12 thoughts on “HelloIOTA Roundup #4: #IOTA Coordinator explanation video, HONDA GM, delion, Konica Minolta, RWTH”

  1. it's really hard understand how in ethereum just 3 nodes could changue the code and (it's something you can discover easily) and how iotatoken is punished like this justa for the "cordinator" … real solution is someday be huge enough to can be independent of exchangues politics

  2. Great Videos…..so since you started this HelloIOTA Roundup I do not miss the IOTA Sunday Banter anymore. THX

  3. Wieder super Video. Danke. Persönlich fand ich die Hintergrundmusik im Video zu laut im Verhältnis zum Sprecher. Hat abgelenkt.

  4. If you have a discord, i share your videos in my art group server, we also have the tip bot in there, and are working on some tabgle based projects , lots of familiar faces in there discord.gg/4qDSSHJ

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