46 thoughts on “Help Peter Schiff understand bitcoin!”

  1. Shiff can’t be that stupid, he is knowingly misleading people ?
    There is some parts he really doesn’t understand/know, but self interest is a b***h

  2. peter schiff is holding bitcoin. there‘s a podcast where jeffrey tucker, a friend of peter schiff says that peter has been buying and holding bitcoin.

  3. love your facial expressions, all in the delivery man. when someone tells me that bitcoin is nothing I tell them that emails are also nothing. they get it instantly. you can lose your job over an email or you can get a bonus so it's obviously not nothing, even after every trace of the message is gone forever. The value is the meaning and comparing it to email (although kind of stupid and sloppy for a metaphor) it connects with people. Try it next time someone wants to challenge crypto. Tell them that email is nothing, and they should just give their username and password out because it's nothing. This forces them to find the source of personal meaning they have established in digital things, thus proving that the physical existence of a thing is not the only sign of it's value.

  4. Peter is not stupid and same times he thinks people are stupid. People know peter speaking from his ass that's # 1 and # 2 he owns a lot of Bitcoins , Bitcoin cash, and other coins there s proof for that on YouTube

  5. Peter knows how valuable it is.. Why do you think you can buy gold on his own website with bitcoin?!

  6. Yeah, there is audio out there where Schiff tells a close friend of his that he has different bags of crypto.

  7. Altcoin daily did a video on Peter Schiff. They showed how he bad mouths bitcoin but accepts bitcoin as payment on his website. And also one of his close friends revealed that he holds bitcoin as well as other altcoins.

  8. Every wealthy and well connected individual owns cryptocurrencies. They just don't want you and I to own any until they are done buying at the price they want to enter. After that then they want to open the flood gates so prices explode. This includes Peter Shit.

  9. PETER IS LYING. His GOLD WEBSITES accepts BTC. One of his personal friends came out an admitted HE OWNS BTC, and ETH. He is another Jamie Diamon

  10. Schiff for brains is a sell out. He sold his gold company to Soros and just goes around promoting gold and does whatever Soros tells him to. If Soros says BTC is bad, Schiff for brains says the same.

  11. Peter Schiff sees BTC as a threat, its as simple as that. There is potentially a lot of money moving out of gold into BTC into the future. This devalues his assets. Its very clear his motives. He is a smart man and does not need explaining unfortunately he is all to aware of the power of BTC. (dont worry he is secretly filling his bags by now for sure).

  12. Peter understands Bitcoin. Don't let him fool you. Here's the problem, he's gone ALL IN on Gold and missed the boat on Bitcoin. Gold needs attention so they are trying to pair with Bitcoin. Let Gold stand on its own. You can't spend GOLD on the interwebs. That's the main problem with gold (along with some others.)

  13. Peter has a business that doesn't benefit from bitcoin. It's easy to put ones hesd in the sand when it affects the bottom line.

  14. Dont ever change Davinci, you are a legend that speaks truth. The others let everyone hear what they want them hear for their own agenda.

  15. The value of Bitcoin is the "blockchain"… The asset of Blockchain is "Proof" of ownership. If you hold a $100 bill or a gold bar, it might be yours, but even if you have receipts or papers showing purchase, it doesn't provide indisputable proof of ownership. That's why Bitcoin and my favourite, Skycoin has real value.

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