Here’s How Much Nipsey Hussle Was Really Worth

Born Ermias Asghedom, the late rapper Nipsey
Hussle was so much more than an emcee. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and innovator,
this California native found a way to enrich not only himself, but also his community. Here’s how much he was really worth, and how
he used his wealth to give back. The $100 mixtape Nipsey Hussle was tragically gunned down in
front of The Marathon Clothing store on March 31, 2019. It was a retail business that he’d co-owned,
and it served as a hub for Hussle to sell his own merchandise. “My first day job was shining shoes for commission. I made $2.50 a shoe.” Clearly he was destined for far greener pastures:
Nipsey Hussle’s out-of-the-box thinking helped him earn a huge profit off his 2013 mixtape
Crenshaw. According to Forbes, Hussle had originally
planned to release it to free mixtape download site Datpiff, but reading a book called Contagious
made him change his mind. He told Forbes: “In the second chapter, a restaurant owner
created the first $100 Philly cheesesteak and got ridiculed but got a ton of prominent
people interested.” In less than 24 hours, Hussle had sold one
thousand hundred-dollar CDs at a pop-up store in Los Angeles. “He’s a trendsetter, definitely.” “I’m a sneakerhead; I wouldn’t even camp out
for shoes… but I’ll camp out for his mixtape.” Hussle earned $100,000 through this clever
marketing strategy, and even Jay Z bought one-hundred copies of Crenshaw. Hussle ultimately used that money to take
care of expenses for his record label, All Money In No Money Out. You have to admit, that’s pretty genius. Major labels came calling In November 2017, Nipsey Hussle signed a deal
to partner his label, by then shortened to All Money In, with Atlantic Records for his
first and only studio album Victory Lap. After a string of mixtapes, the album marked
Hussle’s first major commercial release, and it debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 albums
chart, selling 300,000 traditional copies and streaming 21,000 album equivalents. The album went on to earn a 2019 Grammy nomination
for Best Rap Album. He told XXL in November 2017: “I wanted to raise the platform that we
delivered our records on.” He also told Fader: “The decision was really about me thinking
about the message in the music and it deserves to have a global platform.” Marathon Clothing: The first “smartstore” Nipsey Hussle opened his Marathon Clothing
store in Los Angeles on June 17, 2017. As Billboard reports, it was much more than
just another retail outlet, but rather “a smartstore where customers can purchase
merch and use an app to preview exclusive content.” The Marathon Clothing wasn’t Hussle’s only
store, either. “And next door, a basic needs shop. They sell everything from prepaid cell phones
to fragrances.” Co-creating a business incubator Not only did Nipsey Hussle invest in himself,
but he also used his entrepreneurial spirit to invest in underrepresented communities
as well. As CBS Los Angeles reports, Hussle and real
estate investor David Gross financed the development of South Central L.A.’s Vector 90, described
on its website as “an inner city coworking community.” Hussle helped imbue the space with his own
unique style. “This is one of his life mottos. It’s also the name of the non-profit downstairs
that will offer STEM classes to kids.’ In April 2018, Hussle explained the goal of
Vector 90 to 247HH: “It’s to help bridge the gap between, you
know, the inner cities and number one, Silicon Valley, and number two, just the entrepreneurial
space.” Topping the streaming charts Nipsey Hussle’s music will continue to provide
for his family, but unfortunately, the sharp spike in his streaming revenues came in the
wake of his fatal shooting. According to TMZ, streams of Hussle’s catalog
took off on Amazon and iTunes in the aftermath of the tragedy. TMZ also reports that his Grammy-nominated
studio album Victory Lap rose by 504,766 percent, leading the album to top Amazon’s Movers & Shakers
list at Number One. All in all, Billboard reports that, quote, “Hussle’s music sales increase[d] 2,776 percent
After [His] Death.” Nipsey Hussle did it all: Game-changing business
enterprises. Celebrated musical ventures. More than ten acting credits to his name,
including a particularly memorable cameo on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Gawww, this is how you get ready? This is… this is horrifying. Like a scary movie or something.” An entrepreneur and Renaissance man in every
sense of the world, Hussle continually brought unique marketing and business ideas to the
rap game. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’d amassed
8 million dollars at the time of his tragic death, thanks to his savvy, style, and smarts. Nipsey Hussle may be gone, but it seems that
his impact won’t soon be forgotten.

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  1. This gifted, kindhearted, ambitious, determined,handsome, brother, son, father, husband was taken from his family by a hater may God let his spirit rest

  2. They saw the potential in this young brotha but it was too late I believe they offered him A DEAL HE RESISTED /?

  3. The police orchestrated that hit I don't care what anybody says. It's fuccd up they take everybody that God sends to enlighten or save us. They want to stop us from uniting so in order for The Marathon to continue we have to unite.

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  5. Ok I've seen tons of Nipsy Hustle videos since his death but this one is just despicable. Why you or anybody else but his Woman and Family he left behind worried about his bank account? Get a fkng life!

  6. For all you people saying he was the greatest..welp why yall ain't check for his last album victory album?.. 8 million is alot especially if he had to beg puma to put up 10 bands to paint a playground.

  7. You didn’t think the system was gonna let a brother like this inspire shit to other brothers. If you are not being ruled by the system and the higher powers that be, you are cut off. No real heavy entreprenurship is allowed.

  8. No matter how much this channel says nipsey was worth I'm 100% sure it will undervalue him by 1trillion %

  9. Once Nipsey saw a girl crying outside his store and he asked ¨Why are you crying?¨ and she responded ¨Because Im hungry¨ .Nipsey gave that girl food and that girl grew up to be Rosa Parks.

  10. …Another social media youtube channel that all of sudden cares about nipsey hussle….trying to get your couple likes in.

  11. watch the video of Nipsy being put in the ambulance. He was just strapped to a gurney, no medical services was being rendered, nothing. they just rolled him in the ambulance. Looks fishy to me, no blood, no gauze to stop the bleeding especially after being shot 6 times.

  12. Your worth is never measured by your wealth. Don’t be deceived. Wealth is measured by wisdom. His life was worth more than anything.

  13. Is it just me who thinks this video is too soon? Like the guys not even been buried yet and your there chasing views in his name to make money. Inconsiderate.

  14. All that money but you can‘t take it with you when you die! That shows money isn‘t everything! Build a family, love your family and friends and have fun don‘t let money rule your lifestyle!!

  15. It's sad that we live in a time when people only see the $$$$ worth…his life was far richer than his net..he had just began to really shine…far wiser than most rappers….the man was buying back the black community instead of robbing it…true genius with his money

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  19. Be careful because there are jealous haters all around who will kill you just like they did to Nipsey

  20. Paper doesn't show a person's value, his value lies in who he was as a human being and the lives he changed.

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  25. I think the government and the police department was scared of the fact that Nipsey Hussle was going to be very very rich they're mad because they're not going to be able to control his business

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