Here’s Why Warren Buffet Is Wrong About Cryptocurrencies – Dagcoin

Warren Buffet said that cryptocurrencies will come to a bad end. What do you think made him think like that? I think he sees what is right
now happening on the market. Cryptocurrency is a very speculative tool as of today. And I believe Warren Buffett
knows a little bit about markets and also knows a little bit about market manipulation and how things can affect and how things can end up. I would say that everything
that is abused can come to a very bad end. let’s say, cryptocurrency, if the industry continues
to the way that, that is going right now, I would agree with Warren Buffett, but if we think and talk about how crypto should be and what it’s meant for, then I will completely disagree. So, changes have to come to the market. Luckily I see a lot of companies
already now focusing not a lot, but some companies already
now focusing on, on usability and, what crypto is here for. I see that we are not alone working
for the right goal and working for the right future of cryptocurrency. And I believe that there will be a very
beautiful story coming, evolving. In very simple way, in what ways would you say
Dagcoin can prove Warren Buffett wrong? In becoming a stable and a usable currency where people can use that currency on daily basis. That is a beautiful story,
that is a beautiful future and this is what we are working towards.

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