HBUS – Virtual Currency Platform – Huobi US Partner

okay hello guys and welcome back to Krypton millionaire YouTube channel today we are back with another project to review but before going to start a serve you make sure to hit that thumbs up and subscribe if you want to be equipped a millionaire okay so today's product is called a class a ship as a virtual currency marketplace and the strategic partner of you be the second biggest exchange by trading volume okay so American consumers will be able to tip mr. two currencies such as Bitcoin and ether on their platform and the trading starts the the 10th of July okay the company headquarters in San Francisco aims to promote an open and competitive market where traders can choose from a rich pool of high-quality virtual currencies HBase is the strategic partner of VOB okay the second largest trade exchange by trading volume like I said before initially if I found it in China port but currently headquarters in Singapore who be has been making plans to penetrate the American market for a while and now the they may they are making it by partnering with Ashe pass so Ashbaugh CEO Frankfurt stated that their search partner gob has grown to be the largest digital asset marketplace globally as invested acceptance of virtual currency and digital assets increase increases they have seen incredible high demand in the US okay so for that they did the Ashe pass okay okay so right now Ashe pass is available in 41 states in the in the US expect nine states and those states are Alabama Connecticut Georgia Louisiana New York North Carolina Hawaii Vermont and Washington and they played them they plan to launch their service in those states as soon as possible – okay so we can see that you can get real fighting right now and get 30 years the dollars okay so this offer will end tomorrow sore so hurry up if you want to just and get this 30 USD anyway I will leave a link in the description of the video so you can check them and sing up and verify yourself okay here we can see they are market okay they have done one two three four five six seven they have seven currencies I think a little bit more okay so they have Civic but there is no trade volume okay so excuse me so you can trade right now okay about each pass they are an exclusive your astrology personal view P as we said before they have an advanced wallet technology and security okay they have a good consumer support 24/7 rigorous virtual currency selection framework and strong commitment to legal compliance okay so they will not list any coins advanced technologies form you will be a choise secure securely store customer virtual consists of line in the cold storage wallet okay so that's a good point they are what platform is a Prudential by its distributed architecture and an advanced DDoS with mitigation liar okay so this DDoS attack is the most common attacks on the own websites you can trade freely creating an account is free and takes seconds control early you can get 30 US dollars right now so as you can get money it's not just for free advanced blockchain monitoring technology ensures rapid and accurate detection of deposits transactions and confirmations okay corporate responsibility they are compliant with all the laws and the rules in the US that's why they are partnered with the GOP there that's why they are the u.s. partner of you be okay they have smart digital asset evaluation framework sure that only virtual currencies will sound operational technological and compliance track records are eligible for listing okay so that's also a good point you can start right now and you can join those they are social media and so on so we can stay in touch with the team here we have the we have the address of the of the society of the company okay guys okay guys so it's all for this video thank you for watching hit that thumbs up and subscribe and goodbye

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