100 thoughts on “Heath Ledger vs. Jack Nicholson as The Joker”

  1. I prefer when the actor represent the true character of the comics, so for me Jack was better in this role, Heath was too dark and depressing.

  2. Heath Ledger spends his whole movie speaking about himself… just like some other Joker I won't name who went saying things like "I'm an idea"! Clearly, and sadly, the basic concept of "show, don't tell" disappeared right after Nicholson's portrayal…

  3. Jack Nicholson is GOAT hands down (Mr. Phoenix's Joker may be tied w/ Jack's now) I watched The Dark Night and now I have watched Batman…Ledger's Joker comes off like terrorist. That's it.


    #1 Heath Ledger – 👏
    # 6 Jared Leto

    #2 Joaquin Phoenix – 👏
    #5 Jack Nicholson

    #3 Mark Hamill – 👏
    #4 Cesar Romero


    #2 Joaquin Phoenix – 👏
    #3 Mark Hamill


    #1 Heath Ledger – 👏
    #2 Joaquin Phoenix

    ….10 minutes later – I’m an idiot.

  5. This debate is fundamentally comparing two things that just can't be compared. Jack Nicholson played the kind of Joker that audiences were ready for in 1989 and he did an outstanding job, in this respect. Of course it wouldn't have worked in 2008; it was 19 years later, we had already been there and done that, so enter Heath Ledger with a take on the character that perhaps audiences of that time were ready for. Again, the comparison is just apples and oranges and the more suitable approach is to just consider each performance on its own merits relative to the time in which it took place. Just a thought.

  6. Can't really compare them. They both played two very different Jokers.
    Jack's character was 100% accurate representation from the comics.
    Heath gave the joker a classy, crazy yet calculating mafia look.
    Haven't seen Phoenix's Joker yet.


  8. These are pretty arbitrary criteria. Closeness to the comics has more to do with the director and writer than the actor. You didn't need to make it a competition. You could have just done a comparison

  9. One actor played The Joker, the other a generic bond villain with joker paint. Jim Carey's Riddler is a betrer Joker. Ledger past most of the time serious, he doesnt make Jokes, he is not a silly buffon that may kill you out of nowhere, he is lazily written with the excuse of being crazy.

  10. Heath Ledger the best Joker for me, and now Joaquin Phoenix had an amazing interpretation… im surprised but both did it well. Jared Leto is a joke xd

  11. Jack was the best Joker ever!!! Heath was great too. The dark Knight was the best batman made. I just think it would of been better with Jack.

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  13. 🗣Oh pleeease!! Ledger was a 'good' actor. But Ledger wasn't even close to Nicholson status. Ledger could never outdo or outact ANYTHING Jack Nicholson ever did, no matter how hard he tried … period! Especially the Joker part! I'll give Ledger a "thumb-up" for trying. But NO way does he even touch Nicholson. Where do you get this so-called data from, The Hollywood Buffoon Club? Nicholson is untouchable! He's in a class of his own altogether. Legendary! A male Bette Davis! It's just too bad actors like that have to succumb to the gravity thing, like we all do, eventually. Aging! Sux. I miss ole Jack!!
    Also …
    Michael Caine and Gary Oldman fall into "Legendary Status" too, bigtime. Christian Bale? Well, he's damn good. Especially American Hustle. But I hear he gets temperamental and pissy on set losing his cool at lowly stagehands, and that's a big 👎in my book. Like, get a grip? I give Aaron Eckhart 👍👍for always trying hard. Loved him in Erin Brockovich the best.

  14. This was fuckin trash… jacks version was bat shit crazy. He always had jokes and his laugh was way better than ledgers. Cause ledger only laughed like 2 fuckin times the whole movie which kindve fucked it up. When it came to unorthodox, ledger had it but altogether jack had the better joker

  15. Ledger is hands down the best Joker. I honestly don't understand how anyone can watch the 1989 Batman back to back with Dark Knight and still say Nicholson's Joker was better or even equal to Ledger's portrayal.

  16. All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown
    All work and no laughs makes Jack a dull clown

  17. Mark Hamill: The Voice

    Jack Nicholson: The Look

    Cesar Romero: The jokes

    Jared Leto: The joke

    Heath Ledger: THE JOKER

  18. in my opinion, at the way of acting the ledger wins, but in laughing and looking more like the joker jack wins

  19. Jack Nicholson na minha opinião foi o melhor Jocker, Heat Ledger estava mais pra psicopata pintado e não como Jack que realmente era um palhaço psicopata!

  20. They're very different: Jack Nocholson's Joker is more related to the kitsch flamboyant found in the comic books, whereas Heath Ledger's Joker is more realistic and cruel.

  21. There is far too much generational bias in calling one of these Jokers “better“ than the other. Why does it have to be a contest? Why can’t they both just be amazing on their own merit..? How about this for an unpopular opinion: they were both better than Joaquin Phoenix. 😳

  22. Jack Nickolson made a perfect accurate Joker, true to the Comics origins. Ledger was bold enough to reinvent The Joker and take him to the next level. Both are awesome and masterful, I prefer Ledger's but it's my taste – he is not vastly superior to Nickolson's.

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