasn't been and Manila probably about a week or so ago about on cybersecurity and the the main wallet so if you're just looking to you're just wanting to kind of drop some crypto or some some Bitcoin in here and claim is the electron wallet so this is going to be like you're one of the probably one of the better wallets to to be if you're looking to claim there's uh there's other wallets that have the signature feature where you you'd be able to claim I was kind of doing diving a little bit into into some of the wallet features of some of these different aspects so I need to kind of catch back up on that so I've been learning quite a bit about this aspect is I haven't really been like the biggest Bitcoin you know person you know I I think that there was a lot more opportunity for gains and some of the other projects Peschel II a lot of the etherium based projects because there was a lot more flexibility and innovation that was that was behind some of those projects however not all of it done done that well there has been some talks that you of including aetherium since it is going to be on the ethereum blockchain as an aetherium based smart contract that cerium holders would also be able to claim as well so there's there's been some talks about that I'm not really sure like what what the what the word is on that so basically if you have like one Bitcoin you'd be able to claim like ten thousand you know ten thousand hex if you have it was like like one etherium like I can't remember what the numbers were but if you like one attorney maybe you'd be able to claim like a thousand hex so I don't think that's been finalized either but oh yeah working by hex coins I think the hex coins are going to be available once it launches that there's there's enough people that are know about this project I think that there's I think it's going to be listed on several different exchanges you know as it gets rolled out as it gets released but no word yet as to where it's going to be listed but I think it's so I don't I I think it's you know as as interest increases in a project like this I think people are going to be wanting to Western on different exchanges but there's some melons elements behind that can be expensive if you're if you're looking to to list on on some of these different different exchanges but been in Manila been here for a while we should link up yeah I'm about hour hour and a half away from Manila I get I head into the city probably every every month or two to renew my visa and my girlfriend's visa but anyways that's about it for me like I said I'll all circle back around and do some more updates on this and some more some more overviews of this project I like it I think that it's it's got a lot of potential and still still still learn more about it so alright appreciate y'all stay online catch you guys on the next one

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  1. Curious Clover, are you saying there is a certain wallet in particular to use with Hex or there are certain wallets that you can run a claim?

  2. With volume so low of 12 .26 claimable will it be a log jam and as usual allot of people are left in the cold? 3100 bitcoin is all he needs to sell out and if this goes viral and causes a fomo it will go fast..

  3. Based on amount of btc in your wallet he wants you to invest one bitcoin. you get 10K hex coin free? well, btc today is 4k ruffly so 10K hex for one bitcoin will average you 2.50 per hex… HMMMMM

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