HBUS // Strategic Huobi's partner // US Exchange

hello everybody today I'll show you no crepitus change call – bus so you know popular mood language exchange call hobbies so our bus is a creek the currents exchange and strategic partner will buy a whole bandwidth focused solely for residents of the United States it has been up non-fans origins this years so now it's working well and you can trade as usual Bitcoin etherium ash bus has announced the traders for register on the platform prior to its launch July fans will receive a month's Commission's free trading Khan's exchange part well bus pass an answer traders register on the bottom will write them will receive on the exchange all the 50 states information exclusive the second is a way 24 hours a day is your rigorous virtual currency selection framework and strong commitment to legal compliance ash bus uses advanced technology from Toby and securely stores customer virtual currency of land call storage at once blockchain and touring the technology ensures rapid and accurate detection of deposit transactions and confirmations you can create your account for free now I'd like to tell you about our bus and went so then no be make her office and only take your fees which only 0.1 person and this event takes from Dan so July till 31st of July then I tell you that if you have any questions about our bus you can ask them on Twitter Facebook telegram or mail them directly all links are in description thank you for watching this video and join us bus bye

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