Here's Proof A Cryptocurrency Revolution Is Coming…

one of the biggest fundamental adoption principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is that people tend to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when they lose faith and their government when they when the government hyper inflates their dollar by 10 million percent making what you just earned on a paycheck hard work you know putting in hours and maybe you have a job right now imagine if you got your paycheck it knows worthless because their dollar is hyper-inflated and worth nothing this happens all over the world we see in case studies time and time again from Venezuela Africa where big cap Bitcoin likes to set new volume records as well as price records because of this you know distrust in the government yeah it's it's a third world country but who's to say that America or any of these big economic systems aren't vulnerable to this type of you know wealth transfer into cryptocurrency in this video we're going to be talking about a possible recession there's about a 33% chance that we're gonna go into a recession and how crypto currencies can be the new hedge it could be a cryptocurrency revolution where huge financial investors institutional money as well as you know common investors like you guys that are staying ahead of the curve by watching these videos could potentially be storing their value into cryptocurrency and watching the traditional financial system come to a halt keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and today we're going to be talking about a cryptocurrency revolution alright it's a basic principle when people lose faith in their government they tend to invest in cryptocurrency because it is decentralized you actually own your cryptocurrency if you have a private key if you have a private key you own your cryptocurrency and guys what if time it is to be alive if you really think about this in a large you know a long term perspective the chances of you being alive are like what Gary Vaynerchuk says like a million to one or something and then the chances of you being alive and the biggest economic expansion the world has ever seen before the decentralization of information due to Internet the chances of you becoming rich are exponentially increased think about think about if you were born you know in ancient Egypt if you are a slave or a peasant the chances of you becoming rich are slim to nothing okay there's no way your whole family and your whole bloodline is basically going to be peasants or slaves if you're a born in ancient Egypt now we see all these rags-to-riches stories right all these people coming up with not only cryptocurrency but businesses online in total the best way to sum it up basically central authority centralized authority is being decentralized and one of the ways they're doing it is through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology if you do not understand decentralization I highly recommend you guys look into blockchain technology as the fundamental you know reason why cryptocurrency holds its value and how these beautiful technologies can come into existence but before we get started guys if you have already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I do everything from cryptocurrency investing entrepreneurship internet entrepreneurship self-help anything to become a successful human being on the Internet I'm there hit that subscribe button as well as a push notification bell and hit that like button if I've ever made you money or if you find some value from this video let's jump right into it so I've already showed you guys this article venit Venezuela sets new Bitcoin volume record thanks to the hyperinflation in Venezuela this is a clear indication that people Bitcoin when the dollar goes to trash they want Bitcoin okay now a lot of people are asking me Alex well can't Bitcoin be hacked isn't there a vulnerability in Bitcoin Bitcoin has one never ever been hacked ever okay the reason why is through the blockchain technology I can dive super deep into it quantum computers could possibly hack it I could go into it if I wanted to but right now it would be too expensive to hack Bitcoin wait too expensive nobody can do it and nobody has ever done it if you ever seen a hack it's usually an exchange or some type of scam but it's not the Bitcoin blockchain itself it's impossible that is literally the way it's made right so and you can see here like even the Chinese government tried to ban Bitcoin in 2017 but they're still you know subverting the system they're still getting through the firewall they're still you know getting their Bitcoin by any means right they cannot shut down Bitcoin no that's the power of it right if United States if anything ever happened there's about a 33% chance of recession I'm gonna talk about in this video but let's say we go into a huge recession or a housing market crash like in 2004 right what if you go to the bank and your savings that you've been holding for the past ten years you cannot even withdraw it what if the US dollar goes you know the value of the US dollar goes to nothing there's a huge chance that could happen guys we have been on the biggest economic expansion and ever ever in US history the biggest economic expansion and you know the saying goes what goes up must come down one of the biggest things about Bitcoin I'm just trying to get away all the negative biases because I know a lot of people been asking me lately you know for every one dollar that's spent in Bitcoin $800 in Fiat are basically being washed or money laundered right so one of the biggest arguments is all Bitcoin you know it keeps up the infrastructure of the dark web right it makes it possible for criminals to do criminal things but that is just not true this reporter here explains Bitcoin in the grand scheme of things you know for every dollar spent you know laundering money on the darknet 800 dollars are spent in US and fiat okay fiha so that kind of throws that out of the window like there's no reason that anyone should ever be saying if you guys see it in the news it is clearly someone just trying to mislead you for whatever interest they're into but you know this article right here really explains the grand scheme of global economy right so as you can see here the New York Federal Reserve says the u.s. can be headed for a recession next year that's based on a model it created using the spread between yields on a ten year and three months Treasuries to forecast economic conditions one year ahead this latest model shows a 33 percent probability of recession next year right and there's more there's more facts right so we can go in there's a very good chance that we can go into a huge recession that's 33% people that has it happen for like what 12 to 16 years record amount of negative yielding debt signaling expansion of global shutdown so if you don't know what Nega negative yielding debt is basically right now if you were to take out a loan from a bank or the government you can basically they charge you interest everybody knows that if you're taking out if you're borrowing money you're typically paying for the interest all right that makes sense right because they're giving you the money to borrow in the first place but in the case of negative yielding debt they are actually paying you to borrow money which if that doesn't draw a red flag this maybe this will explain so every single time that so this isn't the they're basically talking about the stock market and increased debt so as you can see here the red is negative credit balances and every time it spikes up we see like for example the tech bubble we see another bubble pop right here then we see like one of the biggest economic expansions and you see the negative credit balances and what the government typically does is they'll decrease interest rates so let's say for example you know the united states government has a 3% interest rates there's dirt orange charging you to borrow money they'll decrease the interest rates so business owners people that want to invest in risky investments can buy that and get less of an interest rate well over here and Japan as well as Europe a lot of Europe they don't pay you money so it's it's even worse than 0% interest that we saw in the housing market crash once it got to 0% when people who go buy a house for 0% interest we saw a crash right this explains it right here why why we should worry about the longest use us economic expansion cuz we have just been going up and up and it's pretty obvious at this point that we're kind of turning around you can see hints of it and the price of gold right people investors are trying to look for less risky solutions to store their money right so this explains it like this you guys I'm gonna leave the link to it's a 12-page reticle I'm just giving you like the top points and here's just more evidence right so in European finance the Dutch bank big banks are laying off a lot of people it's not just in Europe it's all over the world jobs will be cut banks are not down 99 percent against Bitcoin they're just losing against big banks or like the Bitcoin dust you know and it's it's a pretty crazy time to be alive right personally I am not investing in houses I am not investing in anything traditional until I see some type of pullback guys you it's if you want to keep it in simple turns buy low sell high right here this one article explains it we are in the longest u.s. economic expansion ever so are you gonna buy high right or are you gonna wait for something to crash and a lot of people are getting into cryptocurrency while this is topping off while traditional markets are not doing so well cryptocurrency is the number one performing asset class and all of this year I want you guys to think about that right I want you to really understand the bigger scheme of things right so what am I gonna do well personally like I've showed you guys in the last article last couple of videos I have to price points that I'm looking for okay one is right here because of the supported gained right so if you can see here I drew this line a long time ago there's a lot of support right here right it's resistance but it turns into support right it bounced off so when we talked about I believe it was originally around here but I'm buying all this up the more it goes down the better it is for me to be honest with you because I can get cheaper Bitcoin I'm doing a strategy called dollar cost averaging lookup dollar cost averaging you never lose it's really it works really well in volatile markets like cryptocurrency and as it goes down I'm buying and I'm I'm putting a good percentage of my whole entire investment portfolio because I believe in blockchain technology I think it's a better store of value and technology than anything traditional right now like there's no better option in my opinion from all the clues that I've been seeing around you know economic expansion all this fake they're giving out there think about this they're paying you money to take a loan they're paying you money to take a loan in Europe I want you to understand how ridiculous that is okay but I'm averaging in so you know I know there's a lot of people oh I wanted to go to 8700 so I can buy some cheap Bitcoin but guys don't get greedy there's a good chance that this can go bare bollocks you don't want to list you don't want to miss the Big Kahuna right just for like a 5 percent gain I know my brother was like waiting this whole time but you know you can you can look you see these huge parabolic trends don't be I mean a lot of people went when Bitcoin was that you know even 13 K we're like yo I wish I would've bought Bitcoin to 8k we should have butter in 9k well we're at that point right now it's at $10,000 this is the time you should be buying accumulating as it goes further and further down if it goes up at least you made some money right at least you have some Bitcoin but if you have no Bitcoin possession I feel bad for you to be honest you need to be buying up this cryptocurrency but this is not financial advice I'm just telling you what I'm doing right I'm just telling you exactly what I'm doing but what major points there am I looking for I'm looking for long-term cycles I'm not day trading okay your chart there's people out there throwing all these technical indicators that were created for the stock market that had to have little indication of cryptocurrency markets and there's huge differences and the best strategy of my opinion is trading these massive cycles right buying when people are scared buying what people are saying that bitcoins a scam and selling when I seen exuberance in the market when I see you know all these crazy stories about Bitcoin that's when you should be selling right these big cycles tend to make the most financial gains that's how you get a hundred ex returns if you're looking for 10 percent returns good luck increasing your Bitcoin position the chance of you doing that is extremely hard and I'm looking to advice for people that have been right in the past now I know this sounds crazy but I think it's very interesting to talk about right this guy right here posted this on reddit which is a very good for cryptocurrency news if you go to reddit slash bitcoin that you guys can get some news from there it's pretty good they have a lot of stuff basically talks about he's a time traveler from the future here to beg you to stop what you're doing I'm sending this message from the year 2025 things are looking bleak here and some of you will Clary blood on your hands if you don't believe me basically he's predicting Bitcoin price right and this article was posted five years ago I believe in like around 2013 2014 this article was you know posted now it's a random guy and it's kind of far-fetched and you know you have to ask yourself do you believe in time travel or not but yeah whatever I look at this guy was on point with his predictions that's what I look at I don't really care about all that look he predicted you know he put this article when I was like worth a hundred dollars he's explaining that in 2017 it could be worth about ten thousand dollars and now he's saying that in 2019 this year it could be worth about a hundred thousand yeah I don't know if this guy holds much merit but he's predicting pretty correct and it went viral and a lot of people are either looking at this or he might be a time traveler I don't know that's up to you to decide but here's another one that's very interesting okay on 4chan this random anonymous person posted this and he's been on point ever since he's been on point like almost to the dollar as you can see here he's saying that in April 2000 19b TC will be worth five thousand three hundred dollars let's look in April two thousand nineteen if he was correct April 2019 it was worth about five thousand three hundred dollars this guy predicted that like and he posted this a while ago that's just absolutely crazy and now he's saying in july 2019 you know we're in july right now he's pretty on point bitcoins worth ten thousand dollars July he said nine thousand two hundred let's see the beginning of July yeah he's pretty on point like nine thousand two hundred dollars now he's saying in October two thousand 19 we can see Bitcoin at 16 K so looking you know at these predictions even in twenty twenty thirty thousand dollar Bitcoin if you're buying Bitcoin at ten thousand dollars that's three X gains I don't know what else you can ask for you can never see that in any traditional market you know this is the best performing asset class in the world the Bitcoin yeah it might have a little small bubble yeah it might you might lose some money but if typically if you hold over long periods of time like ten years five if you're thinking long term you're most likely gonna make money it's a parabolic uptrend in the long run yeah if you look day to day it might scare you a little bit but maybe that's the way that we're supposed to be thinking now maybe the old way of governments kind of holding our hand through things as a thing of the past and maybe crypto currencies and understanding the volatility and understanding all these financial principles should be a common thing it should be something that's in our lives I never had a class in middle school or high school on how to handle my personal finances why don't you think about that why don't why don't people understand that you know there's never I never went through it and I was in a technical school you know I did learn a lot but I'm just saying like most people especially if you're under the poverty line especially if you're in these you know horrible school right you're not going to learn about personal 5 maybe this is a new age where we have to learn about volatility and we don't fall victim to it right guys always look for the long term if you ask me I think that cryptocurrency is definitely a hedge I think there's some fishy things coming out with traditional markets these negative you know negative yielding bonds and interest that are basically thrown out there to stimulate the market for short-term gains but sacrificing long term development that is not the way I think of things personally I rather you know invest my time now for future benefits so I could reap the rewards later I don't think they're managing the company I mean the country especially in Europe to well and especially in Japan I mean guys look up history of the yen they have a history of developing these Ponzi like schemes with their dollar I do not trust it and there's a 33% chance of a recession but this is not financial advice advice but this is not financial advice and you should definitely make your own conclusions thanks for watching this video guys if you like the quality as content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with it chances are you're gonna get left behind thanks for watching this video catch you in the next one

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