HBUS – Virtual Currency Platform

hey guys back with another video and today we are on each bus headquartered in San Francisco and as the exclusive US strategic partner of Bobby H bus strives to be a reliable and efficient marketplace for a rich selection of high-quality virtual currencies so that their users can be part of the open and competitive market that discovers blockchain assets with genuine potential to revolutionize the future of Finance is H bus in a nutshell now let's dive deeper in to see what it's all about this tration for H bus would be starting on the 10th of June after which users will be able to create accounts and make deposits trading will begin on 15th of June after which users may place orders execute rates and make withdrawals so we are coming very close to both these dates also to give everyone a quick boost they are doing a Bitcoin giveaway so from between 10 tuned till 14th June whoever deposits at least 1000 USD t + completes the level to verification we'll have a chance to win up to 0.1 Bitcoin and 100 free trading days now experts will rank users based on the time of completion of the deposit and verification test as we can see in this table over here this is the prizes given out for the top and thousand users the first one will get zero point one Bitcoin plus 100 free trading days – till ten would get zero point zero five Bitcoin plus 60 trading days 11200 would get zero point zero one Bitcoin plus 50 trick free trading days 101 till 1000 will get zero point zero zero two five Bitcoin + 40 free trading days and finally one thousand one ten thousand would get zero point zero zero one Bitcoin plus thirty three trading day and on top of that once the promotion ends you would get your Bitcoin prizes deposit to your account within 48 hours now this is just amazing this is literally giving free Bitcoin away for the first 10,000 people and I guess the best part is it's not number to 10 or 100 it's kept at 10,000 so everyone does get a chance to be part of it the announcement for winners would be at 11 a.m. Tiki time daily on various social media accounts so you can follow them on telegram Facebook Twitter or reddit and one of the main things please do go over the official rules of this contest so there is no doubt left when you do participate now decides the Bitcoin giveaway they are also offering a zero fees trading for everyone so if you don't get in that 10,000 pool you would still have the opportunity to get 0 free trading for 30 days basically anyone who signs up between and June till 14th June can enjoy 30 days of free trading this basically means that the platform itself would trade Steeley without any fees from June 15 till July 14 now this is for people who might not be successful in getting in the first 10,000 you would still get some kind of benefit out of it all you have to do is sign up between tense tune till 14 – now here's a look at some of the main features exclusive US strategic partner of Cobie customer support is 24/7 to respond to all your questions that is a great thing as people can be accessing the platform from different parts of the world so timing is always an issue with platforms HP supplies advanced cold wallet technology and security best practices to protect their customers virtual currencies h+ does so by leveraging its exclusive access to Obie's battle-tested virtual currency enterprise wallet 1 which has an our low safety record then we have rigorous virtual currency selection framework and strong commitment to legal compliance and some of the other features include it is protected by an advanced DDoS mitigation layer also each bus is committed to corporate responsibility and they're doing so by combating money laundering tackling market manipulations and finally protecting our privacy conclusion each bus looks like a very interesting platform one of the best part is its launching in us meaning they are compliant with all the regulations from us besides that each bus providing the zero fees training for a whole month is literally like a free trial account where we would get to test the waters and with that they're all

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